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An Interview with Special Effects Artist Assistant Chinatsu Tokuda

Special Effects, also written as SFX, are just about everywhere these days, from big Hollywood feature films to commercials and small-scale online videos.  Back in the day, SFX meant using props and creative camera techniques to create fantastical illusions.  Of course, now, despite practical effects still being a viable option, SFX also includes a great […]

How To Talk To Your Teenage Son About Relationships

I remember having a conversation with my son, about a year and a half ago. I told him that it's not nice to play “stop, drop and roll”. He thought that was hilarious. I explained that it's not nice because it's dangerous. He played along. It made me smile that he was only five years […]

How To Strengthen Relationships With Family

Many of us can remember when we first moved to a new city or town. It is always a very daunting experience for a young person. It is a shock for them when they come to find out what they need to do to make themselves feel more comfortable and happy. Coming to terms with […]

Top 8 Best Productivity Hacks

There are certain things that you can do to enhance your productivity to make sure that you accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. However, I don't think that you can always accomplish your task by using the same or a similar routine. Certain things need to be tried out. These are my top […]

Best Trick To Gain Weight

When trying to gain weight the first thing that comes to mind is one's appetite, increased calorie intake, or significant calorie restriction. All of these will not work to effectively gain weight. It takes considerable exercise to burn excess weight and shed unwanted pounds. People who exercise significantly will not gain weight. Exercising in the […]

How To Ask A Guy About Past Relationships

I know from personal experience that asking men about their past relationships is a potentially awkward and even scary task. A few years ago, I was just getting comfortable dating my first serious boyfriend and as a newbie, I was a little nervous about what to say. Here is the kind of thing I said. […]

Effects Of Not Spending Time With Family

Sometimes time spent together with family can be especially impactful. The reality is that we all live lives that have a multitude of demands and obligations. Some relationships demand our time and effort. Some examples are relationships with family and friends. Some of these relationships have been over a lifetime while others develop during the […]

Becoming More Positive And Happy

A few days ago I received a very positive and happy note from a friend of mine. He noted that during his week's visit with us, he had felt much happier than usual. He noted his wife had been very happy as well. They'd mentioned their children's joyful personalities and experiences. He didn't use the word […]

How To Keep A Newborn Happy

“The happiest baby is the one who is fed” Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam means “the whole world is one family.” We tend to think of families as three siblings, parents, and grandparents. But this is not the case. In India, when you see a little girl wearing a sari, you see her mother’s grandmother. There is also […]

A Real Man Spends Time With His Family

My kids are great. They are really good people and are very loyal and loving to everyone. But you know what? They are humans and they are still teenagers. As such, they have interests in the world and hobbies. Sometimes this means watching youtube or playing video games. For years, I have been saying that […]

My Hobby Is Spending Time With Family

The community I live in is really pretty simple. People tend to live where there’s room and where they have friends and family nearby. For me, this means a 25-minute drive to my parent's house, a 30-minute drive to my sister’s house, and a 20-minute drive to my grandparents. Luckily, I live in a tourist […]

We Need To Treat Others With Respect

There are some cultural issues we are dealing with in the culture that we need to be mindful of. Often when we say something or do something, we are told, “but you have never been abused.” But this statement does not make sense. We live in a society that has this idea that the exception […]

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The Producer's Toolbox: Michelle Nguyen on Leading Development at Dakota Pictures

Today we're going to talk about producers, organization, and leadership.  Even on the most laid-back of sets, without these three ingredients, the demands and deadlines of pro-level productions would never be met. But don't worry, these topics aren't as bland as they might sound.  In fact, the Coordinating Producer we spoke with to put together […]

An Interview with Woonyea Han on Hollywood After COVID-19

The Idea Trader recently had the chance to speak with actor and filmmaker Woonyea Han, a consummate performer from South Korea who now lives and works in the United States. Her list of accomplishments is too long to detail here, but to give a brief sample of her artistic career, Han has directed multiple award-winning […]

Israeli Defense Force soldier Max Levin, receiver of an israeli Purple Heart, discusses new book “Under the Stretcher,” details Operation Protective Edge

Today we’re talking to Max Levin, former Israeli Defense Force soldier and author of the recently published Under The Stretcher (Red Penguin Books). Under The Stretcher tells Max’s story, from growing up in St. Louis to entering the battlefield in and around Israel in 2014’s “Operation Protective Edge.” The book then takes you through the […]

Effects Of Not Spending Time With Family

Sometimes time spent together with family can be especially impactful. The reality is that we all live lives that have a multitude of demands and obligations. Some relationships demand our time and effort. Some examples are relationships with family and friends. Some of these relationships have been over a lifetime while others develop during the […]

Tips For Improving Your Short Term Memory

Short Term Memory is a type of memory. You probably already know how to use short-term memory. You can store things in your short-term memory, but only for a short period of time. Short-term memory is often referred to as immediate memory because you can remember anything you write or type almost immediately. Your memory […]

What Is Unproductive Behavior

Productivity is about building sustainable value with limited resources and building that value over time. If you have a client who pays you at the end of the month then you need to show that your work, as well as all of the resources you are given, is valued. The issue with most clients is […]

Amazing Tap Dance Routines

Some routines include choreography, while others are improvised, with great facial expressions and various acrobatic movements. Some of these routines have been rehearsed in front of a live audience, while others were seen during the 1930s. How to become a broadway musician In the film How to Become a Broadway Musician, Marjorie Main (Karen Hackett) […]

Best Job For Sociology Degree

If you have a degree in sociology, your experience and skills could translate to jobs in a wide range of settings. So if you're thinking of switching careers, it may be a smart move to add a sociology degree to your resume. The number of jobs available with a sociology degree varies widely, so it's […]

Friday Fun Day Ideas For Work

A fun day at work is a great way to keep everyone healthy and positive. This is a time for relaxation and to explore new concepts. It is always good to have a Friday fun day at work and you will be surprised to find that you may even have some fun at your job. […]

What Is The Best Way To Improve Your Handwriting

It will introduce you to the use of simple penmanship techniques and written exercises that can help your handwriting become more legible. There are many ways to improve your handwriting. Many people have a hard time using their hands well because of lack of practice, bad habits, and bad handwriting training. However, there are many […]

Tips For Improving Your Rap Voice

Your voice is the most important component of your musical repertoire. It’s what gets you invited to the party, what gets the crowd going, and what makes your song memorable to your fans. It’s hard to know what you sound like until you try to be heard. When trying to rap, there are two parts […]

Tricks To Improve Your Singing Voice

See how some of your favorite singers and songwriters achieve the vocals on the radio. This information will assist you with giving your vocal talents a boost of great improvement. You must have heard this said before but people will not listen until you are passionate about the process. You must be able to devote […]

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