3 Inclusive Hiring Tips

October 25, 2021

It's exactly what it sounds like: inclusive hiring. A method for establishing your team and expanding your business by being selective in who you recruit. Inclusive hiring considers how you may communicate to a wide variety of individuals and assess them equally.

Because the pool of applicants was so tiny, or because these persons were the only ones who applied, companies with diversity issues sometimes claim that their C-suite is solely white males (for example). But that's just half the story in many cases. Inclusive hiring begins before the first interview and continues throughout the whole process.

The stages to inclusive hiring are as follows:

1. Be deliberate in your job description writing

The way you create the job description is the first step toward inclusive hiring. According to a LinkedIn poll, women are less likely than males to apply for senior roles.

It's tempting to make a large list of credentials and "must have" talents for every job, as well as to over-rank positions. Instead, think about who will be the most effective in this capacity and write a job description for them. Consider the following questions:

Is this qualification required for success in this position? Is this qualification applicable to this position? Senior marketing positions, for example, often include a marketing degree as a "essential," yet everything learned in a marketing degree 10+ years ago is likely outdated and predates SEO, social media marketing, and TikTok....

Is it necessary for the next employee to have this talent or can it be taught? For example, does the next administrative assistant need to know how to use Marketo or can they be taught once they start?

Am I open about the role's working hours, schedule, and expectations? Are the expectations mentioned, for example, if the position offers flexible hours? People with care obligations should know ahead of time whether a job can accommodate their schedule.

2. Conduct applicant screenings in a blind manner

We have a natural tendency to gravitate toward those who are similar to us. At work, the same thing occurs. Unconscious bias may lead to interviewers favoring applicants with whom they have interests.

We must adopt inclusive recruiting and blind screening if we want to establish a diverse and inclusive workplace.

The technique of deleting all identifying information from a resume before it is reviewed by a hiring manager is known as blind screening. This entails eliminating:

  • The name of the candidate
  • If provided, the candidate's age or address
  • Years spent working for a company by a candidate
  • The name of the college or institution where a candidate studied

By removing bias-inducing factors, applicants may be judged based on their talents and experience rather than the opportunities they have received.

3. Make proactive modifications to applicants

Being inclusive throughout the employment process should be a proactive effort rather than a succession of reactive changes. Make sure you inquire about any alterations you can make when scheduling interviews with your applicants.

It's also a good idea to provide instances of how you can make changes. This might be anything from:

  • Sharing information regarding how to enter your office building, such as stairwells, layouts, or a link to a building accessibility breakdown
  • Sharing the interview schedule, along with specifics on what to anticipate in each segment
  • To aid understanding, offer to share the questions in both written and spoken form.
  • Explaining to a candidate that they may take breaks or think time during the interview and, if required, providing locations of quiet spots to decompress

Every individual is unique, thus no two sets of inclusion adjustments will be identical. It's great to have a conversation with the applicant about how you can best assist them.

Thanks to Alice Corner at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.

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