5 Resolutions for a Better Workplace Culture

January 3, 2022

Companies that are growing and scaling understand the need of cultural transformation. Even with more established firms, though, your culture should be something you strive to enhance on a regular basis.

When we speak about the future of work, we often focus on working environments, but there's no reason we shouldn't also include business culture when considering workplace reforms.

So, if you want to transform the culture of your business in 2022, here are five new year's goals you may set to get started:

1. Conduct a cultural survey of your employees

You're already on the right road if corporate culture is on your mind. Although it may seem self-evident, many firms still do not consider corporate culture to be a vital component of the workplace.

Company culture is more than mandated after-work activities, and views about what it is might be obsolete.

In 2022, the greatest place to start enhancing your business culture is by asking your coworkers what's working and what isn't. Creating an anonymous survey in which your workers may express their thoughts is a terrific approach to assess your current situation and solicit suggestions for improvement.

2. Make a firm commitment to doing something new

There's a reason they say "new year, new you." We frequently achieve tremendous outcomes when we push ourselves beyond of our comfort zones.

For the year 2022, push your firm to do something new in terms of culture. This might range from a four-day workweek to providing each employee with an additional paid day off to volunteer.

You might also create a virtual event, invite a guest speaker, or conduct a lunch-and-learn series with business partners.

3. Allocate a portion of your money to an employee project

Investing in your workers entails more than simply paying their wages. Setting aside some funds for staff to conduct their own culture campaign is a great approach to empower your coworkers.

Putting your money where your mouth is may help develop a stronger workplace culture, whether it's related to a cultural festival or a cause near to an employee's heart.

4. Hold a town hall meeting

If your firm doesn't currently have semi-regular town halls, you should start in 2022. Having an all-hands meeting where larger business concerns are addressed and triumphs are shared is a fantastic method to increase team morale, especially if your workforce is primarily remote.

Town halls may take several forms based on how they are supplied and the size of your firm, but they might contain the following:

  • Demos and product updates
  • Message from the CEO
  • Forecasts from the company
  • New team member introductions
  • A round of questions and answers
  • Success tales from customers
  • Employee appreciation

5. Make changes to your cultural playbook

As a matter of good housekeeping, you should update your corporate playbooks once a year. It's possible that the point of contact for particular situations has changed, or that a software procedure has been updated. Your cultural playbook is no exception.

It's a good idea to update your playbook with these discoveries and accomplishments based on input from your staff and new projects you've attempted. It's also critical to make sure that the material in your playbook is current and correct.

You should rethink your internal communications rules and practices as part of your playbook update to ensure that they are accessible to your whole staff.

Thanks to Alice Corner at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.

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