Best First Jobs For 15 Year Olds

March 30, 2021

Let’s talk about the best first jobs for teenagers and how you can start that job right now.

The 10 best first jobs for teenagers

1. Hairdresser

As a hairstylist, you get to meet people from all walks of life and at a young age, you can learn a lot about communication.

You can develop a skill that will help you in other work situations too.

The learning and working environment is also great and you can be your own boss and earn a pretty decent salary.

2. Stagehand

man in black suit playing guitar beside woman in black long sleeve shirt

As a stagehand, you will need to work under and behind the stage as props and sound equipment are being brought on and off.

You will learn a variety of skills that will be useful as you get older, but at the moment you can have fun and earn some money.

3. Hotel receptionist

Hotel receptionists have a range of duties to do in a busy reception.

This could include making coffee for guests, serving drinks and checking that people are being helped, and giving directions.

You may get some training before you start your new job but this is not essential.

4. Web developer

Web developers design and develop websites and apps for other companies.

This means you get to work in a fast-paced environment and you have a lot of creative freedom in the design of your product.

It also means you can develop your skills right now and start to earn more money as you go.

5. Chief for a hedgehog sanctuary

A hedgehog sanctuary is a great job for teenagers.

You’ll be working in a country setting and you can use your animals in your education program.

You can learn a range of skills including care and feeding, accounting and even designing promotional materials.

6. Bellhop

Bellhops are teenagers who help guests with luggage and move them into their rooms.

This can be anything from a small boutique hotel to a huge multi-star hotel.

You can earn money and gain experience in a fast-paced, fun environment.

7. Barber

As a barber, you will need to start at a very young age to gain experience.

You’ll get to work on various skills, including shaving, clipping, and giving massages.

8. Bartender

fun friday ideas

Bartenders need to be great communicators and understand their customers’ needs.

You’ll be making new friends every day and may even pick up tips about your career path.

9. Trainer

Trainers get to work with animals or humans at all different levels and they can develop skills by working under experienced trainers.

They may also learn new skills, such as trapeze or bike maintenance, that will help them in the future.

10. Bookkeeper

If you’re interested in writing and accountancy, this is a great job to start.

Bookkeepers also have the opportunity to work in a busy office environment, learn new skills, and earn money.

When you know what you want to do in the future, it’s always helpful to gain some first job experience to help you on your way.

Many people leave school with a range of skills and ambitions that they want to use later on in life.

You can learn some of the skills that are most useful and start to earn money now.

If you have a keen interest in accounting, finance, or graphic design, these are the jobs for you.

Getting a job at a taxidermy shop

Jobs for Homebodies

If you’re looking for a great start in business, maybe consider becoming a taxidermist.

It’s a rewarding career path that involves working with animals.

If you’re handy with scissors and have a natural talent for it, you can be a taxidermist in no time at all.

Just pick out some animal specimens and give them a try.

When they are done, give them a tasty treat and put them up for sale. You can make up to £3,000 per year.

If you want to start on a good career path, this could be it.

Getting a job as a barber

Barbers are so popular at the moment that there are lots of different types of jobs available. If you’re interested in barbering, you could train and work as a shop front barber.

You can get really creative when you set up your barbershop. You could set up a mobile barber’s business and travel around your local community to cut people’s hair.

You could make lots of money and develop your skills as you go.

If you’re good at giving massages, you could be a “household beautician” and work at a salon.

You could provide expert massages and facial treatments at your clients’ homes. You could earn up to £3,000 per year.

If you enjoy cooking, you could start your own café and you’ll be able to make up to £3,000 per year.

When you find your dream job, there are lots of ways you can get a foot in the door.

Choose your future career by looking for a great first job now.

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