The Best Hybrid Bike for Beginners: An Introductory Guide

April 9, 2019

Are you looking for the best hybrid bike for beginners? Is this your first bicycle? If yes, you need one that is comfortable and will serve you for the longest time. However, choosing the ideal bike can be a tall order. For example, you might be torn between a road bike and a mountain bike.

But did you know you can get the best of both worlds?

That’s right! With a hybrid, you get the agility of a road bike and the toughness of a mountain bike. Here is a guide to selecting your first hybrid bicycle.

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What kind of cycling will You Be Doing?

People cycle for different reasons. While some rely on bikes for their daily commutes, others ride to transport luggage, keep fit, or seek adventure. Similarly, cyclists ride on different terrain types at varying speeds.

By putting the how, where, and why you’re riding into perspective, you are able to look for distinct features when shopping for a bike.

The Key Hybrid Bike Features You Should Consider

The Wheels

Wheels are crucial to a bike’s performance. Apart from providing the necessary traction, they support the bicycle’s weight, absorb ground shocks, maintain direction, and transfer braking power to the road.

Though a hybrid tire is narrower than a mountain bike tire, it’s wider than a road tire. The large tire smooths out the ground to increase comfort and stability as you ride.

Usually, for the best hybrid bike for beginners, the tire is a clincher wheel that fits on a 700c rim. This means it contains an air-filled tube enclosed inside a rubber tire and wire bead. This makes the wheel easy to fix in case it deflates.

biking guide

However, some hybrid tires are flat resistant. Their insides are lined with Kevlar that prevents penetration by sharp objects.

In most cases, wheels vary in terms of tube and tire size, as well as tread patterns. So what do you look for in the best hybrid bike for beginners’ wheel?

  • First off, inspect the quality of the rubber. High-quality rubber is stronger and less prone to punctures.
  • The weight of the tire also counts. Lighter tires are more responsive to pedaling, making it easier for the cyclist to accelerate.
  • The tread will also guide you to the perfect hybrid bike. Rough terrain requires tread with thicker teeth while a smooth tire is best for the street.


Brakes are critical to a rider’s safety. They reduce speed and stop the bike to prevent accidents. Thus, they should be appropriate for their use and in perfect working condition. Hybrid bikes can have either rim brakes or discs. The difference is in where the stopping force is exerted.

For rim brakes, the force is applied on the edge of the rim by calipers while disc brakes transfer the braking surface from the bike’s rim to the rotor.

In addition, rim brakes rely on a cable structure to join the caliper and the rim while discs use hydraulics. Disc brakes rank high when it comes to performance. At the same time, rim brakes are a perfect fit for anyone who wants to keep their bike light. Each system, however, has its pros and cons.

Rim brake


  • Weigh less than discs
  • Cheaper than disc breaks
  • Easier to install, repair, and maintain
  • More aerodynamic


  • Brake pads are quicker to wear and tear
  • Restricted rim width and tire size
  • Less responsive to stops compared to discs
  • The wheel needs to be changed in the long run because stopping wears down the rim

Best Hybrid Bike for Beginners

Disc brake


  • Better braking on wet surfaces
  • Stronger and more responsive to stopping
  • Accommodate wider tires because they don’t have brake calipers
  • Remain cool even in high temperatures
  • Have high degrees of modulation to facilitate smoother braking


  • Weigh more than rim brakes
  • Cost more than rim brakes
  • Complicated installation and maintenance
  • Less aerodynamic


Handlebars are instrumental to the cyclist’s comfort and performance. Ideally, a rider is more comfortable when the seat is lower than the handlebar. However, he or she is able to pedal harder when the bicycle saddle is above the handlebar.

Here are features to consider in a handlebar when choosing the best hybrid bike for beginners.


The bar design is key in reducing drag. Handlebars with a small surface area in front level out to form a greater surface area at the top thus enhancing aerodynamics. Consequently, they tear through the air and increase comfort during a climb.


Different handlebar shapes have different effects on riders. While flatter handlebars spread pressure evenly within the hand, circular bars create excess pressure points.

The size of the cyclist’s hands also determines how suitable they are for particular shapes. Large hands will feel cramped inside a tight radius bend while smaller hands will experience difficulty reaching the breaks on drop bars.

Best Hybrid Bike for Beginners


Normally, you have to choose between carbon and metal handlebars. Aside from lowering the bike’s weight, carbon handlebars can be customized to any shape you wish.

On the downside, they are more fragile and expensive than their metal counterparts. Although metal bars are a bit cheaper, they are currently being left behind for lighter alloys.


The reach between the lever and handlebar is dependent on the depth and drop shape. Luckily, most levers in hybrid bikes are adjustable. Therefore, you can change the length of your stem for the right fit. 


Gears allow you to regulate the resistance encountered in cycling. To choose your preferred gear, consider how fit you are and the terrain you are using the bike on. If you plan to ride on hilly terrain, you might want to buy a bike with more gears.

Similarly, if you’re fit and want to ride on flat areas, bikes with fewer gears will do. Keep in mind that more gears expose you to more risks.

For example, the chain can become loose and the gears can get stuck. You therefore have to figure out how to replace the chain while at the same time taking care not to hurt your fingers.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the best way to know if a bike is right for you is by riding it. Most sellers provide designated areas for customers to take test rides. The above information will guide you as you buy your dream hybrid bike.

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