Best Job For Sociology Degree

March 30, 2021

If you have a degree in sociology, your experience and skills could translate to jobs in a wide range of settings.

So if you're thinking of switching careers, it may be a smart move to add a sociology degree to your resume.

The number of jobs available with a sociology degree varies widely, so it's best to learn the basics about sociology before you commit.

What is sociology?

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Sociology is the study of people and societies.

So, to study sociology, you'll need a degree in it. Many universities offer a degree in sociology, and some offer more specialized degrees such as anthropology and demography.

But to actually make a career out of a sociology degree, you'll need to research where you can get jobs. To start, look at a few sites that can help you do this:

Careers that can be created from a sociology degree

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1. Sociologist

Sociologists work in many different fields, including media, business, healthcare, and government. There are even jobs available in disaster relief or politics.

The job board has a few listings of jobs that could be done by someone with a sociology degree:

  • Research Scholar, Department of Sociology, Arizona State University
  • Project Officer, Field Research Consultant, and Project Coordinator, U.S. Department of Education
  • State Department Diplomatic Information Analyst, Embassy of Afghanistan
  • Architect, Senior Architecture Designer, Milestone Partners
  • Marketing Specialist, St. Luke's Midtown Clinic

A resume with a sociology degree can be quite impressive, especially if you follow the link above to a site called 'How Good Is My Social Science Degree?' to find out the average salary of jobs that are advertised in sociology departments.

The site also has information about where you can find these jobs.

But be sure to have in mind that your major will help dictate what jobs and companies will hire you for.

2. Sociology degree could be useful as a job interview

This is one of the less widely known advantages of a sociology degree, but a solid sociology degree could help make you a better job candidate.

The best thing about studying sociology is that it helps you relate to people. People who study sociology are better at asking open-ended questions that prompt discussions.

It's also the best way to show others that you can listen to them, as well as understand their needs and feelings. This skill is important in a variety of work environments.

It's also a great way to meet more people. Study human behavior, and you'll probably make more friends than you can imagine.

3. Sociology degree could help you negotiate a job offer

When you look for jobs, you can pay attention to certain details that can indicate how much money an employer is willing to offer.

Knowledge of sociology will help you get a better sense of the range of salaries that an employer is willing to pay. If you have a sociology degree, you may be able to negotiate a better salary.

A sociology degree can also be a good way to get hired at companies that are looking for qualified candidates with a background in certain fields. Sociologists usually have a background in a specific area of studies, such as health, law, or business.

4. Sociology degree could help you get a job as a social worker

A sociology degree is also a good way to start working as a social worker.

If you have the right amount of sociology experience, you could start as a social worker and work your way up to a specialist position.

In a job such as this, you would find ways to improve how government agencies operate, assist the needy, and foster solutions for difficult social problems.

While many people want to work as a social worker, the job isn't for everyone.

Many people may feel that working in social services would make them too involved in helping others, making them seem "weak."

But a sociology degree can help you become a stronger individual.

5. Sociology degree could help you get a scholarship

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If you study sociology, you might be able to earn a scholarship that will pay for your tuition.

Most scholarships are offered to people with good grades and test scores.

So you won't have to worry about dealing with unruly people or other stressful situations.

A sociology degree will give you an edge in scholarships.

6. Sociology degree could help you get a job as an intern

Sociology is a good field for people who want to get hired as a social worker or for people who are interested in careers as political analysts.

One of the best ways to find jobs in the field of sociology is through internships.

Internships help give you experience in the field. And by getting experience, you'll likely stand out from other job seekers.

In fact, some employers will require interns to get a sociology degree.

The site Sociology Internship and Job Listings has a list of dozens of internships that include Sociology-related work.

7. Sociology degree could help you stay happy

No matter what career path you pursue, your social work or sociology degree can make you happier.

People who study sociology are much more likely to be happy and are likely to stay happy.

When people study sociology, they tend to become more understanding and compassionate.

Sociologists understand the types of stress that individuals feel, and have the skills necessary to help others in stressful situations.

If you're interested in studying sociology, you should consider getting a sociology degree.

There are plenty of potential benefits.


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