Books On Becoming Happy

March 25, 2021

They will be grouped into three different types: those that give specific methods and tools to help you be happy, those that give general principles and ideas about happiness, and those that focus on general principles and ideas of happiness.


words of knowledge

Because I have never found a way to be happier than by creating routines and procedures, I want to start with routines and procedures.

What are the steps to happiness? How do we become happier?

How can we create happiness through our behavior? How do we plan to become happy?

The routines of happiness can come from any number of places.

We can create them by trying to be a better person. We can create them by creating routines of a personal nature.

Or we can create them by creating routines for the whole family to do together, as a family. But there is one type of happiness that seems to come most naturally to all humans, and that is being happy for the sake of happiness.

Happiness for the sake of happiness will get you to the point where you will never want to do anything else, as long as you are alive.

This is the type of happiness that has worked for me in my life: to be happy for the sake of happiness.

I would often be irritable and cranky if I couldn’t have something, but I would be joyful and delighted when I did get whatever it was that I wanted.

I don’t even need to give examples, because you can read about my story in many of my books.

This was my way of being happy in my life, and I believe that everyone has a different way of being happy for the sake of happiness.

You should pick one of the three approaches in this article to focus on, and that approach should be what you focus on.

Don’t look at all the different things that are out there, but focus on one or two, and start there.

Once you make a routine or procedure of doing something, you’ll know that this is what you want.

Then you’ll do it, and then you’ll know that you’ve arrived at happiness.

Living your life

girl in white and black stripe long sleeve shirt holding orange plastic cup

If you are looking for general principles and ideas about happiness, then you should read books that have some practical advice about how to live.

Here is what my experiences with all of the books on happiness have told me: the best books on happiness are those that give you specific techniques for changing your thoughts and behavior.

So that is what I will focus on in this section.

But to avoid becoming too analytical and abstract, I want to take a concrete example.

On the list of books that list habits that help people to be happier, one of the first is Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman.

The point of this book is to teach parents how to live a more balanced life so that the kids don’t grow up with only one parent in the house.

The message is that if you only have one parent, you will create more problems in your life because you will not have enough time to spend with the kids when they are young.

You will need more time for your other family members, and you will have less time to spend on yourself.

But there is a twist

I Can’t Get Out of Bed in the Morning

If you are a stay-at-home mother, you are going to feel guilty if you don’t spend time with your kids.

You are going to feel guilty about being productive. You are going to feel guilty about not being a good housewife.

You are going to feel guilty about not knowing how to run a household. But you are also going to feel guilty for putting other people’s needs first.

What Druckerman tells you to do is to go out once a week, and spend an hour having a break. That way, you can spend time with your kids, and they don’t feel deprived.

You will also be giving your other family members a break. Your kids will go to daycare, and then you can have some “alone” time.

So Druckerman’s book advises you to do something counter-productive, and it is supposed to help you find happiness.

That is insane.

I don’t mean to say that Druckerman is crazy. I am not saying that Druckerman’s approach is wrong.

She is simply doing something counter-productive to the interests of society. She is not changing the way that the government is spending the taxpayers’ money.

She is not building better schools. She is not helping other people. She is just looking for an excuse to do something counter-productive.

But instead of looking at why the book isn’t working for her, she looks for ways to do more of what she already has, and this is what she calls living your life.

This is the problem with the examples that we’ve been looking at. The examples in the book are wrong.

If you want to be happy, you need to follow the approach. In fact, the approach is more important than the thing that is being practiced.

This is why I would never give you the same advice to pick up a certain guitar or piano. If you are just going to pick up the same guitar, and stick with it, you are just going to repeat the same behavior.

And that would make you unhappy.

The only way that you are going to be happy is if you make some changes in the way that you think. You need to learn how to adopt new behaviors and changes in your thoughts.

You need to change your way of looking at the world. And you need to change your way of looking at yourself.

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