Damien Hirst Creates "The Currency" NFT Collection with Real-World Burning

October 13, 2022

In order to experiment with non-fungible tokens, Damien Hirst has started burning his artwork. According to the artist, those who want to purchase an NFT of his work will have the original burnt.

Damien Hirst destroys artwork to debut his NFT line

In 2021, Hirst published his first NFT collection. "The Currency" is the name of the NFT collection. 10,000 NFTs in the collection represent 10,000 works of original art. The collectors who bought these collections had to decide whether to retain the NFT or trade it in for the actual object.

If a collector decides to retain the NFT, the actual object will be incinerated. According to the Newport Street Gallery in London, 5,149 individuals decided to keep their original artworks, while 4,851 opted for NFTs.

Hirst said on Instagram earlier this week that he will burn the first 1,000 pieces of art on Tuesday. The NFTs reportedly swapped for $2,000 apiece. Hirst used tongs to place each item into stoves at the exhibition and then burned them using a live feed of the event.

The disputed works of art were produced in 2016. The objects have distinct colored dots. The actual artwork will be destroyed up to the exhibition's October 30 closing. Another demonstration of how profoundly NFTs have influenced the art industry is the burning of works of art in the actual world.

NFTs are distinctive digital assets that may be exchanged much like physical assets but lack a physical business. NFTs serve as ownership certificates for tangible or intangible assets. NFTs gained popularity in 2021 as bitcoin values reached record highs.

NFTs have been used into some of the top crypto projects in addition to becoming more and more well-liked in the art industry.

Collectible IMPT NFTs

Among the crypto-based initiatives that have NFTs incorporated is The Impact Project. NFTs will be used by The Impact Project to reduce carbon emissions, which is a rather fascinating use for these digital assets. After obtaining $3.5 million, the utility saw an explosion in the IMPT presale.

Consumers will get incentives from The Impact Project in the form of NFT-based carbon credits. The Impact Project marketplace allows for the trading of the credits, which may also be removed from circulation to prove that the holders have not consumed carbon.

Gains may result from Tamadoge's ultra-rare NFTs

Currently, Tamadoge is holding an auction for its very rare NFTs. The top 100 pets will be released into the market at the conclusion of the auction. The Tamaverse, an ecosystem made up of these NFTs, TAMA tokens, and a play-to-earn game, will include these pets as a crucial component.

The play to earn game Tamadoge is anticipated to be among the finest. The initial exchange offering (IEO) for the project was completed last month. The TAMA price skyrocketed when the token was listed on major exchanges, giving the early investors in the presale returns of almost 2000%.

Thanks to Ali Raza at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.

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