Does Passion Last In A Relationship

December 23, 2022

In my experience, passion is an extremely fleeting emotion. For me, it was more often than not something I needed to feel immediately before it disappeared forever.

I would constantly have to work hard to find this fire that I needed in a relationship. It took years for me to realize why I had such a difficult time finding true intimacy with someone else.

It’s because I didn’t trust people.

Not really.

And if I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t risk getting burned by investing my heart into yours. So I never allowed myself to truly connect with anyone beyond what was necessary for business or survival of the self-image.

A few friendships here and there are definitely worth having, but nothing deeper.

For me, it’s better now. I love being close with people and trusting them, so I hope it works out for other people!

If you ever notice that your partner no longer seems as passionate about you as they once did, it's probably because you don't invest enough in each other anymore.

You both still care deeply about one another, but you're not looking very passionately inside the other person.

Why is passion important in a relationship

In my experience, passionate relationships are much more durable than ones that lack passion. I have seen couples who barely speak to each other outside of work or about trivial things break up after just one year in marriage.

I also know some couple who never made it past the first six months because she felt he was not investing enough in her. He would instead focus his attention on their kids or his career.

This does not sound like a healthy situation for either person! If you feel like your partner no longer shows any signs of romantic love then it is time to look at the root cause.

Is he/she doing certain things (for example, going out with friends while spending time together at home feels empty) that show they do not appreciate what you give them? Is there anything significant that has gone overlooked as we move forward?

If so then it is time to consider if this is the right place for you both to be professionally and personally. You may want to evaluate whether this partnership is worth staying in or moving on.

You should always keep passion for your partner

does passion last in a relationship

If you feel that your love for your significant other is dwindling, then it’s time to do something about it!

It will take some work, but don’t worry, there's no need to run around like a headless chicken trying to figure out what to do. There are things you can do to rekindle the fire inside of yours.

Here are six ways to check if your relationship has lost its spark.

1) Are you constantly arguing?

Arguing isn't fun for anyone, not even you. And when fighting becomes the mode of operation in a relationship, it usually leads to one person walking away feeling hurt, angry, and frustrated.

If you find yourself getting into frequent spats that seem never-ending, chances are good that you're spending too much energy on each other. Finding new interests and hobbies can be great stress relievers, so try introducing newer activities into your life.

There are many signs that your partner is not feeling the same passion you are

does passion last in a relationship

A lack of eye contact, frequent cold shoulders, or even arguments over what to do for an activity or movie they want to watch clearly show that their interest has dwindled.

If you feel like you’re walking around with a heavy bag of rocks after investing time into someone, it’s probably because you have stopped receiving meaningful returns from your relationship.

You may be wondering why things have gotten so bad, and if you can fix this. The answer comes down to whether or not you are passionate about something outside of your relationship.

If you are, then great! You will know how to bring back the intimacy in your bond. If you aren’t though, then you need to consider changing some things about yourself.

Here are three reasons why your significant other isn’t as invested in you as you are in them, and what you can do to change that.

It's important to keep your passion for your partner

does passion last in a relationship

When you first meet someone, it is easy to lose focus as you get distracted by all of the other things you want to do with their lives.

If you've ever noticed that even though you still love this person after months or years, then there are less and fewer signs of intimacy between you two, it can be difficult to know what to do to rekindle the fire.

It's normal to feel passionate about something at one stage and then later when you look into the same thing, you don't really see the same spark anymore. This is totally natural!

"Passion fades over time because relationships are not built on constant passion," says relationship expert Michele Ford. "You have to work at them.

Some tips for maintaining passion in your relationship

does passion last in a relationship

In my experience, passionate relationships are not always easy to find or keep. Sometimes you can fall into a rut where nothing seems to change, even when things do!

If there is no growth in your relationship, then there is no longer any reason to stay together. You will lose interest in each other as individuals and as a couple.

Your love will wane and it will take more effort than it should to reignite that fire. If this happens at its worst, then it is very difficult to recover from.

You need to work hard to rebuild trust and confidence in the relationship, but also to re-ignite the flame that once burned. This could be done through doing activities alone or with each other, talking about important issues, etc.

Having children can sometimes put stressors on relationships, so if you want to avoid that, then consider having a quiet, non-children related life before adding that to the mix.

Tell your partner how they make you feel

does passion last in a relationship

In my experience, passion doesn’t last very long when there are major changes happening in a relationship. When one person wants more space or time apart, it can be hard to keep feeling passionate about each other.

If your love life has hit an extended lull, try these strategies for bringing back the fire.

Give each other permission to pursue separate lives. If your loved one is not willing to agree to this, then ask if there is someone else they want to spend time with.

If they do indicate that there is, give them their chance to prove themselves by leaving you alone for a few hours. See what happens!

By letting go of control, you may find that you both enjoy being alone much less.

This could mean that you meet up later than planned, or that you stay home from work instead of going out. You get to choose whether to connect or not, which helps burn off some steam.

Do not become a robot

does passion last in a relationship

In my experience, passion is never truly present in a relationship for very long. I have seen many relationships end because of this.

I will always remember one particular couple. He was twenty-two years older than her. They were engaged after two years and now they are married with three children.

They had been dating for several months when he asked if she wanted to move in together. She said yes, but then weeks went by and he didn’t seem too passionate about it. It was like he was putting up a front or something. She would soon find out why.

He stopped taking his clothes off around her and he became increasingly cold towards her. Then, one day, he just wasn’t feeling well so he stayed home from work. When she came back later that night, he told her he thought he might be coming down with a disease.

She started to get scared and lonely so she decided to look up information online about contagious diseases and how to prevent them. Her search brought up some sites mentioning an STD called HPV.

That’s when everything changed. Because of what she found out, she needed a condom and she made him use one. Afterwards, she took a shower and got into bed next to him where she used a new kind of contraception that can help prevent pregnancy while also being effective at preventing STDs.

But she could still tell something was wrong.

Communicate well

does passion last in a relationship

In my experience, passion is never truly lasting unless there are strong conversations happening regularly. You need to be talking about things that matter to you both as individuals and as a couple.

You can’t have intimacy without conversation, so make time for it.

This doesn’t mean saying “I love you” every few minutes though! More thoughtful, longer discussions will bring out your true feelings much more effectively.

Ask each other questions, get their opinion, tell them how you feel – all with sincerity. Don’t expect answers, but do ask for them.

If you’re feeling pressured or distracted, stop what you’re doing and focus on this one thing for a bit before moving forward.

This could be anything from work to family to friends to hobbies - whatever makes you happy then let yourself relax and add more depth to your relationship.

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