Effects Of Not Spending Time With Family

April 6, 2021

Sometimes time spent together with family can be especially impactful.

The reality is that we all live lives that have a multitude of demands and obligations.

Some relationships demand our time and effort. Some examples are relationships with family and friends.

Some of these relationships have been over a lifetime while others develop during the course of the day.

Whether or not these relationships are familial can impact us greatly. There is the irony in the fact that we may feel pressured to maintain our relationships with family.

Sometimes it is convenient to just disconnect and allow the demands of daily life to take over.

But often those relationships can serve to be important for us to have the support of family.

In this instance, though it is wise to invest some time to maintain those relationships and consider whether they are worth the time commitment.

Spending time with family can be an important element in our lives

An Asian family, an adult male and female are seated around a table eating a meal with a young female standing in between the adults.

In my view, there is something even more powerful. There are forces within us that are best fostered with the presence of family.

One of these is that we feel content with ourselves and happy within our own lives when we spend time with family.

We can enjoy the presence of family without having to do too much work. The reality is that life is work sometimes and it takes time to build new relationships.

It can be easy for relationships to stagnate in our lives when we are constantly distracted and facing demands from all sides.

But spending time with family helps to maintain our commitment to what we value most in life. We can share our experiences and concerns without worrying about what is going to be given in return.

I want to put out a warning to those who spend too much time with family. It may seem like a good idea but this relationship can be very draining and do you no long-term good.

In some cases, it can leave you with a child that is unable to be trusted by you. You might try to justify your presence and lifestyle for this reason but it will never feel right.

It can serve no useful purpose and in the end, may actually end up doing more harm than good.

Just because you feel good does not mean you can maintain a relationship that is not in your best interest.

I guess the best lesson I have learned from family is that you can never have too much love

woman hugging other woman while smiling at beach

Family is not only about the people that you are born with. It is about the connections you make along the way.

You could have ten million people who share your DNA but the people that you choose to spend your life with making it what it is.

You can’t get this quality in anyone else and it is critical to consider how you spend your time.

Is your time on your own and in solitude or are you with family and enjoying the time spent with them?

When you are out with friends and family, you never know when you will be called back home for another obligation.

This is one of the worst things that can happen to you. It is hard to say no to your family members, but the best way to say no is to show them that you are at the end of your rope.

You want to make it clear that this is not a relationship that is good for you. In the end, if you spend your time with the right people, it is absolutely worth it.

I hope you will take a few moments to consider the value of your family relationships. They are worth your investment of time.

Find ways to get away from family

Some people look at their family as a burden. There are many reasons that people look at their family negatively.

But instead of looking at your family as something to avoid, try to look at your family positively.

Instead of avoiding your family, try to bring them out of their comfort zone.

If you think that you don’t want to spend time with family because you don’t like them, the question to ask is, why do you want to avoid spending time with them?

Try to give your family a chance. Allow your family to tell you how they really feel, without any need for an argument.

Try to break down your barriers and get to know your family on a deeper level.

Do your best to support and love them

woman in black leather jacket beside woman in gray shirt

Some people will show their love to the people closest to them, in their family, but they will not show love and support to the people who are not close to them.

And this can hurt their own development and happiness as a person.

If you’re going to be around your family and show love to them, you need to be showing love to the people who may not have a family in their life, and also the people who aren’t close to you.

Do not only show love to your family; it is also important that you show love and support to your friends and even strangers.

So the old saying, “Fake it until you make it,” really needs to be more like “Fake it until you are happy.”

Although your family can be very important, your happiness is much more important.

You are the only person you have control over.

So make your life happy, and your family will follow.

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