Game Show Team Building Activities

November 22, 2022

Teams of people work together to make one product or service, and success in their field often depends on how well they work with others. As such, creating an environment where individuals feel comfortable sharing their knowledge and experiences is key to ensuring that your team works efficiently and effectively.

Game show teams are very popular these days and for good reason! Not only do you get to watch some great entertainment, but you also learn something about teamwork and leadership while you’re there.

In this article, I will talk about several fun game show team building activities that can be done at any time of year, with any budget. Some are simple and easy to implement, while others may require more preparation.

We'll discuss interactive games as well as non-interactive ones, and what types of groups each best fit. At the end, my recommendations will be listed along with a link to purchase the activity if available online.

Organize a puzzle party

game show team building activities

Puzzle games are some of the most popular forms of entertainment today. There are many types of puzzles, but they all share one thing; creating new patterns or sequences by combining and reorganizing existing pieces.

Games like “Clue” or “Pictionary” use this concept to create fun competitions. You get two sets of answers that match each other, and you have to figure out which ones go together in a sequence to make a word or phrase.

These types of puzzles can be anything from matching shapes or pictures, to finding sequential steps to solve an equation. It is very entertaining to watch people compete over how quickly they can find the solution!

If you enjoy solving puzzles, then there are several ways to organize a puzzle party. You can do it as a team building activity where employees work together towards a common goal, or you can have individuals take turns being a contestant on a show.

Host a movie night

game show team building activities

This is one of the best team building activities you can do with your workplace. Many companies have a gathering place where people come to watch movies or TV shows.

Ask your employees what types of movies they would like to see and then organize a night where everyone comes together to pick a movie, get snacks, and enjoy it.

The most common way to hold this event is for each person to bring their favorite movie and group into a room to watch it. If there’s ever a conflict about who gets to choose, you can ask if anyone wants something to eat before the movie starts to determine that choice.

Throw a party

game show team building activities

A great way to re-energize your team is by having a party. You can have it outside or in, it doesn’t matter.

You can even hold the party during work hours if you want to! Having a drink and talking about something fun gives everyone an opportunity to relax and connect.

Inviting some of your colleagues along with their departments will give them more opportunities to talk and network, which are both important parts of teamwork.

By including their own department in the party, they’ll get to know other people in the company better too, enhancing trust within the workplace.

Games are always good ice breakers so getting together for a game of ping pong, pool, or table tennis is a perfect start to having a party.

Some groups like to do gift exchanges, where each person gets a present from someone else on the team, so that people feel appreciated and loved. This creates a supportive environment that encourages friendship and loyalty.

Host a cooking party

game show team building activities

A great way to bring people together is to have a food gathering or a “cooking party.” This can be as simple as having your friends come over and you making all of the recipes for something like pizza!

Having a friend who loves to cook is very helpful in creating a good eating experience. You can ask them to make several recipes, or you can both do it as a team.

By having cooking parties, you will find that your friendships grow because of the shared love of food!

Hosting a party does not require too much preparation time, and can be done anywhere there is an adequate amount of space to prepare the ingredients. If you are hosting at someone else’s house, they may already have some of the needed equipment and supplies so no more reasons to stay inside!

Inviting your friends to help with the recipe and setting up a table or counter top to put everything away is a nice touch.

Play online games

game show team building activities

This is one of the best team building activities you can do with your colleagues or members of the organization you work for. There are many different game types and genres, but no matter what type of game you choose, there’s always room to test your teamwork skills.

Most people have fun playing video games at home, so why not bring some gaming culture into the workplace? You could even hold group competitions or events where employees from all departments come together as a team to compete in specific games.

Teamwork is an important factor in working effectively, and having some interactive gaming experiences can boost employee productivity and communication skills. What’s more, it’s a lot of fun!

Games like Pokemon go, Super Smash Brothers, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and others offer ways to connect directly with friends or the community via chat, social media, and other features. Plus, most games feature settings that allow players to limit how much money they spend, which helps prevent overspending runs.

Game show teams

A game show teambuilding activity doesn’t need too much preparation time, and it can take place anywhere with enough space- perhaps even using existing resources at the office. All you need is something special related to the movie industry, TV shows, or commercials you want to use as inspiration.

Do science experiments

game show team building activities

Another way to bring out the playful side of employees is doing science experiments. These can be anything from experimenting with different types of water or baking projects, to creating your own inventions in the workplace.

Companies that thrive have fun games as part of their culture. If you’re looking for ways to boost team spirit, try hosting an employee experiment or do some research and plan an activity!

Some examples of great team building activities include having people collaborate on solving a problem or working together to create something new. You could even ask them to brainstorm ideas or do a contest to see who comes up with the best one.

Watch a YouTube video series

game show team building activities

Recent trends for team building activities are watching a movie or TV show together as a group. This can be done at your workplace, during off-hours, or even while you’re on vacation!

If you work in an office setting, have a meeting room, or just like to watch movies, this is easy to do. Or maybe you already watch a particular show and want to bring the rest of your department into that fandom.

Alternatively, if there’s a topic you're interested in but don't have time to learn more about, recruit someone who does by asking them questions about it and then having a conversation with them after the film.

Play chess

game show team building activities

Chess is one of the most well-known games in the world. It has been around for over 2,000 years and can be played by two people or more than two people. There are many types of chess depending on how many players there are and what kind of game you want to play.

Some variations of chess have very complex rules that take time to learn. These include things like Quebecois (also known as Seven Piece) chess which have seven pieces per player. Another example is Rinboche chess, which only allows each player to use their own color king piece.

There are even competitions where teams of up to three players must compete against each other using just their brains! This type of competition is called team chess. Teams typically work together to form strategies before taking part in an event.

Playing chess with teammates is a great way to boost teamwork skills. If you’re looking to increase your knowledge of the game, try setting up some casual matches with friends or colleagues.

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