Game Show Team Building

November 22, 2022

Teams that play together spend a lot of time working together in various groups or committees. They learn to trust each other, and work as a team.

Team building is an important part of any organization. For game show teams, it’s even more crucial since these shows can have very expensive prizes for their contestants.

The prize money often adds up quickly, so every dollar saved is valuable. That’s why it’s great to know some easy ways to boost teamwork among your colleagues.

Here are five fun games you can do at work to promote teamwork. These will not only strengthen relationships, but also create new ones!

1) Let people go

Game day has arrived! The next round of competition is about to begin!

Before the event begins, give everyone a chance to say goodbye. Tell them how much they mean to the company, and ask if anyone needs help with anything before you all head out.

This gives those who may be leaving one last opportunity to tell their colleagues what an asset they are, and helps keep lines of communication open after the shift change.

For employees who are staying behind, this could be a chance to talk about things they've been wanting to do for awhile. If someone knows of a way to improve productivity in the office, let them take advantage of it.

After everything comes down, see if there's anything anybody would like as a gift.

Make it a women’s team

As mentioned earlier, game show teams are always comprised of two people. But what makes these pairs special is that they are a couple! This can be in any shape or form – both partners being under one umbrella (like with The Joker and Harley Quinn) to only friends (The Gilmore Girls).

Whatever you decide, just make sure your pair enjoys each other’t space and time apart because this will be spent together almost every day.

If possible, try to have one member work for another company so they don’t feel too invested in their workplace.

Make it a men’s team

game show team building

As mentioned earlier, team building is an excellent way to boost workplace relationships and teamwork. What makes this activity special is that you can do it with any number of people!

Teambuilding is great because anyone can participate. It does not matter who comes first in your family or what position they hold at work, everyone is welcome. This activity works especially well when there are different departments or positions within your organization so those with little interaction before now have someone to talk to.

What matters most is that participants want to connect and be active while doing it, which is why this activity is always popular. You will also find that once things get going, people feel more relaxed and open.

There are many ways to organize a game show teambuilding event, but one of our favorites is the Take No Prisoners competition. For this activity, you need a space where all participants can sit together (for example, a circle or square shape). Then, each participant picks a player as their “contestant.” The contestants must then perform a task as elegantly and skillfully as possible.

The winner is determined by how beautifully they performed the task and how much fun they had creating the performance. If needed, the judges can ask questions like Who was inspired by whom? Or Is it okay if I don’t know the answer to save a contestant?

After the contest, attendees can chat about the players and the tasks themselves for some additional insights.

Pick a location

game show team building

One of the best ways to boost team morale is to have an open-door policy with meetings. Having a common meeting place makes it easy for people to attend, and gives them additional space to work from while they are attending events such as this one.

If you’re hosting this activity at another restaurant, make sure their staff can contact the owners directly so nothing gets lost!

Alternatively, if there is no shared meeting spot or space that someone could use, then offer your own office or room so everyone feels included and welcomed.

Decide the theme

game show team building

The first thing you will want to do is decide what type of game you would like to play! There are many different types of games that can be adapted for almost any group.

You can choose from tabletop games, board games, party games, or even video games!

Whatever genre you pick, make sure it’s something your team enjoys as a whole. If someone doesn’t feel comfortable being set loose with the rules then maybe not the best choice.

The most important part about choosing a game is having a good amount of time to prepare for it. You don’t want to buy the game at the show and find out there isn’t enough time to learn how to play it properly.

Many people start playing a new kind of game during the setting process, which can easily distract others if they aren’t prepared. It’s better to know some basics ahead of time so everyone has the same starting point.

Set the challenge

game show team building

This week, we’re going to do something different. Rather than pick a game that you are already familiar with and play it, we will be creating a new video game using a process called brainstorming.

You read that right! We are not picking a genre or setting of a story, we are leaving all those options open and coming up with our own idea.

This is an excellent way to bring out your creative side as well as learn about the game industry.

Most people in this world have at least touched upon the concept of creativity before. Even if you didn't know what they call it, you've probably seen some things that make you go "wow" or "I could never do THAT!"

That's part of being creative – knowing what to look for and how to apply yourself towards creating projects and experiences like these.

It takes practice, but once you get there you'll feel very good about yourself and your talent.

Let people know

game show team building

As mentioned earlier, team building is an important part of any successful workplace. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to boost morale or create closer relationships, doing things like having a group lunch or holding a meeting outside your department can help push through that goal.

Games are great ways to get teams together and working towards a common goal. Having games with food and drinks involved is even better!

Team building events should be open to everyone, not just those in leadership positions. This will promote more interaction and collaborations. Even participants who don’t work for the same company as each other can bring their own ideas to the event to strengthen relations.

Company leaders can also organize game day activities or invite members of the gaming community to play some new games they haven’t tried before.

Provide food and drinks

game show team building

As mentioned before, team building is about creating an environment where people of all levels feel comfortable and able to be themselves. This includes things like having fun with other participants, talking about things that matter to them, and supporting each other during times of stress or difficulty.

If you’re hosting your event at a restaurant, provide adequate snacks and beverages for everyone. If there are certain teams that seem more informal than others, offering some kind of drink can help break down barriers and facilitate conversation.

Have a prize

game show team building

As mentioned before, team building is an integral part of any workplace. It’s not just for students in universities anymore! Companies are incorporating game show-style events into their yearly meetings and conferences.

These interactive experiences promote teamwork, communication, and motivation. More importantly, they create fun environments where people feel comfortable being themselves.

Prizes are always a nice touch to motivate participants, but it depends on what kind of prizes you give out how much impact they have.

It’s great to reward someone with the latest gadget or movie pass, but why not go all out and pay off some student loans? Or better yet, organize a charity event so others can enjoy the experience as well.

Game shows also emphasize timing. When a new episode airs, everyone knows that the competition will soon be under way. This creates pressure, which may incentivize your teams to work harder.

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