Girlfriend Would Rather Spend Time With Friends

April 2, 2021

Now you may think the whole thing is crazy, but in many ways it's true!

Do you guys have any stories like this? Is this some sort of "guilt" that makes women choose to hang with friends over spending time with their partner?

Yes, this is exactly what I'm talking about.

Women are much more social creatures than men.

Why? Because we're built for it! Human beings are built for socializing. We can socialize like nobody else.

We can share our thoughts, ideas, and emotions with anyone, anytime

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The problem is, women have forgotten this from time to time.

We think we have to do all the thinking.

We have to be the captain of our own ships. We have to take charge.

But we forget that while we're out doing all that "thinking," our partner is busy doing the "doing" - taking care of his family and paying bills and making sure the house is tidy.

Women can even be so preoccupied with their thoughts that they forget to eat!

So, yeah, we tend to get sort of used to living by ourselves.

Even if we have a partner, we tend to become more and more independent -and sometimes, independence is not a good thing!

So, if you're a single woman reading this, here are some ways to turn this around and start making more time for yourself.

Remember that you can make more time for YOU in the morning

Yes, even if you get up just before your husband and go to work. Let him go to work while you sleep!

When you get up, start your day with some special alone time.

If you want to get yourself some shoes, but don't have time to go out and shop for them, do some research on websites like or and find the right pair of shoes for you.

Then get dressed and make yourself a cappuccino. Wait. This is where your self-indulgence kicks in.

Pour yourself a cup of tea, go to your favorite bookstore, and read a few pages of a good book.

Oh, by the way, you can have your coffee at home so you don't have to share it with your partner.

After that, it's time for you to work out


There is no doubt that your gym membership should be part of your budget. But don't go to your gym, go to the gym where you work out best.

Remember, the less time you spend with your partner, the less time you're going to want to spend with him.

There are so many other things you can do on your own. Have an adventure!

Go out for coffee with a friend. Go to the movies. Or, for a longer getaway, go to a spa.

Your friends will be so happy to see you because you're going to be in high spirits.

If you're a mom, please don't ever forget that your kids are your kids.

They should always be your priority. So, go shopping with them. Don't say that it's the kids' day out, because it's your day out, too.

I'll give you another tip: Try not to spend more time with your kids than you do with your partner!

Remember this one last thing: The most important part of the day is being with your partner.

If you're upset about something, sit down with him and talk about it.

You need to keep communication open

Last but not least, a special note to guys: It's not about a lack of time. It's about a lack of interest in being with you.

You have to try harder to make time for your wife and be willing to put the time and energy into building your relationship.

You need to treat your wife as you would treat any other important person in your life. Make her feel special and treat her as an equal.

Talk to her about what is important to her.

Don't ignore her complaints. And then, show her that you care about what is important to her.

If all of this sounds a little harsh, think about this: If you have the same relationship with your best friend, would you find yourself ignoring her complaints just because you already spent so much time with her?

No. You wouldn't. Would you really want your wife to make the same excuses you make about why you don't spend time with her?

Make time for your wife. It's the least you can do, isn't it?

Treating girlfriends differently

I shot this picture in a breathtaking wheat field in Mexico as the sun was going down. I love how it captures their individaul personalities and who they are as a collective. Together they are facing all the world throws at them. They are each other’s safe harbor. As a mother it blesses my heart to know she has such incredible friend to do life with.

If you are out of the relationship, and you are still treating your friends differently, then you may start treating your girlfriend differently as well.

This is a subtle form of abandonment, so it's best to admit that you are leaving.

In an extreme case, your relationship may just be unhealthy and dangerous.

You may be unable to work through your problems, and this may lead to dangerous situations.

If you have nothing of your own, you will have to be completely reliant on your partner.

If you are not responsible for your finances, it will take a toll on your relationship.

It's always important to have your partner support your life and be able to go with the flow with you.

If you have different values and beliefs, your relationship will grow weak as time passes.

In case your girlfriend feels like you are cutting her off, she could become hurt or angry.

This could be a dealbreaker in your relationship.

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