Good Group Team Building Games

November 17, 2022

As mentioned before, team building is an integral part of any successful workplace. A healthy work environment depends on it!

Building trust, confidence, and teamwork in your employees is one of the most important things you can do as a leader. When they are not feeling like they belong or understand what their job means, it can be hard to motivate them. They may even feel that their position does not exist because nobody seems to believe in them or acknowledge their efforts.

Teambuilding exercises can help achieve these goals while also having some fun. These games promote communication, collaboration, and understanding which all play key roles in our working lives.

Good group team-building activities are engaging for both participants and spectators. You will see people smiling, laughing, and interacting with each other. It’s great entertainment!

Some examples of good group team-building exercises include doing a lightning talk together, sharing stories, practicing new skills, or just talking about something funny that happened today.

If you want to add more depth to the exercise, then have groups discuss different aspects of leadership, team dynamics, etc. This way everyone leaves with something they learned.

Here we will go through 10 ways to do group team building at sunset. Some are free, low cost, or even paid experiences.

Group creativity

good group team building games

One of the most important team building exercises is to ask members to work in a group with another person. This can be for an activity or as part of the task, but it must involve both people.

Ask members to work together on an assignment and see what happens!

The hardest thing about working in groups is learning how to trust others. We all have different personality types which affect how we relate to other people.

Some people are very direct whereas others are more subtle so they may need some time to understand each other’s cues before agreeing to do something.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses so using these effectively can help you achieve your goals. If someone seems less motivated than you then maybe you should consider doing things alone instead?

Group activities that challenge everyone are the best way to use teamwork skills. For example, if there’s one person who feels very comfortable taking charge then they could organize the rest of the group and lead them through the exercise.

Opinions vary widely on the best ways to motivate teams to work together towards a common goal. Sometimes a member will try to take over which only makes matters worse because now they’re dividing their effort. It's better when individuals contribute according to what they're good at.

Blindfolded walk-and-tackling is a fun group game where teammates must collaborate to catch each other.

Group leadership

good group team building games

As mentioned before, team building is not always limited to having fun together as a group of people, but also includes developing leadership skills. This is particularly important in groups that work together closely for extended periods of time.

Team leaders sometimes get focused on supporting their colleagues instead of helping them develop. This can create a stagnate environment where no one feels comfortable trying new things because they don’t know what will be expected of them.

As group leader you must devote time to help your colleagues learn how to manage their own workloads and seek out opportunities to develop themselves. You should also make it clear to them who their allies are and which ones need taking down a peg.

If anyone is consistently getting good results then give them some recognition or reward them. If there’s someone who has been doing an excellent job then promote them so they can keep up the momentum.

The power of laughter

A good group building game is one that can help you re-engage with your colleagues, improve communication skills, and increase teamwork.

Many people consider laughing to be a funny thing. But research shows that it has much more than that.

A few studies have actually linked laughter with increased immune function, decreased stress levels, and improved mental health.

It also helps us connect with other people. Laughter is sometimes referred to as the glue that sticks us together.

There are many ways to play group building games. You could do something like passing around pictures of different animals and discussing which ones you would choose as your favorite.

For another fun game, you can ask each person to say their name, then see who can tell you the funniest anecdote about them. This works because we all have stories we tell ourselves about our lives.

Games such as these promote bonding and team-building by creating conversation opportunities and teaching important social skills.

Top 5 team games

good group team building games

Team building is an integral part of group development and leadership. Companies that thrive have strong leader-ship teams, and groups of people that work together well.

Teambuilding can be done at any level – from bringing everyone in for a meeting to doing something big like hiking or kayaking as a group.

Any type of activity is good, it’s up to you! The key is to choose one that is fun and engaging for all involved.

Here are our top five favorite team building exercises.

King of the hill

good group team building games

Another good team building game is called king of the hill. This can be played by any size group, and it does not require too much preparation or time. You will need a large room, enough people to form teams, and some paper and markers for this one!

Inking at an airport was another popular activity we had during our games. Each person gets assigned a position in a triangle with someone else as their teammate. They then go around a bell curve shape object that they are given and see who can hold onto it the longest.

This game can easily be adapted into different settings and environments. It works well when there are already groups of people or you have to create new ones so this is a worthy investment.

Ship captain

good group team building games

As group leader, you can pick any game to play during team building. You do not have to make it educational or use a theme, just choose a game that you and your colleagues enjoy and are able to participate in without too much trouble.

What matters is that everyone has an equal chance to take part and contribute. Even if someone does not like certain types of games, they can still participate by choosing something else!

Team sports such as football (soccer) or rugby are great opportunities for group team building. These kind of games emphasize teamwork and communication because of how many people are involved.

Playing board games is also a good way to connect with others outside of work.

Animal, vegetable, or mineral

good group team building games

A great group activity is to ask each person to name an animal, a vegetable, and a mineral. Then see which one of these everyone agrees on!

The reason this game works so well is because it teaches people fundamental things about themselves. You will learn what types of foods someone likes, what kind of animals they are passionate about, and what minerals they need to survive.

It also exposes how much individual perception can affect the results. Someone might say “fish” for plant matter or “pepper” for mineral, while another could pick “apple” or “potato” instead.

Teamwork comes into play when you have to agree on all three items, and there are many fun ways to do that.

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