How Am I Passionate

January 3, 2023

There is a myth that if you are passionate about something, then it will go away eventually. This can be disproven easily!

Many things we get involved in – sports teams, hobbies, careers – they all start out as things that matter to us but then slowly lose our attention. That’s okay though because we need to re-focus (our priorities change over time).

What isn’t okay is when we no longer feel passion for what we were before we lost focus.

This happens more than most people realize.

It’s impossible to know how many times someone may not feeling “passionate” about their job. Or of course, there are those who burn out quickly due to lack of motivation or energy.

On top of that, some things just don’t seem like they’ll ever matter much to you anymore. You could be spending money on gadgets and apps related to your career, but have little confidence that they’ll help you move up.

I’d say it happens at least a few times per year here at Pick The Winners. We spend lots of time thinking about companies and industries and whether they’re worth investing in and getting into debt for, only to find … nothing really exciting.

Examples of passion

how am i passionate

Let’s look at some examples.

First, here are some things that you probably know how to be passionate about. These are things like talking, reading, walking, eating, sleeping, drinking, thinking, doing sports – anything really!

Most people have conversations, read books, take walks, eat food, sleep, and do simple tasks for fun. It seems like everyone has a little bit of something they enjoy doing.

But what if we asked you to try doing one or more of these activities for just half an hour every day? For five days in a row?

I don’t think anyone would agree to make such a sacrifice, but I also doubt many people could say “no” to it once it was over.

And so, my question is this: What if you practiced being passionately engaged with whatever activity you were trying to perform for a full week?

Now, let's rephrase that: What if you practiced being consistently engaged IN YOUR LIFE FOR A WHOLE WEEK?!?

That is what most people can’t seem to manage, and it’s why they get overwhelmed and stressed out very quickly. They feel like they're always busy, but not necessarily living their lives.

If you want to live your life as though you're engaged with everything, then you need to be truly invested in who you are and what you care about.

You must believe in your passion

how am i passionate

Now that we have an understanding of what makes someone passionate, let’s talk about how to be more passionate you are about something.

I read somewhere once that one of the key things that keeps us engaged with things is curiosity. We are curious as to why people do certain things, we are curious as to what will happen next, and we are curious as to whether or not this thing will work.

By being curious, we gain knowledge and understand new concepts better.

So if you want to be more passionate about something, start by being curious about it!

Ask questions, research how other people connected to the thing for motivation, and see if there are ways to add it into your life.

Do not let fear hold you back

Let yourself feel passionate about things – it’s your life, do what makes you happy. Don’t worry about if people will think that you belong here or they would rather you didn’t, so why should you? You are alive, live with passion and never forget that!

There is an old saying which goes ‘don’t ever tell me how to live my life’. This doesn’t sound like a very positive thing but I believe there is some truth in this. We all have different lives, we all choose different paths for different reasons.

However, one of the most important things as human beings is to be living a meaningful life. To feel like you're leaving something behind when you die is a key part of this. If you are not sure if you are living a meaningful life, then try doing something you love, anything really. It could be running a business, painting, dancing, singing, whatever floats your boat.

Then, ask yourself whether you are spending your time working on the things which make you unhappy or those which make you happier.

Find a mentor

how am i passionate

As mentioned earlier, having mentors is one of the most powerful ways to develop your career. The older you are, the more experienced colleagues you will meet who can offer guidance and tips that may help you navigate your career.

People with higher positions can teach you about the ins and outs of the job, while people at lower levels can show you the way up or down (depending on what position they have).

As we know, leadership is an important skill for anyone aspiring to lead others, so investing in their professional development is an excellent use of time.

By learning from those who have been where you want to be, you’ll find yourself inspired and motivated to keep moving forward.

And don’t forget about giving back! If you learn something new, share it with other professionals – this will inspire them to start developing their own skills too.

Set personal goals

how am i passionate

As we know, passion is what gets you moving forward in life. It’s what keeps you motivated when nothing seems to go your way. You will find that most passionate people have something they are very dedicated to. They may not be paid well for it, but they strive to achieve their goal every day.

Many people talk about how much they want to do something, but few actually put into action what they say they want to do.

If you ever feel like this, try putting some time aside to focus on your goal. Even if you only spend one minute a week working on it, keep trying!

You never know, you might just found your passion.

Take baby steps

how am i passionate

It’s easy to get distracted when you want to do something, especially if you want to do it badly. You might feel like you must take action now or you will lose your chance forever, so you rush through the initial stages to make sure you don’t miss your opportunity.

That is why there is an important second stage to passionate activity – taking time to reflect upon what has made you excited in the past. Once you have done that, re-evaluate whether this new passion is worth investing more time into.

If you can’t find any good reasons to invest in it, then pass! Even though it may hurt at first, chances are you’ll be able to move onto another dream much faster than if you had stuck with yours.

Think about how you can help others

how am i passionate

What does it take to be passionate? It takes being motivated by something – whether it’s for money, love or knowledge, etc.

But what if we focused only on one of those things? On motivation that comes from knowledge?

We all have our own personal experiences, our own stories, our own ideas and concepts we have learned about through life so far.

These lessons helped shape who we are today, and they can do the same for someone else!

By sharing these insights with other people, you will inspire them to learn more about the subject.

They will come away inspired by your passion and what you know about this topic. This will make them feel better about themselves as individuals and as members of society.

It is their inner-self worth that matters most, not the size of their bank account or the number next to their name in the family tree.

Stay positive

how am i passionate

Let’s look at another word that is often confused with passion — enthusiastic.

Enthusiastic people are very excited about something. They seem to be constantly talking about what they are passionate about, but they can’t necessarily back up their words with actions.

I have met many people who say they want to do something, but then you see them doing nothing other than talking about how much they wanted to do it.

By skipping the action stage, we get to see what a boring person they really are.

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