How And When To Eat Passion Fruit

December 27, 2022

This week, we’re talking about how to eat your passion fruit! If you’ve never tried eating this delicious tropical berry, then here is an important fact: there are almost 2 cups of pure sweet liquid in every one cup serving!

That sounds like a lot, but it can be tricky to enjoy all that flavor and texture while eating them right away. Luckily for you, we have some tips here to help with that!

How to Make Sure Yours Taste Good

You may have heard stories or read reviews about people who don’t care much for passion fruits because they think they taste mostly sour. That could not be more wrong!

The reason many people find those berries too strong is probably due to their fruity water content. There’s just enough acid mixed into the juice to balance out the sweetness.

If you love the way passion fruits taste, try drying them out first by putting them through a food processor or blender. Do that until very thin slices come out, and then suck up the dried pulp as though you were sucking up lemonade.

This really cuts down on the intensity of the tangy flavor, and also removes most of the moisture, which might otherwise make the berries “seem” sweeter.

Look for fresh passion fruit

how and when to eat passion fruit

The next step in eating your delicious passion fruits is actually picking them! Make sure you are buying fresh ones, and not from a store that may package them with dried or powdery pieces of fruit.

These can look very pretty, but they do not taste as good. If there are any seeds present, remove them because they will grow back and possibly sprout when eaten.

If you find some chunks of peel leftover, these are totally fine, but make sure to wash your passion fruit first before adding it to the other ingredients.

Eat the passion fruit when it is ripe

how and when to eat passion fruit

This will ensure you enjoy all of the flavor components of the passionfruit properly. If you eat it unriped, then some people may like it more than others due to taste preferences.

There are three main flavors in a fresh passionfruit: sweet, tangy, and sour. As it matures, it loses its soft texture and instead becomes thinner and easier to consume.

This allows most people to find it more comfortable to eat which can contribute to why some people love them and others don’t.

Peel the passion fruit

how and when to eat passion fruit

Now that you have them, you will want to start eating your fruits and vegetables! But before you do that, you must peel the passionfruit.

The skin of the passionfruit can contain small hairs which could scrape or irritate your throat and mouth. This could cause pain, swelling, or even lumps in the throat. If this happens, try rubbing your tongue against the roof of your mouth or swallowing some water to ease the discomfort.

If the symptoms get worse as you perform these actions, see your doctor immediately. You may need an antihistamine for the bite or medication to reduce inflammation or treat sore throats.

Once you’ve peeled it, eat the pulp with a spoon or use a fork to mash it slightly and then swallow it down. Don’t chew it too much as this can also hurt your throat!

Drinking some milk along with the pulp is an excellent idea because both are acidic. Acids help neutralize other foods we consume, so having some milk would be good to do so digestion doesn’t become overly alkaline (which can be harmful).

Try making passion fruit juice

how and when to eat passion fruit

If you are not familiar with eating passion fruits, you can easily make your own passion fruit juice or recipe! Simply cut open a fresh passion fruit and use a spoon to scoop out the seeds and gel that have been set in place. You then add water and blend it until it is liquidy- this will depend on how dry the pulp was!

Once it is fully blended into the water, you can either drink it right away or store it in a sealed container for later. The only thing is if you want it to keep its shape, you should probably put some sugar or sweetener in there!

Passion fruit comes from India so most recipes call for adding one cup of sugar per half a batch of juice. This includes when buying bottled juices which may already have a mix in them. Some people also like to stir in an additional bit of gel to give it more flavor.

Drinking passion fruit juice is said to help improve digestion and aid weight loss due to its high vitamin C content. It also contains iron and potassium which play important roles in keeping blood healthy.

Combine passion fruit with other fruits

One of your can’t-miss tips for eating passion fruit is to combine it with another ingredient. You can mix it into yogurt, use it as a topping for parfaits or simply spread it onto toast!

When baking, you can stir in some passion fruit juice to flavor the dough or use it in recipes like cookies or cakes. It will slightly sour the recipe, but not much – very tangy!

You can also make passion fruit sherbets or ice cream. In fact, one cool way to eat all the pulp is to freeze it first and then whisk it into plain yoghurt or milk!

And don’t forget about the seeds! They are full of healthy nutrients so if you love them, try adding them to salads, vegetables or even pasta dishes.

Combine passion fruit with other ingredients

how and when to eat passion fruit

While eating just one slice of pizza or chicken breast is delicious, why not try baking them into another recipe? Or how about mixing it into your beverages like yogurt or milk?

Add two tablespoons of plain passion fruits in both recipes and mix well. You can also add it to salads or use it as a spread for toast or bread.

Use passion fruit extract

how and when to eat passion fruit

Recent studies show that adding passion flower extracts into your diet may help keep blood glucose levels in check. Because passion fruits contain a compound called hypoglycemic agent, there are many recipes using this ingredient.

You can take dried powdered passion flowers or use liquid passion flower extract as an alternative to eating the whole berries.

Using passion flower supplements is usually done for one month before results are seen. It takes time for it to work so make sure you watch your symptoms while you use it.

Some people may experience stomach discomfort, but these typically go away within hours of taking the medicine.

Combine passion fruit with other dishes

how and when to eat passion fruit

For those who love eating passion fruits, there are many ways to enjoy them! Most people eat them alone, but you can actually mix them into another food or use them in a recipe as an ingredient.

You can either cut them in half and then taste them or buy pre-made ones that have been peeled and sweetened already.

They will naturally sour as they satiate your thirst so trying one at the beginning is not necessary. However, if you like tangy foods, start by adding two or three of them to see how you feel about it before having more.

Some recipes call for dried passion fruit which may be easier to find than fresh ones.

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