How Do You Cut A Passion Fruit

December 27, 2022

The lovely thing about passion fruits is that there are so many ways to enjoy them! They can be eaten alone or in recipes, they taste wonderful when mixed into other foods, and they make some delicious dried snacks. But my favorite way to eat a fresh passion fruit is just by cutting it open and eating the inner fleshy part with your hands!

If you have ever done this before, you know that the skin sometimes sticks to yours as you pull off pieces of the fruit. This can often get stuck under your nails which hurts later on if you don’t take care of yourself.

This article will talk about how to cut a passion fruit without getting any sticky bits on you. Hopefully these tips work for beginner levelers too since most people have their first time trying this trick at the elementary school level!

Begin by holding the passion fruit steady. Now use the tip of your knife to slice horizontally across the top of the passion fruit until you can grab the handle. Pull up on the handle to remove the whole fruit. If possible, try slicing the passion fruit while it is still slightly warm so it won’t resist being pulled apart easily.

Find a cutting board

how do u cut a passion fruit

There are two main types of cutting boards you can use for your passion fruits. These are plastic or wood-made and they should both be very sturdy. Yours can easily cost around $20-30, but they will last forever!

The best type of cutting board to use with fresh berries is one that has a curved edge. This allows you to more easily scoop out the fruit without having pieces get stuck in the blade. You want to make sure there are no sticking fingers anywhere on this board since these can cause serious wounds or even bleedings.

If you like hard fruits such as strawberries then an angled edge board is better than have a straight one. This way you can also see how much juice the berry contains which helps determine if it is ripe enough.

Whatever board you choose to invest in should have good quality non-toxic materials. They should not contain any dyes or additives that could potentially go bad.

Peel the passion fruit

how do u cut a passion fruit

The most important step in eating your passion fruits is actually peeling them! This can be tricky at first as some people peel their passion fruits like they would oranges, by slicing down the side of the skin. Unfortunately, this does not work with passion fruits because they have a thick layer of pulp that covers the flesh part of the fruit.

To properly peel a passion fruit, either use a paring knife to cut around the sides of the fruit or take a very thin slice off the top of the fruit. Then, roll the top piece away from you and pull it back slowly so only the white pith sticks to the peeled section. You want to make sure there is no gooey passion fruit juice left behind!

After you have removed the skin, rinse the passion fruit under cold water and eat the juicy inside-meat just like an ordinary orange.

Cut the passion fruit into sections

how do u cut a passion fruit

Once you have cut down one of the fruits, it is time to start slicing it up! The best way to do this is using your cutting tool in between your index finger and thumb. Press the blade through with steady pressure until you get nice smooth slices.

Once you have these done, put the pieces into a bowl or container that will hold all of the pieces. You can either add salt and stir or use the liquid inside as an additional ingredient for the recipe.

Put the sections into a bowl

how do u cut a passion fruit

Now that you have cut through the passion fruit skin, it is time to put all of its parts in a container! Depending on the size of the person eating the fruit, you can either use a glass or ceramic dish, a plate, or even your own personal taste, I like using plastic bowls as they are more durable.

Make sure to wash this material very thoroughly and with an acid cleaner to prevent any sour residue from sticking to the next part of the process.

Pour boiling water over the bowl

how do u cut a passion fruit

Now, let’s talk about how to cut a passion fruit! First, you need to pour some boiling water into it to slightly soften the pulp. Once this is done, use your knife to carefully scoop out the white flesh of the passion fruit.

The best way to do this is by inserting the blade in between the juice and the skin and then twisting or pulling the peel away.

Let it sit for a few minutes

how do u cut a passion fruit

After you cut up your passion fruit, let it sit in its own juice for about 10 minutes. If you do not, the flavor may be lost. Once it is mixed into the yogurt or milk, spoon the mixture onto your food to taste.

Peel the passion fruit

how do u cut a passion fruit

The peel of a passion fruit is made up of three distinct layers, which are peeled in order of thickness. The white inner layer is usually discarded or eaten as part of the fruit’s flavor. The middle brownish-orange layer is very thin and can be scratched off with your fingernail, but the thick golden skin must be removed using a knife or spoon.

The gold layer contains a potent antioxidant that has been linked to benefits such as weight loss and improved cardiovascular health. This special compound is called epicatechin, and it takes about two hours for the body to break down the passion fruits you eat.

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