How Do You Know Your Passion

December 27, 2022

There are many things in life that seem totally unrelated to you- music, sports, languages, science, fashion, etc. These areas don’t necessarily make you happy for very long, but they all have one thing in common: They are both fundamental to knowledge and understanding of passion.

By this we mean they help develop your internal compass or sense of what makes you feel passionate. You may not love reading books, but if you are able to identify what does, it will never feel like an empty experience for you. The same goes for music, sports, and other skill sets.

You can easily spend time pursuing these activities, but unless they inspire you to do something else, they won’t really matter much. Becoming aware of your passions is the first step towards developing them and finding true happiness.

There are several ways to know if an area is a passion or not, and most apply even if someone has no desire to pursue their degree in these fields yet.

Your passion should make you happy

how do u know your passion

It is very important to ask yourself what makes you feel passionate or excited about your life. What do you enjoy doing? What are you good at? What types of things bring you joy?

Your passion should make you happy, but only if you are willing to invest in it. You have to be willing to put time into it, which can sometimes be difficult due to limited resources at times.

It takes a lot of work to find out what you love so don’t expect to find it easily. However, once you know what you want, you can start looking into ways to get that thing done.

You will also need to believe in yourself and your talent enough to pursue your dreams with confidence. Confidence is another key factor in investing in your passion.

If you aren’t sure whether your passion exists, then try experimenting! Try different activities related to your dream and see how they made you feel. If you keep feeling those emotions, then chances are you have found your passion.

Your passion should inspire others

how do u know your passion

Let’s look at it from another angle - what makes you feel passionate? What gets your heart pumping and adrenaline flowing? It's not something that can be faked, fabricated or manufactured.

It comes down to two things – feeling confident in yourself and feeling like you're living out your dreams.

Feeling confidence in yourself means knowing who you are as a person and being comfortable with yourself. This is important because if you don't believe in yourself, then you won't try anything!

Living out your dreams means seeking out experiences that challenge you but also give you hope for the future. These experiences could be educational, creative or both.

They come when you're willing to put effort into finding them and they're only limited by your imagination. Having fun doesn't have to cost a lot of money, though.

Your passion should change over time

how do u know your passion

Even if you feel like you found your life’s calling at age 10, chances are it will shift as you grow. When that happens, know what to do. You can keep looking until you find something that makes you happy every day or even part-time, but you would still be working in wrong direction.

It takes hard work to recognize your true passions so don’t expect perfection immediately. But when you do, believe in yourself and your talent, use all of the resources available to you, and create an environment that supports your dreams, then watch the success come rolling in!

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You should always try to keep your passion up

It is easy to get distracted by life, work, and other commitments that take over your time. With every passing day, you are spending less time engaging in things that you love to do.

If you want to stay passionate about something for longer than just a few minutes or hours, you have to make sure you are giving it enough of your time.

It takes more than just having fun when you're doing something to know how to be truly passionate. It takes investment, consistency, and repeatability.

You need to invest time into what you love doing everyday, which can be difficult at times. This is why there are sometimes breaks in people's passion as they grow older.

Consistency is also important because you want to see the same result each time you use your passion as a tool.

What if someone loves listening to music but nothing seems to stick? They may never find their song favorite!

People who cannot seem to find their passion often feel depressed after learning this lesson.

You should focus on your skills

how do u know your passion

There’s no use in knowing what you like to do if you don’t have the confidence or knowledge of how to make it happen. Becoming passionate about something means learning its fundamentals, whether they be culinary techniques, mathematical concepts, or whatever else lies beyond those.

It takes lots of practice to develop these fundamentals, which is why there are so many ways to “learn how to play the guitar.” If you can’t play then just pick one string at a time! (And maybe add some fingering later.)

If you’re already pretty good at playing the guitar, though, then try experimenting with different styles and configurations. Or take a lesson from someone who knows this stuff really well — say, Yo-Yo Ma! He still practices every day because he loves music.

The more you expose yourself to, the better chance you will have of finding that thing that you truly love to do.

You should find the time for it

how do u know your passion

It’s not something you have to do every day, but when you decide to make passion your career, you need to give it some of your time at least once a week.

You can set aside an hour each Monday, Wednesday or Friday to really focus on what makes you passionate. Or you can even schedule it as a one-hour workout session — I know many people who enjoy yoga and that inspired them to pursue their own teaching career.

Whatever method works best for you, just be sure to allocate this time consistently so that it becomes part of your routine.

When you do take time off, don’t feel like you’re wasting your life – instead, look at the days where you didn’t devote yourself to your dream as lost opportunities to train or inspire others.

You should do it consistently

how do u know your passion

It’s not enough to have passion for something once, you need to feel passionate about it every day. If you never feel passionate about your work, then you won’t be investing much energy in it, and it will lose its hold over you.

You’ll also start to wonder why you put so much effort into it, and what people might think of you because of it. So eventually you’d stop doing it, which would only make things worse.

A lot of people who don’t know their own strengths find it hard to identify those passions. They may even doubt that they have any at all. This can cause significant stress, and sometimes anger or depression.

But you really do, most likely you have many!

Finding your strongest interests is an important part of self-knowledge. Once you recognize them, you can use them as a tool to help you achieve your goals. You could even turn them into new jobs or hobbies.

You should share it

how do u know your passion

It is very important to know what makes you feel passionate or motivated. What things make you excited, happy, and/or fascinated? If there’s something you're good at, try doing more of that!
If you are already working in your passion field, great! Keep practicing your craft and developing yourself professionally while also staying motivated and inspired.

But if you are not yet working in your dream career, don't worry! There's still hope for you! In this article I will talk about some easy ways to find out what your passion is.

It's time to play truth or dare! Get ready...

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