How Great Is Your Love Passion

December 30, 2022

There is a reason that people say true love exists only in fairy tales. It is because we as humans cannot understand what real, passionate love is until we are at least 25 years older.

When you feel passion for someone, when they make you laugh or smile with intensity, it feels good. You may even begin to wonder if this feeling will ever go away.

It’s not just about having romantic interactions together, it’s about keeping an eye out for each other after you have already broken up.

You both want the same thing — to be loved by the other person — and so you try to show your loved one as much affection as possible, but still sometimes feel like there’s a big empty space where their attention should be.

This article will talk more about how great love is influenced by the emotions we use and why using less emotional energy is the best way to win over your significant other.

Definition of great

how great is your love passion

The definition of “great” is having a large amount of something. In this case, the something is love. A lot of love equals great love.

Many people think that love must be constantly changing to be considered strong, but that isn’t true love.

True love stays constant, which makes it even more powerful. It is also one of the most beautiful things in our lives.

Love comes in many forms, but none quite like passion.

Passion doesn’t need to be romantic — it can be friendship or parent-child bonding. It is what draws you to someone, creates emotional connections, and keeps you coming back for more.

Touching on passion

how great is your love passion

When we talk about love, it can be hard to define what exactly we mean when we use the term passion. Many people believe that if they do not feel passionate about someone or something then there is no point in trying to make their relationship work.

This couldn’t be further from the truth!

If you look around yourself, you will see many things that you are passionate about. Some of these things may even bring you some happiness at times, but none of them matter much if you don’t have a healthy emotional connection with other parts of your life.

You would probably agree that having an intimate partner is one of the most important relationships in your life. Sadly, though, this is not always the case.

Too often, men and women go through serious struggles in their romantic relationships. They might struggle to connect physically, they may struggle to set appropriate boundaries, and they may find themselves feeling overly dependent on each other.

Touching on great

how great is your love passion

What is touchling? This can be anything from holding hands, to kissing someone, to having your lover massage you for an hour. It does not need to be specific length- it can be short or long!

Touch is one of our biggest intimacy boosters. When we lack touch, relationship problems often occur. You may feel that there are too many other things in your life so you do not spend enough time touching each other.

By adding more touches into your day, you will want to add them at night as well. Having sex is a nice way to enjoy physical contact but that does not have to be the only form.

Having some kind of casual touch every day helps keep your bond strong. You do not have to use these touches for hours to know they mean something.

Any sort of hand greeting, suchas taking hold of another person’s hand while walking down the street, is considered a casual touch.

Concentrate on passion

how great is your love passion

This may sound very basic, but it is important to remember that even after you have found your love, passion will wane at times.

When this happens, it is crucial not to lose focus of the main thing — passion for your loved one!

You must remain deeply in love with your partner, admire their qualities and reward them for all their good behaviors by showing them affection as often as possible.

At these times, instead of trying to re-ignite the fire, you need to find ways to get past the lull.

By being aware of this drop in intensity, you can prepare yourself and prevent any unnecessary conflicts or hurt feelings.

Concentrate on great

how great is your love passion

This can be done by creating conditions in your life that inspire passion or that use up time invested in them to make you feel passionate.

It’s like when you spend hours baking an amazing dessert – everyone who eats it goes “wow, what a wonderful treat I got!” even though they didn’t ask for it nor did they work hard to create it.

That is why it is said that love is not about having a lot of fun together, it is about spending time with someone who makes you happy and excited to be around them.

This could be because they make you laugh, or talk about things you are interested in, or give you helpful advice, or take care of you. It may be their style or how they dress, or their value system.

It could be no matter how much money they have, or how many points they score on The Apprentice. (Not saying those are bad, but just know that they don’t necessarily win people’s respect that way.

Doing things for passion

how great is your love passion

We sometimes get confused about what it means to love something. When we do things because of how much passion you have for something, that is not actually loving it.

I will give you an example. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen people spend lots of money or time on a product they feel no strong feeling towards. They may even be passionate about the price of the item, but they never use it.

They spent all this time on it because they wanted to show their passion for the product, not because they truly loved it.

If you ever find yourself doing things like I mentioned before, stop what you are doing immediately! Take a break, walk away, whatever needs to be done can wait until you more confident in this matter.

This will take some time, so be prepared for that.

It could be due to money, cost being a factor, if you don’t enjoy the product then why should you invest in it? Or maybe you just don’t want to put effort into it anymore, which is totally okay too.

Don’t keep investing energy in things that don’t return any kind of happiness, trust me, it will only waste your energy.

Doing things for great

how great is your love passion

We sometimes get so focused on doing our own thing, being known as the most talented person in the room, or getting ahead by making others feel bad about themselves that we lose sight of what really matters – love.

This is why passion is more important than talent. If you are not loving your job, life will never be worth it. If you are not investing time into relationships, then there is no hope for you.

If you work alone and people think you are too hard to deal with, then chances are they have stopped interacting with you and/or told other people not to spend time with you because you are not likeable.

If this describes you, then maybe it’s time to reevaluate your career choice and your willingness to put yourself out there.

We all need inspiration and encouragement from time to time, but if you don’t look outside of yourself for validation then where does that leave you?

Love is infectious and it changes people for the better. People who experience its power tend to keep coming back for more.

Think about passion

how great is your love passion

There are many ways to think about love passion, but one of the most important things to know is that it can always exist between two people.

Love is not necessarily a feeling or an activity, it is just a state of mind. When you find someone who makes you feel passionate for them, then your heart will be happy and you will want to spend time with them.

You may even decide to make a life together out of this passionate relationship.

However, while some people may describe your relationships as ‘passionate’, there is no way to prove that they really understand what love means.

It is very difficult to identify true love unless you have experienced it before. Therefore, if you believe that you have found true love, try to remember that it could simply be fake. It could be an illusion made through chemistry or luck.

Also remember that not every couple finds love in the same way. Some may enjoy having a lot of physical intimacy, while others prefer staying separate when sleep-sharing night shifts.

Whatever type of relationship you want, only do so when you are both truly committed to it.

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