How Important Is Team Building

November 2, 2022

Team building is an integral part of any successful organization. Whether it’s motivating colleagues, encouraging collaboration, or forging strong relationships that last, this kind of productive engagement can have a significant positive impact within your workplace and beyond.

It’s easy to think that people are already motivated when they come to work, but that isn’t necessarily the case. A lot of times, there’s still something lurking beneath the surface – a fear of being made fun of, for example, or resentment towards someone who got promoted over them.

These hidden in-fights can poison working relationships and prevent people from sharing their ideas fully. In general, research has shown that higher levels of employee motivation and productivity are linked with a lower incidence of conflict and weaker negative attitudes toward coworkers.

That’s why team building is so important. It helps you develop trust, encourages cooperation, and creates supportive environments that help employees do their best work.

Reasons why team building is important

how important is team building

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest reasons why team building is so crucial to workplace success is because it helps you strengthen your work ethic. You will have to agree that working in an environment where there are constant celebrations or reward programs for good performance can be tiring at best and demoralizing at worst.

It may also put some pressure on colleagues to perform well if they know everyone is going to get a prize at the end, which isn’t always the case. This could create internal competition instead of teamwork, which doesn’t usually benefit a company.

Team bonding events can inspire others to reach their potential and bring out the best in them, creating a virtuous cycle. When people feel connected to each other and to what lies beyond the job description, productivity increases, and passion is stoked for the tasks assigned.

Steps to take when trying to team build

The first step in attempting to team build with anyone is to establish a meaningful connection. You can do this by talking about things that matter to you, getting to know someone outside of work, or simply being friendly!

Ask questions – try asking them about something they are passionate about, how they grew up, what their dreams were before they got married and had kids, etc. This creates a space for them to be more open and honest.

Give them credit for all of your successes - Never make comments like, “I could not finish my job because of so-and-so” or "You lost today, we won!" Always acknowledge their efforts and recognize success as an individual.

Have a party

how important is team building

As discussed earlier, team building is very important to ensure that your employees are working as efficiently as possible.

Team building can be done at any time or place, and it does not require much money- you can even do it in-house!

Hosting a gathering with refreshments and food is one of the best ways to go about this. Having an event where people come together and share experiences is a great way to promote teamwork and communication.

You don’t necessarily have to hold a big event, either. You can organize a potluck lunch, have an informal meeting, or just ask everyone if anyone would like to watch a movie next week.

All of these activities can help bring your staff together and strengthen relationships.

Sit together and talk

how important is team building

As mentioned before, team building is very important to keep your group tight. Not only do social gatherings help you bond as a team, but it also helps motivate each other.

If one person in the group does not feel like they can go after their goal with everyone else supporting them, then what will they put into practice?

Team members should be able to look up to each other and trust that everything will be okay if someone does not have enough motivation or confidence for this task.

By having these conversations and sharing stories, you will learn a lot about different people. This will help you determine who fits in your organization’s culture and how to improve relationships in the workplace.

Your colleagues may know each other really well, which could hurt part of the team-building process. By learning more about each other, you will at least understand why some actions are done.

Play some games

how important is team building

As mentioned before, team building is very important to ensure that your employees are working as a unit towards a common goal. Unfortunately, most employers forget this part of the process completely.

Team building can be anything from going out for drinks with colleagues or hosting an internal event at the workplace to taking a day off together and doing something fun.

All of these activities should be focused on having fun but also teaching people about each other and their roles in the company.

These experiences not only help you connect with your coworkers, but they also show them what the organization stands for and how it operates. This helps promote trust and understanding which are essential parts of any working relationship.

At the same time, events like these expose your business to new opportunities by meeting others in your field and getting introductions to potential customers or collaborators.

Challenge each other

how important is team building

As mentioned earlier, team building is very important to overall employee happiness and success. Not only does it help promote motivation, but it also helps create strong bonds between employees who work together towards a common goal.

Teambuilding exercises don’t need to be expensive or complicated – anything that encourages collaboration and communication can boost morale.

Some ideas include having an open discussion about something significant, hosting a potluck lunch with brainstorming, holding a review of someone’s job (not for performance, but just to chat), or even going outside and doing some activity as a group.

Try new things

how important is team building

As mentioned before, team building is very important to ensure that your workplace is an enjoyable one for you and those around you. What kind of games or activities are done typically depends on what type of company you work for and how much energy there is in the department or organization.

Some organizations have annual events such as a picnic or movie night, which is definitely good to participate in if you’re able to. Others may hold meetings about projects that individuals are working on, but they may not include everyone involved.

You can also do activity day-outs or trips outside of the office. This may be going to a football game, visiting a museum, or taking a trip somewhere together. All of these are great ways to promote teamwork and friendship!

Internships and field studies are another way to learn more about yourself and team leadership. Some people find it hard to believe that someone without a degree doesn’t know anything beyond their own career, but staying motivated aside from money benefits is a key part of being a leader.

Share stories

how important is team building

As mentioned before, team building is very important to workplace success. But what kind of team-building activities are the most effective?

Sharing stories is one of the best ways to do this. When you share a story with someone, it is typically about something that happened to or around someone else.

A story can be set in place or abroad timeframes. It does not have to be about people either; sometimes just events happen that motivate others.

The thing about sharing stories is that everyone has a different definition of what a story is. Some feel that a story must have characters and settings, whereas others believe that anything happening to, for, or because of someone else is considered a story.

Whatever your personal definition of a story is, know that there are several types of stories. The first type is an example-setting story. These are stories that teach us something through direct experiences. A second type is motivational, which uses examples to inspire action. A third type is cautionary, which teaches us something by showing how things could go wrong. A final type is allegorical, which applies lessons from the plot of another book or movie to show a truth.

When we tell our own stories, we emphasize how well things went for us. This may de-incentivize us from trying new things or taking risks, as we fear failure will make us look bad.

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