How Is Passion Become Good And Evil

December 20, 2022

What is passion?

Passion can be described as an intense emotional state that you experience for something or someone. You will know you have found your passionate career if you feel excited about it every day, if it makes you happy, and if you get strong emotions from it.

Many people use the word “passion” to describe what they want to do for their lives. But there are two types of passions — good passion and bad passion.

This article will talk more in-depth about how to identify which type of passion you have and whether it’s positive or negative. It will also discuss some ways to develop healthy passion.

Disclaimer: This article may contain examples of overanalyzing situations and/or generalizations of things. Try not to take any of these too seriously. We all have our different strengths and weaknesses, and one person's passion could be totally meaningless to another individual.

Become a good listener

As we know, passion is a strong emotion that most people use to strengthen their relationships with others. It’s not necessarily bad, but it can be used for negative things if you don’t regulate how you control your impulses.

Good listeners are motivated by interest and motivation in other people. They listen with an intention to understand and learn something new.

If someone else has their story, they will try to get them to tell more of it because listening is a powerful way to connect with another person.

By showing an interested attitude, you will draw out more information about the subject matter which helps you to stay informed and educated. You also create opportunities to talk about yourself and your experiences as well!

It’s easy to become distracted by what you want to say next or find ways to turn the conversation into one about you, but taking time to focus only on what others have to share is a valuable skill.

Become a better listener and you’ll go a long way towards being a well-respected member of society.

Pay attention to your feelings

how is passion become good and evil

We often get so focused on our jobs that we forget to look at the bigger picture. What are you doing with your life? If you feel tired, then investing in yourself by reading is great way to refresh.

If you keep looking forward to something, you will be motivated to do it. You must find what makes you happy and pursue those things.

By being aware of your emotions, you can connect them to different areas of your life – work, family, friends, etc. This way, you can learn how to use your feelings for motivation.

You’ll know if you have been successful when you feel happiness, pride, gratitude or joy about something you've done. When you feel these strong emotions, they'll motivate you to keep going until you reach your goal.

Make it your life's goal

how is passion become good and evil

Recent studies show that passion is one of the most important things in your life. It has been linked to better health, higher income, happier relationships, and more productive time spent working.

Passion comes from seeking out experiences that matter to you. And we all have different experiences that make us feel passionate.

For some people, it's reading a good book. For others, it's talking with old friends they've missed. For others, it's learning new skills or mastering an area of knowledge.

Whatever the experience, when you're engaged in it, you should be focused solely on feeling happy. You shouldn't be thinking about how much money you'll earn tomorrow or what big juicy steak you'll eat next.

You should only be concerned with feeling happiness while you are experiencing the activity.

Stay positive

how is passion become good and evil

Let us look at some examples to see how important it is to remain positive in life. Who can be negative for very long? Almost anyone you will meet!

I know this from experience because I have made this lesson real by living it myself. When I was younger, I would find ways to get frustrated with things quickly.

My parents would sometimes call me “negative Nancy” due to my slow start in getting motivated about doing things. But as I grew up, that changed.

As I said before, being passionate comes naturally to some people, but not everyone has that gift. If you do though, go out effort into showing it more often than not!

Why? Because being happy and having passion for something makes other people want to be part of it!

People who are like yourself already have what you wanted, so they will help you succeed if you give them opportunity to join you in your goal. Plus, they might just feel inspired themselves after witnessing your enthusiasm.

Understand passion is not good for your health

how is passion become good and evil

We often think of passionate people as strong, powerful individuals. People who are very energetic and motivated to accomplish their goals. This perception of passionate people comes mostly from watching TV, movies and reading books about overachievers that have successful careers and lives.

This understanding of passionate people is unfortunately very skewed. It is important to understand that being too passionate can be harmful.

When we are overly enthusiastic or engaged about something, it becomes more difficult to put energy into other things. This applies both in work and in personal life.

By having less interest in other areas, you will lose focus and motivation there as well. You become “passionless” in those areas.

In addition to this, excessive enthusiasm can sometimes lead to actions that are negative or damaging. These behaviors are usually called passions, but they are always bad.

Examples include addiction, violence, and self-destructive actions. All three of these examples are clearly unhealthy emotions that influence how someone functions every day.

Always assume your audience is intelligent

how is passion become good and evil

Sometimes people get really passionate about something- usually an idea or concept. But instead of using their passion to motivate them, they use it as a justification for being bad.

This happens all too often with politics. Someone may be very pro-capitalist, for example, so they argue that capitalism has not worked in places such as India because it does not work for everyone.

Or maybe someone is very religious and uses this as a reason to spread hate towards non-religious individuals and groups. Or perhaps someone is extremely patriotic and uses this as a excuse to do things like destroy international trade agreements.

These are just some examples of how passion can turn into evil. And it’s totally unnecessary! There are only two reasons why anyone would want to hurt other people, and it’s because they think those people are wrong and they themselves are right.

That doesn’t make them smart, it makes them egoistic.

Be consistent

how is passion become good and evil

Consistency is one of the most important qualities in being passionate. You need to be consistently enthusiastic about something for it to win you over as a follower or investor. Being passionate about things that do not work will only confuse people, and investing is already pretty confusing as it is!

If your favorite movie maker goes off-topic every other episode by talking about how great Netflix is then maybe it’s time to look elsewhere. Or if their next project sounds like a way to make money fast we probably should pass.

With all due respect to those who are passionate about making money quick, there are better ways to do it than creating expensive distractions that cost lots of money. And there are definitely more ethical ways to go about it.

But unfortunately, even though they're not very good ideas, many people feel so passionately about them that they can’t help but invest in them. It's hard to stick up for someone when you yourself are being ripped off, but that's what you'll have to do sometimes.

Develop your passion

how is passion become good and evil

We are passionate about what we love, so it makes sense that if you want to achieve something, you will need to feel like you are passionately investing in this thing.

If you’re not invested in what you are doing, then you won’t really try hard or spend much time on it. You will give up easily and without putting too much effort into it, you will fail.

On the other hand, when you do have strong passions, you will keep going even though you don’t feel very well. You will put in more effort than anyone else, which is why people with strong passions usually succeed.

Many successful people were never truly “proud” of their success, but they felt a constant pull towards achieving more, creating new things and moving forward. This push came from within and was always there.

It's your inner self telling you that you deserve better than this, you're worth more than this.

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