How Is Passion Become Good Or Evil

November 29, 2022

Have you ever noticed that there are always stories of people who spent their lives working in an industry with little to no success? Sure, they may have enjoyed it at one time, but as they grew older they could not stand being part of the system every day and so they changed industries or jobs completely.

They was probably passionate about what they were doing before, but as they burned away all the ‘bad’ energy by changing careers, they found a new passion.

That is why we should consider spending your life in a field you love to be essential for happiness. If you feel trapped in an office setting, find something else to do!

There are many ways to make money while keeping yourself happy. You do not need to stay in an environment where you are surrounded by people just like you to enjoy yourself.

This article will talk about some easy ways to add more depth to your career and personal life. These tips will focus on how to increase your passion for the job you already have, and develop new passions.

Cultivate passion

how is passion become good and evil

We’ve already discussed how important it is to find your passion and how this impacts you emotionally and psychologically. Now, we can talk about why it matters in the bigger picture of life.

By bringing more passion into your daily life, you will begin changing yourself for the better. You will start living a healthier lifestyle that benefits your physical health, mental health and social well-being.

You will also spend less time chasing after things that are not satisfying to you and instead invest your energy in activities that bring you joy.

Furthermore, as mentioned before, passion is a motivating force. It can provide you with enough motivation to pursue something you want or need.

If someone you love needs help, you may be motivated to do anything to save their life. Or if you believe in an ideology, like feminism or environmentalism, you may be passionate about promoting it.

There are many ways to feel passionate about different things, so don’t try to suppress those feelings.

Instead, use your passions to motivate you and contribute towards improving other people’s lives. -Sara Mokrydgeine

Good passion comes from within – it is natural and productive. Negative passions (suchas prejudiceor hatred) are sometimes necessary at times, but they are not healthy. They are usually situational and short lived.

Become a person of passion

how is passion become good and evil

We are often more influenced by what we look at and how we process information than we realize. This is why people who watch lots of violent television programs can become aggressive, criminals.

We’re constantly exposed to messages and examples that influence our behavior and perception of life. Messages about success come across in every area of society — from TV, movies, magazines, music, and conversations with others.

These messages shape how you think about yourself, your role in society, and the world around you. They also inspire feelings and behaviors.

For example, someone who watches a lot of action-packed films will likely develop an attitude or “style” of violence. A person who reads many books on psychology will learn about the importance of emotions for mental health.

In other words, everything around us has an effect on us. It shapes who we are and helps determine whether we feel good about ourselves and want to keep going or not.

Passion is just another feeling so it makes sense it would have an impact on us. But like any emotion, strong passions can go too far if they’re allowed to grow longer than needed.

Follow your instincts

how is passion become good and evil

There are two things that seem to go hand in hand with passion. One is good, one is not.

The thing that seems to accompany passionate behavior is goodness. You’ll notice people who are really passionate about something — music, sports, politics, you name it — they’re usually very moral. They’re loyal individuals who believe in what they promote and want to see others enjoy and succeed from an educational or athletic standpoint.

But while most people agree that being passionate can be motivating and helpful, there’s another side to this story.

Just as some people gain strength by eating junk food, some people develop bad habits by engaging in behaviors that feel irresistible but are harmful. Sometimes these impulses become more powerful than rational thought.

In fact, research suggests that many unethical actions we think of as “bad” actually come down to nothing more than a lack of desire to refrain from doing something we find tempting.

When we’re no longer able to resist performing an action even though we know it’s wrong, then we’ve crossed the line into inappropriate behavior. This is why someone may keep chewing through their wallet after learning how much money they have left, or stick their hands in an oven despite feeling hot.

They’re unable to control themselves once the impulse takes over.

Know when to fight and when to surrender

how is passion become good and evil

We spend our lives trying to feel passionate about everything, but there are times where giving in is the better choice. There are things that you will just never feel passion for; it is like feeling hungry for food that you know does not taste good.

If you have ever noticed that you can’t seem to get yourself excited about something, then try to find out why. It could be because it has run its course or because something newer has taken over your heart.

Surrendering to what feels right is an important lesson in life. You will lose parts of your self as time goes by, but that is totally okay!

You will learn to appreciate other areas of your life that you now have room to devote your energy to. Who knows? You might even create new passions later in life.

Stay positive

how is passion become good and evil

A passion that continually brings you joy is good, but a passion that is not balanced with kindness is sometimes considered evil.

Many people develop strong emotions about things that are beyond their control. These powerful feelings can motivate them to do bad things, or keep them stuck in unhappy situations.

Some examples of this include someone who becomes invested in an argument that they are wrong in, or someone who gets overly passionate about an exercise program or diet plan that doesn’t work for them.

There was a young girl I heard about once whose family moved around a lot when she was little, which caused her to feel like she didn’t have much connection to anyone. She grew up feeling like she knew very few kids her own age, and even those she did know disappeared quickly.

When she would ask why everyone seemed to lose interest in being friends after she became more involved, her parents would tell her it was because they had other interests and hobbies they wanted to pursue. This only made her more curious, and she would try harder to find out what these were by asking questions.

She eventually found out that some of these others enjoyed spending time together less because they got tired of each other easily, and lost interest before anything really significant happened. This left her feeling sad and alone, just like before.

Look at the big picture

how is passion become good and evil

In other words, don’t get distracted by what isn’t going well and that lack of motivation to do things you want to be done.

Instead, focus on what you want to achieve and how to go about achieving it. When something doesn’t work out, find another way to accomplish your goal or give up on this one.

It may sound obvious, but making progress takes time so don’t rush through those steps! Take your time and stick to your plan.

You will not make as much progress if you are always chasing after what you wanted the last time and giving up when you fail to reach that goal. This will only hold you back and prevent you from moving forward.

Think about what has worked for you in the past and apply these strategies to new goals.

Being passionate means being aggressive

how is passion become good and evil

We’ve talked before about how passion is typically seen as good, but that perception is heavily influenced by our culture.

In this culture, we are taught to think of people who are passionate as strong willed or even violent. It seems like there is a link in our society between passion and something negative.

That isn’t true though! Having passion is just like any other trait — it is your personality quality. Just because someone else may associate passion with something bad doesn’t mean they are wrong.

It can be difficult to distinguish whether someone is passionate or not when you only see them once or twice a year.

But if you have ever watched a person work really hard for their goal then noticed all the ways they seemed excited about it, you would know what I am talking about.

Being passionate means being disruptive

how is passion become good and evil

We’ve discussed before how passion is usually either good or evil, but what if it goes beyond that? What if there were times when your passion is so strong that it becomes something else?

This happens when your passions become attached to things that are not necessarily good for you. A major example of this would be someone who is very invested in football playing as hard as they can every Sunday.

That person might watch games even when they know their team will lose because they are too focused on cheering on their favorite players. They may start watching sports more closely to see who these players are supporting and why.

Another instance of this happening is with people who eat junk food constantly. They may love how satisfying it makes them feel, but at the same time, it could be making them fat and possibly sick.

Passion, intensity, and engagement of activities like those two examples mentioned above are great and we should admire them, but we need to make sure our habits are balanced with other things.

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