How Is Passion Fruit Chocolate Made

November 29, 2022

What is passion fruit? The name may sound weird, but it’s actually quite simple to make this delicious chocolate! It’s just dried passion fruits mixed into melted chocolate.

Passion fruits are in fact not berries at all; they're seeds from a tropical plant that grows in warm climates. They have a tangy flavor similar to a ketchup or tomato taste. Because of this, they can be added directly to recipes or used as an ingredient for other foods.

They can even be eaten raw like tomatoes, although this isn't recommended since they contain a high amount of acidity. Luckily, drying them out removes most of the natural acid content. When adding dried passion fruits to food, it's important to note how much you put in. Just one little bit can add some interesting texture and flavor!

Many people enjoy eating passion fruits after baking with them because their skin adds some crunch to the bread or cookie.

The fruit is processed into puree

how is passion fruit chocolate made

The passion fruits are de-seeded, then their juice is extracted to make an intense chocolate liquid. This can be done via manual process or using pre-made machines.

Once it is all mixed in with the melted cocoa butter and bitters, the mixture goes through a cooling process before being poured into molds. If you wanted to try your hand at making your own chocolate, this would be a good starting point!

The most important thing to remember when making chocolate is that only cold liquids will set up. To have solid pieces of chocolate, you must use completely cool ingredients.

The puree is combined with other ingredients

how is passion fruit chocolate made

After the chocolate mixture has set, the next step is to add in the passion fruit purée. This can be done at any stage of baking or mixing! Depending on your preference, you can either mix it into the melted chocolate before cooling down, or you can let it cool first and then blend in.

The amount of passion fruits needed will vary depending on how sweet you want the final product to be.

The mixture is heated

how is passion fruit chocolate made

After the milk has been poured in, the next step is to add the passion fruit puree. As mentioned before, these berries are full of antioxidants and flavor! When adding the passion fruits into the chocolate, make sure you do it slowly as they tend to set quickly so that you have no pieces of fruit or gel in your finished product.

The ratio of one part passion fruit purée to four parts melted chocolate can be mixed together and then poured onto a chilled baking sheet. Once dry, roll each bar in coconut or salted butter to taste. Cut into bars and store in an air-tight container until used.

After trying our recipe for homemade passion fruit chocolate, let us know what kind(s) of recipes you create in the comment section below! You can also find me on social media sites like my Instagram @heycarolinec where I upload culinary pictures and videos every week.

The mixture is poured into molds

how is passion fruit chocolate made

After the chocolate has set, the dried fruit is scooped out. This can be done with either spoonfuls or using a knife to scrape it off.

The leftover pulp that remains is then mixed together in a blender until smooth. You may want to add some sweetener at this stage to make it more palatable.

The mixture of passion fruits and chocolate mix is then spread onto baking sheets and allowed to dry. Once it is dry, it is put in an oven and melted down.

The mixture is frozen

how is passion fruit chocolate made

This process is quite simple, as most of the ingredients are already mixed and prepared when you begin to stir them in together. By adding these melted chocolate chips into the passion fruit puree, it creates an incredible dessert that people will talk about!

This recipe can easily be adjusted depending on how much chocolate you want in your pudding. You can add more chocolate chips or take out some to make it lighter. Decide what balance looks best for you!

Another tip if you like very sweet desserts is to use slightly less sugar than we used in this recipe.

The mixture is put into gelatin

how is passion fruit chocolate made

When the chocolate has fully set, it is mixed with vanilla powder and passion fruit puree to create your dessert drink!

The texture of this beverage is perfect because the gel in the middle helps give you some body to the drink while also mixing in all of the other flavorings. It is very popular to add strawberries or raspberries to make it more interesting.

This drink can be sipped directly or poured over something so that it sets and adds an extra layer to the drink.

The mixture is combined with other ingredients

how is passion fruit chocolate made

After adding in the chocolate, cream, and passion fruit puree to create the base flavor, it is mixed together. Once mixed, this new liquid is placed into an oven where it can slowly melt down and combine into one sweet treat!

The process of how passionate food producers make their chocolates may seem simple at first, but there are lots of different components involved. Some of these include importing raw materials, experimenting with recipes, and keeping records of everything for later use.

The mixture is poured into a chocolate coating

how is passion fruit chocolate made

In South America, passion fruit grows in abundance during summer months. This plant produces a unique tangy liquid that can be used in many recipes. It is called passionfruit puree or simply passion fruit.

The most common way to use passion fruits is as an ingredient in something like plain yogurt or ice cream. When this recipe is mixed together with milk and sugar, it becomes what we know as yogurty dessert.

However, adding some melted chocolate and baking it will give you another delicious treat!

This article’s purpose is to show how easy it is to make your own passion fruit chocolate bar. And if you are looking to add some extra flavor to your bars, you can easily do so by altering the ingredients or method.

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