How Is Passion Fruit Grown

December 20, 2022

Passion fruit is one of the most well-known fruits in the world. It grows in thick, fuzzy leaves that sprout off a stem. These leaves grow tall and then drop down to begin growing new leaves or vines.

The whole process takes about six months depending on the season. When they are ready, you have to pick them when they are completely ripe. This can sometimes be tricky as passion fruits will not always set correctly if picked too early!

There are several ways to prepare passion fruits. The way you choose to eat them makes a difference in how much flavor and texture they contain. Some people like them raw while others prefer them sweetened.

Some recipes call for both types of passion fruits so it really does depend on what kind of eater you are! What is important though is knowing where your passion fruits come from.

Many do not know where their passion fruits came from nor who grew them. Many large corporations use migrant labor which means workers are hired and fired at any time. They may even be paid poorly or not at all.

This article will talk more in depth about how passion fruits are grown, what varieties exist, and some potential impacts of using migrant laborers to do it.

Watering passion fruit plants

how is passion fruit grown

While most people might not know how to water their new plant, watering your passion fruits is an easy process! Luckily, it is very straightforward and does not require any special equipment or expertise.

Water your passion fruit plants every other day for at least six hours per session. This can be done in the morning before work, in the afternoon after work, during lunch, or anywhere else that works for you.

Make sure to give each vine a good amount of water so that they are completely absorbed and their roots grow properly.

As mentioned earlier, make sure to only water once a week as this could cause growth problems. Also, make sure to let the vines dry out between sessions to prevent disease from setting in.

Sunlight passion fruit plants

how is passion fruit grown

Like most fruits, passion fruits are grown in sunny conditions to produce their delicious flavor. But what kind of sunlight is needed to grow your passion fruits?

Regular sun light that has some UV rays in it is necessary for plant growth. However, you should be careful not to expose the vines to too much sun as this could cause them to dry out and burn!

There are two ways to use natural sunlight to grow your passion fruits. One way is to put plastic or paper sheets over the vine to block direct sunlight. The other method is to grow under florescent lights which give off less ultraviolet radiation than normal sunlight.

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Care of passion fruit plants

how is passion fruit grown

As we mentioned before, passion fruits are not grown in soil, so they do not need frequent waterings or strong growing conditions. That is why it is important to check your plant care instructions thoroughly!

If you notice signs of yellowing leaves or browned leaf tips, cut off a piece of the peel to see if it turns white and soft. If it does, then soak the plant in some distilled vinegar for around one hour and repeat this process every other day until the leaves recover and grow back thicker and darker.

Another way to determine if there has been enough rain is by looking at the moisture content of the pot.

Harvesting passion fruit

how is passion fruit grown

While most people associate passion fruits with eating them, they are actually grown for their lovely flavor! The taste comes from the acidic pulp that surrounds the seed. This can be eaten like a citrusy piece of flesh or pressed to obtain liquid that can be mixed into drinks or used as a medicine.

Passionfruit is one of the highest acid producing foods known and this helps in digestion and skin care. When harvesting passion fruit, make sure to only pick those that are fully ripe so that you get the best tasting juice.

When the fruit starts to dry out, it has reached its season and will not produce any more juices. Depending on your harvest time, different plants grow at different times of year which allows for some growth and then resting before picking again.

How to can passion fruit

how is passion fruit grown

Canning fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to preserve them for future use. While there are several types of cans, most processed foods have salt as an ingredient. This does not apply to canned passion fruit!

Passion fruits contain a compound called citric acid that helps in the preservation process. When heated, this chemical changes form and becomes one part gas (carbon dioxide) and three parts liquid.

These gases help preserve the food while also creating the bright pink color of the finished product. Therefore, when buying passion fruit, make sure it is de-seeded and if possible, check its pH to see if it has been dried already.

Popular varieties of passion fruit

how is passion fruit grown

Almost every part of the passion fruit plant is used for something! The leaves are dried and made into an oil that is put through various tests to determine its effectiveness as a skin care product.

The seeds, or fruits themselves, are most often mixed in with yogurt and consumed either raw or cooked. When eaten this way, it takes some time to work due to the texture but they are worth it!

Some people cook the flesh like guacamole or make jam out of it.

How to grow passion fruit

Now that you have your planting area all prepared, it is time to start growing your passion fruits! First, prepare some water for the plants by filling a pot half-way up with filtered water.

The passion fruits will require around one cup of sugar per plant, so make sure to add this into the soil properly about two weeks before the fruits begin to form.

Once they are visible, test one of the fruits by pinching between your thumb and index finger. If it is slightly soft and squeezable, it has reached maturity and should be harvested!

After harvesting, let these flowers rest in the sun or under a light source until dry, then store in an airtight container.

Passion fruit plants come in many different sizes

how is passion fruit grown

Most passion fruits are berry-like fruits that grow on large tropical bushes or trees. However, there is one type of passion fruit that does not grow on a tree!

The acerola cherry grows directly from roots carried above ground. It takes five to seven years for this plant to bear its first cherries.

During this time, the passion flower will rapidly grow tall and wide. When it reaches around six feet high and two feet across, it is considered a young adult plant.

At this stage, the gardener can begin growing vegetables under the young passion frui tplant. For example, you could start planting carrots or parsnips.

When the carrot or parsnip sprouts, cut off a piece of the root about an inch thick. This part will be re-sowed into your new vegetable.

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