How Is Passion Fruit Harvested

December 20, 2022

As mentioned earlier, most people are not familiar with how passion fruits are harvested. Luckily, we have some great information here for you!

Passion fruit plants grow in clusters of around twenty to one hundred individual fruits per cluster. The fruits themselves are round or oval shaped and yellow in color when they are fresh.

As they dry down, their colors become more intense due to the chlorophyll that is retained within them. When dried down completely, the fruits turn bright red which makes them very attractive.

There are several ways that passionate growers harvest their passion fruits. Some pick all the fruits at once while others choose to start off picking few fruits and then adding onto it as the fruit grows.

This article will focus on the second way to begin harvesting your passion fruits. We will also talk about why this method is important to know before beginning to harvest your own passion fruits.

The fruit is picked when it is ripe

how is passion fruit harvested

Most passion fruits are harvested between July through September in Asia, Africa, or South America. That’s when the berries begin to ripen and expand. When they are soft and have brown spots, they can be pressed for their delicious flavor and texture!

The pods must then be cut open so that all of the seeds can be seen and removed. This process requires special equipment or expertise as you don’t want any leftover bits of flesh stuck inside the pod.

Once everything has been cleaned and dried, the pulp is processed into a purée and stored until it is needed. Take care not to add too much water while processing the pulp as this could cause the juice to become diluted and lose some of its taste.

If you love passionfruit, there are many ways to use it. You can eat it by itself or mix it into other foods.

The fruit is picked and transported to the country of export

how is passion fruit harvested

Before passion fruits can be eaten, they have to come from plants that are grown in fertile soil with ample sunlight. When they are harvested, there’s always someone hired to do it for the company.

The person harvesting the passion fruits is trained on how to pick them properly. If left unattended, not only are you wasting money, but also hurting farmers who work hard to grow their own food!

When they harvest the passion fruits, they use special nets or bags to capture each one individually. This ensures that none of the other parts of the plant contain any seeds or gel pieces that could potentially germinate and sprout elsewhere.

Passion fruit harvesting is hard work

Although passion fruits can be harvested mechanically, most people choose to do it by hand. This is due to two main reasons: efficiency and beauty.

We all have different tastes when it comes to berries and flavors, but one thing that everyone seems to agree on is how beautiful they are!

They strive to keep up this appearance with very strict standards for harvest. If you watch YouTube videos of passionate fruit harvesters, you will see them take extra care in ensuring there are no spoiled or rotten fruits.

This takes time, energy and special equipment. Therefore, unless you want your mouth to hurt from over-examining each berry, we must learn how to do it yourself.

But before you start picking, make sure to read our article: Why Should You Avoid Acne Primes?.

The fruit is picked by hand

how is passion fruit harvested

This tedious process begins with gathering lots of leaves to make way for the vines to grow higher. When these have been cleared away, then the blossoms start to appear. These are gathered as well!

As you can probably tell, there are quite a few steps involved in this process. It takes hours to get through all the stages! But if you’re passionate about passion fruits, then it’s worth your time.

The berries themselves don’t last very long once they’ve been harvested, so farmers usually them within days or even hours after picking. That means there’s not too much time to enjoy them before they go bad.

But if you love what they taste like, you can always dry or freeze them to keep them fresh longer. And yes, people do that! Some recipes require dried passion fruit zest or purées of the fruit, which is why it’s important to choose ones that aren’t overly sweet.

The fruit is picked by machine

how is passion fruit harvested

As you can probably tell, passion fruits are not pickled in acid! That would be impossible to do since they contain sweet components! When they are fresh, the juice of the passion fruits comes from the downy hairs that grow on the skin of the fruit.
As they dry out, this liquid disappears so it’s important to harvest them when they are just barely soft.

The most common way to process passion fruits is using a machine called an amba harvester. These machines use vacuum pressure to pull the peel off the passion fruit, leaving behind only the fuzzy pulp.

Amba harvesting has become very popular due to its effectiveness and low cost.

Passion fruit is processed into juice

how is passion fruit harvested

Once they are ripe, the passion fruits are de-seeded and then either juiced or mixed into other foods as a garnish or taste component. The color of the passion fruit does not affect its flavor so it can be either pure white, pink, orange, yellow, or red!

Some recipes call for only half a passion fruit per person, this depends on how much passion fruit taste you want in the recipe.

The passion fruit is dried

how is passion fruit harvested

Once they are dry, your passion fruits will need to be stored properly. If you buy them in plastic bags or containers that have holes in them, this does not work very well.
As passion fruits contain acidic components, they can cause skin irritation for individuals with sensitive skin.

Instead, choose airtight glass or ceramic containers with no sticking agents such as glue or gel. You also want to make sure there are no holes in the container where moisture could escape.

You also do not want to store them under direct sunlight as this may turn the sugar in the pulp into glucose, which would potentially spoil the taste.

General tips: remember that passion fruits retain their flavor better if you remove some of the juice before drying.

The passion fruit is canned

how is passion fruit harvested

After it is harvested, the passion fruits are either fermented or dried and then they are processed into a puree. To process the pulp, it must first be de-seeded! This can be done through hand picking and sieving, using a fork to scrape off the seeds, or using machines like those used for making yogurt.

Once all of that is done, the pulp is put into an oven and toasted until it is completely dry. Then it is mixed with sugar and water to make its delicious, sweet sauce. Depending on the size of the plant, this process may be done in batches or all at once.

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