How Is Passion Fruit Juice Made

December 20, 2022

Like most fruits, passion fruit is made of pure water and glucose (or sugar) molecules along with some other flavor compounds. However to emphasize their taste, these other chemicals must be removed or “pushed out”.

The process for doing this comes under the general term of pectin removal which includes using enzymes or acid. The two types of pectin removal that passion fruit juice uses are methylation and enzymatic degradation.

Neither type requires heat so there is no risk of burning off part of the liquid. Both require specific temperatures and time frames however, making it important to know how to prepare your passion fruit juice before you start.

Enzymatic breakdown happens when an enzyme is added into the liquid while it is still fresh. This takes longer than adding an already prepared powder because the enzyme needs to interact with the liquid and form a bond before breaking down the pectin.

Methylation occurs when a chemical agent is mixed in and then heated. Once again, this requires having proper supplies as well as knowing what temperature to use for each step.

There are several brands of passion fruit juice available nationwide, but none contain any nutritional value beyond the plain water component. As such, they can be substituted with equal parts raw water if needed!

Removing the nutrition makes the drink less effective so do not purchase one unless you will use all of its components immediately after preparing it.

Pick passion fruit

how is passion fruit juice made

The next step in passion fruit juice is to pick your favorite flavor! There are three main types of passion fruits depending on where they come from, what kind of liquid they are dried in, and how much acid they contain.

The most popular type is the white or golden-colored fuzzy one that comes from South America. These have almost no taste until you press them.

The second type is the green ones that grow in Asia and Africa. They have a tangy taste when pressed.

And then there are the yellow ones that grow in tropical climates like Brazil and Indonesia. These do not need pressing because the natural sweetness in the flesh makes it into the juice.

You should know which variety of passion fruit you want to use before buying it so that you can determine if these tips apply to you.

Blanch passion fruit

how is passion fruit juice made

The next step in processing the passion fruits is to blanche them, which means boiling them with water for a few minutes. This process removes most of the natural sugars that come from the pulp of the passion fruit.

After the blooms have been blanched, they are spread out onto paper towels to dry. Once they are dried, they can be stored in an airtight container until you use them in a recipe.

You may want to separate different color varieties of passion fruit so that you know just what to do with each one.

Juice passion fruit

how is passion fruit juice made

When berries are not in season, or you just do not feel like eating them, they can be turned into juice! Berries contain natural sugars that help promote health and skin wellness.

Passion fruits have a special compound called glycosylated flavonoids (GFs) that contribute to their flavor. These GFs work similarly to beta carotene in carrots — they bind to other molecules in your body and aid in creating healthier cells.

There are three main components of passion fruit pulp: vitamin C, phenolic compounds, and glucose. All three of these components come from the plant source used to make the juice.

As we will see, there is an easy way to make pure passion fruit juice at home. It does not require any equipment beyond a blender and pot to heat the liquid in. You also do not need to worry about raw materials going bad as it does not oxidize when heated.

Mix passion fruit juice with other juices

how is passion fruit juice made

When it comes to passion fruits, there are two main things that people usually do with them. One is to make pure passion fruit juice, and the other is to use the seeds or pulp in recipes as a flavor boost. However, you can also mix the liquid with another drink!

Mix one cup of passion fruit juice with one bottle of any other citrus-apple juice blend, and you have an excellent recipe for a refreshing mixed drink.

This drink would be perfect if you like spicy drinks, because the vinegar in the other ingredient cuts the taste of the passion fruit slightly. If you want more spice, add some honey or agave nectar to balance out the drink even more.

Add sugar

how is passion fruit juice made

Now that we have discussed how to prepare passion fruit, this article will talk about what to do with all of those sweet fruits you have harvested!

One of the most common ways to enjoy fresh passion fruit is by adding some type of liquid and then eating it like a dessert. However, there are two types of liquids you can add into the passion fruit depending on if you want it to taste more sour or sweeter.

The process for both types is exactly the same, but which one you choose changes the flavor slightly.

Add flavorings

how is passion fruit juice made

While most people know what passion fruit is, many don’t realize how to prepare it. Luckily, making passion fruit juice is very easy!

You will need: one fresh passion fruit per person you want to make the drink for, liquid glucose or sugar (we like using white sugar), water, and a blender.

Start by washing your passion fruits and removing the seeds. You can either eat them or save them in a resealable container to use later as a sweetener in things such as desserts or juicer pulp.

Once they are washed, cut the passion fruit in half and remove the peel with a paring knife. Then place the peeled passion fruit into your blender along with some water and sugar, and blend on low until you have a puree.

Serve cold

how is passion fruit juice made

Most people know that passion fruit is delicious, but many don’t realize how to prepare it correctly. Luckily, we have some great tips here for you!

Passion fruits are in fact not berries at all; they're seeds with skin attached. The skin removes easily from the flesh so there's no need to remove it unless you want to check the flavor of the juice.

The most common way to make passion fruit juice is to put the pulp in a glass container and add water. You can then blend this mixture using a blender or hand mixer and serve it directly into a drink bottle.

This method doesn't use any sugar or additives so if you like sweet drinks, this is your best bet.

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