How Is Passion Fruit Juice Made

November 29, 2022

Passion fruit is an exotic berry that grows in tropical climates. It can be consumed raw or dried, and it contains a special compound called citric acid. This acid is what makes it taste so sweet!

Some recipes require pure passion fruit juice to work properly. When baking, you have to make sure that enough of the ingredient is added so that the flavor can fully develop.

When cooking vegetables, meat, or fruits in passion fruit juice, there must also be enough liquid for the recipe to blend well with other ingredients. As such, we will going over how to make your own fresh passion fruit juice at home!

Something important to remember about passion fruit juice is that it does not set into gel form like some other citrus juices. This means that it will go bad much faster than normal liquids.

Pick your fruit

how is passion fruit juice made

When it comes to passion fruits, there are two types of juices that are prepared depending on what type of liquid you use to make the juice. If you have access to water, then the process is very simple! Simply wash the pulp and fleshy pieces of the passion fruit off, put it in a container, and add water! The water will separate some of the pure passion fruit juice from the seeds and thorns.

If you don’t have access to water, then you will need to use an additional ingredient to prepare the drink. Simpy discard the dried pulp and set aside until it can be re-hydrated, like in milk or coconut oil. Once it has been mixed into one of these liquids, the rest of the preparation steps are the same as above!

Note: Make sure to only mix the dried pulp with either milk or coconut oil, never water! This would not gel properly and could potentially cause vomiting or diarrhea.

Remove the skin

how is passion fruit juice made

Most people begin to process passion fruit by cutting it in half lengthwise and then using your hand or a spoon to scoop out the seeds and the fuzzy, white gel that surrounds them. This process can be tricky as there are very fine hairs within the gel so try to use a clean spoon each time you eat a berry!

Once you have removed the seeds and gel, you will want to wash the fruits first to prevent any stuck residue or flavorings from leaving their marks on the next ingredient.

Next, many people remove the peel of the passion fruit using either your hands or a vegetable peeler before juicing. Make sure to pull away all of the layers slowly without tearing anything else.

After removing the peel, cut the fruit into pieces and place in a medium-size blender.

Extract the juice

how is passion fruit juice made

All of those beautiful, vibrant colors you are seeing in that glass of passion fruit pulp? That’s pure passion fruit extract!

A little reminder before we move onto the process for making passion fruit juice – unless you like having your mouth tingle with slight buzzing sensations for hours along with some warm fuzzy feelings, do not drink the raw juice directly!

The liquid content of passion fruits is about one tablespoon per half cup (8 fluid ounces) of pulp. When drinking the first few drops, try heating it up first to make it more tolerable.

Heating the liquid will take away some of the flavor, but will still be edible! Some people even recommend adding sugar or other liquids so that it tastes better.

Combine the juice with other juices

how is passion fruit juice made

When making passion fruit juice, there are two main things you must remember. First, make sure to wash your passion fruits thoroughly before juicing them. Second, combine the pure passion fruit juice with another liquid such as water or plain milk so that it can be consumed easily.

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Bottle the juice

how is passion fruit juice made

Most of today’s passion fruit puree is made in large batches and then bottled. The sweet flavor of fresh, unprocessed passion fruits can sometimes be overwhelmed by other ingredients used to make the drink more vibrant. To preserve the taste and texture of the passion fruits, some food scientists add an acid such as citric or lactic acid to help stabilize the product.

Acids also have another important function: They prevent the growth of microorganisms in the bottle!

By incorporating acids into the liquid, the shelf life of the final product is extended. Although not typically needed, there may be situation where having too much acid (which will degrade the passion fruit flavor) is undesirable. If this happens, you can either use less acid, which may result in a slightly weaker drink, or no acid at all, which can potentially cause issues due to bacterial growth.

Add sugar

Now that we have done some research and preparation, it is time to make your passion fruit juice! First, you will need to prepare the pith or skin of the passion fruits. This can be done by either adding them into your juicer or using a peeler to remove this material.

Once this has been done, add the rest of the ingredients into your machine. You will want to use enough liquid to create a perfect passato-style drink, which means making about twice as much juice as what one would normally expect from an average glass of passion fruit juice!

When making the juice, pay attention to how sweet the passion fruits are before adding the other liquids. It is not necessary to taste the sweetness until later, but if needed you can do so then.

Now, when pouring the finished product into a glass, let the juice mix with the syrup for several minutes before drinking. If you start tasting the raw passion fruits immediately after mixing, that does not mean the flavor is wrong, but it may not agree with yours yet.

Add flavor

how is passion fruit juice made

When it comes to passion fruit juice, there are two main things that determine what flavors you will find in yours. One is where the passion fruits come from – whether they are dried or fresh. The other factor is how the drink is made.

The season for passion fruits is very short so most companies either dry them down and then re-hydrate with liquid or use frozen pulp. This process removes some of the taste of the passion fruit! If you want to have more pronounced fruity notes in your drink, make sure to add it when the juices are mixed together.

Drinking pure passion fruit juice can sometimes be a little dull unless you like strong citrus tastes. Adding another ingredient into the mix changes the nature of the beverage!

What type of mixer to use

You can choose to drink plain passion fruit juice, but if you wanted to add an element to it then adding something else is perfect! Water and milk can both be used as volume agents to blend in, but sugar is not!

Too much added sugar does not agree with our bodies and may contribute to weight gain. Therefore, try using natural sweeteners such as raw honey, agave nectar or coconut sugar instead! These are all low calorie and give a nice balanced sweetness.

Removing unwanted ingredients

If you are passionate about healthy eating then you will know how important it is to say goodbye to bad foods. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees.

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