How Is Passion Fruit Tea Made

December 20, 2022

Passion fruit is an exotic tropical berry that has many uses! It can be consumed raw or made into tea, juice, syrup, or compotes. The most well-known way to consume passion fruits is by biting down on the flesh and sucking out the sweet pulp.

The dried seeds of the passion fruit are also very nutritious. They contain lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamin C, and copper. When brewed with water, these nutrients in the passion fruit seed powder convert into one powerful antioxidant known as tannic acid.

Tannic acid works by binding to other chemicals in food, preventing them from interacting with each other and possibly changing their function. For example, it may prevent oxidative stress, which can damage cells, or preserve the structure and function of tissues. In some cases, it acts like the glue used to hold together pieces of a puzzle.

This article will discuss how to make your own fresh passion fruit tea at home.

The process

how is passion fruit tea made

Passion fruit tea is made from either dried or liquid passion fruits depending on how you want it to be prepared. To make dry passion fruit tea, simply add the powder form of passion fruits to your water and drink!

For more complex ways to prepare passion fruit tea, we will first discuss what ingredients are needed for making passiflourine (also known as pasilla) tea. Then, we will talk about using dried passion fruits in the recipe. Lastly, we will do something slightly different and mix both types of passion fruits together into one drink!

So, let’s get started! Read on to learn all about passion fruit tea recipes and how to make them.

The taste

All passion fruit drinks contain dried, pureed passifloornts along with sweeteners and flavorings to create their unique taste. The amount of pulp you use in making your drink can make a difference in how bold or mild its flavor is!

The color of the drink does not come from additives like cocoa powder or food colors, it comes directly from the fresh fruits used to make the tea.

Overall, most people agree that Trader Joe’s passion fruit beverage is one of the best because it contains little to no added sugar. Many say it has strong fruity notes similar to those found in true berry flavors.

And if you don’t like berries, then this drink will probably appeal to you! It’s hard to go wrong when drinking just plain water either.

Popular flavors

how is passion fruit tea made

There are many different brands that offer passion fruit tea as an infusion or drink mix. Some of the most popular flavor blends include vanilla, strawberry, citrus, and raspberry. Each of these mixes contains green passion fruits in place of water.

Vanilla passion fruit tea is probably one of the easiest to make at home. You can either purchase dried green passion fruits or soak fresh ones in your cup of tea. Both work well!

Strawberry passion fruit tea is also very common because you can easily add sugar or milk to it to taste. This tea would be perfect after eating something sweet like chocolate chip cookies or dessert pizza!

Citrus passion fruit tea is another favorite. The oils from the peel of the orange or lime help soothe dry skin and refresh the area where the skin has become wrinkled and tight. If you have a hard time sleeping due to stress, try making some passion fruit tea before bedtime.

Something important to remember about passion fruit tea is that there should be no salt added to it. It should all be natural ingredients such as cocoa powder, cream, and lemon/orange juice, just like what we discussed with our tropical zinger recipe.

Who makes it

how is passion fruit tea made

Just like any other tea, passion fruit tea is typically made in a pot or cup with water, milk, sugar, and sometimes flavorings such as lemon or pepper. If you’re adding flavors to your drink, make sure to add those first and then blend together.

The key difference between passion fruit tea and normal green tea is that instead of using plain water, people usually use distilled water when making passion fruits tea. This is because the peel of the passion fruit contains citric acid which helps preserve the beverage!

Typically, one person will prepare the tea while another adds the liquid ingredients (such as milk or water) and either stirs it or mixes it in manually.

Popular brands

how is passion fruit tea made

There are many companies that produce passion fruit tea, but not all of them use the same processes for it. Some prepare the drink by simply adding the pulp to water and letting it sit for hours before sipping. Others add other ingredients to make the drink more interesting.

Some blend the pulp with green or white tea leaves, which give the beverage some color and different flavor notes. Many mix in milk as part of the liquid needed to create the tea.

Then there are those who use the juice of the passion fruits instead of the puree! The taste is similar to that of an orange soda, and some say it has better health benefits than the plain dried powder form of the berries.

We will talk more about the differences between preparing passion fruit tea in a later section, but for now just know that you can always try making your own if you would like. It is very simple to do and takes no longer than one hour to make a batch.

Health benefits

how is passion fruit tea made

Recent studies show that passion fruit tea is rich in antioxidants and may help keep your heart healthy. Passion fruits are loaded with vitamins A, C and B-complex compounds like pyridoxine (or vitamin B6).

These antioxidant nutrients can be found in passion fruit juice or powder. Because it’s dried out, however, you have to drink it dry — otherwise, it doesn’t taste very good!

Some health experts believe eating a diet high in antioxidants can reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer. So, while drinking this delicious beverage isn’t meant to take the place of regular medical treatments for diabetes, it does offer some potential benefit if you follow it as part of a healthier lifestyle.

Drinking one cup every day is enough to see some improvement. You will want to make sure your mouth is well hydrated so you don’t feel too thirsty while you consume the passion fruit powder.

What are the ingredients?

how is passion fruit tea made

The first thing needed to make passion fruit tea is fresh or dried passion fruits. These should be cut in half and then pressed using a spoon or fork. This process removes most of the natural oils and seltzer that comes from the pulp inside the fruit!

The pressed juice can now be mixed into water and boiled for about ten minutes. After this time, the liquid needs to be strained through either cheesecloth or plain white paper towels.

You will want to gather up all of the residues and put them in a bowl or cup before adding your tea bag. When putting in the teabag, do not push it down too hard as this may break the tea ball shape!

After boiling the tea mixture, you can add additional flavorings such as raw sugar (which has been shown to help balance blood glucose) or cinnamon to taste.

Is it gluten free?

how is passion fruit tea made

While not made from wheat, there is some debate about whether or not passion fruit contains gluten. Because of this, most people consider passion fruits to be a gluten-free food item.

However, as mentioned before, when dried out, pureed berries can produce bread like flakes that are difficult to digest. This may cause issues for those who suffer from celiac disease or have an allergy to gluten.

People with such conditions should exercise caution in consuming too much passion fruit powder as they could potentially have negative side effects.

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