How Is Your Passion

January 2, 2023

Have you ever noticed that there are always people around you who seem to have their life together? They work in an area they love, they live with people they enjoy being around, and they spend time doing things they enjoy.

They made decisions based on what they wanted to do and not on what someone told them to do. They lived by their own rules and didn’t worry about what others thought of them.

It is very hard to find these people sometimes. You may feel like you don’t know if you will find them or if this thing you want to do will last so you should probably just forget about it.

I understand how difficult it can be to believe in yourself when you think no one else does. It is easy to give up and play small ball instead.

But I also remember from childhood those times when I felt passionate about something and knew it was important to me.

My parents helped me develop my passion for reading by letting me choose between going to school or staying home to read. I picked the later and still benefit from it today.

This article will talk about some ways to strengthen your passion and get help finding yours.

Recognize your passion

how is your passion

The second is to recognize your passion or what you are passionate about. You will know if something inspires you to get excited, it is probably one of your passions.

When you find yourself thinking about things that make you feel happy, energetic and motivated, then these qualities can be reflected in the thing that inspired you to feel that way.

Your passion may go through different stages. It could be when you were a kid, college, the career path, or maybe even beyond those.

It’s important to acknowledge this part of you because it helps you understand why you feel the way you do and also motivates you to pursue other parts of your life.

You will learn more about your passion as you explore it more.

Cultivate your passion

We are living in an era of casualized consumption. People spend their lives chasing what they want, not because they really care about things, but because it gives them a sense of happiness.

We have become a society that is focused more on acquiring things to make us feel better than investing in relationships that will help us feel happier within ourselves.

This is why we have people who struggle with love — they don’t know how to connect with someone else outside of buying a gift or going out for drinks once a week.

They don’t understand the value of friendship and intimacy, which are totally valid ways to enjoy life. Investing in these types of relationships is an important part of growing up.

But this doesn’t mean you should never buy anything new again! I am talking about staying in budget, spending money on experiences rather than goods, and celebrating small victories instead of big ones.

When you learn to appreciate something, you give it its true value. You admire it, not only for what it can do for you, but also for what it says about you as a person.

Externalize your passion

how is your passion

It is not enough to have a passionate relationship with something if you only do it in your room or inside of you. You must also find ways to externalize that same passion so that you can see it in action all around you.

This could be showing, promoting, or educating about your loved topic to others. It could be writing about it and publishing your writings online or on YouTube or other media sites.

It could be organizing an event or activity related to it so that people can come watch or participate. Or maybe sharing it via social media so that it spreads across digital spaces.

Your passion will eventually die off unless you give it some attention outside of yourself at least once per week. — This will keep it awake and thriving.

Internalizing your passion is very important but it’s also what makes it flicker out due to lack of sleep, stress, etc. Being able to show, promote and spend time on your inner fire takes energy which can make it fade even more quickly.

Externalizing your passion helps to prevent this from happening by giving it additional fuel.

Make it visible

how is your passion

Even if you’re not sure what your passion is, you can still do something with your life that satisfies you. You could work in an industry that makes you happy, or you could become passionate about eating dessert every day.

There are many ways to know if an area of your life is satisfying – how you feel after doing things, whether you get motivated by similar strategies, and if you feel good when you look into the mirror are some examples.

If any of these apply to music, art, cooking, reading, talking, sports — anything at all — then try experimenting with those areas. Find out what works and what doesn’t for you, and keep looking until you find something that does!

Music is a great way to learn more about yourself. What kind of songs make you feel strong, powerful, confident? Why don’t you create a playlist of those tunes? Or maybe you have a favorite song that reminds you of someone or something important to you. Try writing down lyrics to see what ideas the writer is trying to convey.

Artists use painting, sculpture, poetry – whatever medium they prefer – to express themselves. If you’ve got a knack for drawing or design, start exploring your creativity.

Cooking is another way to connect with nature and enjoy food.

Do what you love

how is your passion

We’ve already discussed how important it is to find your passion and how this changes your life, but there is another way to understand why doing what you love is so powerful.

It’s called the “flow” theory of motivation. This theory says that we are most motivated when we are in the process or flow of something we enjoy.

When we are engaged in activities we like, then even more of us feel motivated to keep going because we want to stay in our current state of mind and feeling.

We become attached to these experiences because they make us happy.

This happiness comes from within, and not from outside sources such as money or status. It can be felt directly through emotions, sensations, and insights.

Flow happens only few times per year (at best) for average people, which is one of the reasons why most of us don’t know what we really want to do with our lives.

Most of us have thoughts about what we would like to do, but we never take any action towards them. We sometimes talk about it, but we never put into practice what we said we wanted to do.

A small part of us knows what we should do, but we aren’t sure if this is enough to motivate us to get out of bed every morning.

Switch your passion on and off

how is your passion

Changing your career path is very possible if you are passionate about something. You can start by trying out different careers in the field that inspired that passion. For example, I would never have thought of myself as an entrepreneur or business owner before I started my company.

But after experiencing what it was like to run my own show for just one year, then launching another successful website with over 1 million monthly visitors, I know I could eventually make this work!

If you’re not sure whether these new career paths are for you, don’t worry! There are many ways to test the waters.

You can work part time for several years in a profession, take some courses, and/or launch your own side hustle – all from within your current job. Or you can go full-on into a related field such as marketing or finance to see how those jobs fit you.

The best way to determine if changing professions is right for you is to do so when you're feeling relaxed and confident. If you feel stressed and overwhelmed, chances are you won't succeed.

Changing careers isn't always easy, but there are things you can do to help you get through it. Here are some tips for keeping motivated while navigating a career change.

Become a millionaire with passion

how is your passion

If you want to be rich, passionate about something is not always the first thing that comes to mind. After all, being wealthy means owning lots of things and spending money in the way of luxury goods and traveling.

But what most people don’t realize is that wealth isn’t made in the stock market or through business acumen, it’s made by those who are passionately engaged in creating products or services others need and will pay for.

A few hundred thousand dollars can sometimes make a big difference to someone’s life, which is why some entrepreneurs go into debt financing their businesses. It’s also the reason why there are so many millionaires out there whose main career was working as an accountant!

With this article, we’re going to look at 10 ways to know if your current job gives you true financial freedom- not just ‘I have a paycheck every two weeks’ freedom but ‘I get to spend my time doing whatever I want’ freedom.

Follow your passion and the money will come

how is your passion

If you are not passionate about what you do, then it is hard to enjoy what you are doing. You may also feel like you’re wasting your time since you don’t seem to be making much progress in your career.

Running an office takes a lot of patience and energy. It can take years before you get some rewards for all that effort.

But if you ever felt discouraged or tired, there is always something you can refer back to — your own passion.

Your passion is what gets you out of bed every morning and keeps you working until you reach your goal. It is what makes you happy when you finish your work.

It is probably what made you choose this profession in the first place.

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