How Long Do Passion Twists Last

December 22, 2022

Sometimes, after a long day at work or after spending time with friends, what you want to do is simply sit down and enjoy your home or bed for one or two minutes. However, it seems like your mind keeps going as you lay in bed or get into the shower or bath.

It feels like your dreams have just come true because you made space in your schedule to enjoy yourself, but now that you’ve done so you must keep doing things! You feel compelled to stay up late or wake up early the next morning to make more time for this thing you wanted to do before.

This is called passion- you know when you want something and you try hard to make time for it? It’s when you really need this small break within your life that you don’t seem to find it easily.

We sometimes forget how important these breaks are until we don’t have them anymore. This is why it is very important to give yourself permission to take short breaks every once in a while.

You will probably not feel passionate about everything you put effort into immediately, but investing in yourself by giving yourself some downtime can help you rediscover your love for things later. Let me tell you a little secret — it works.

Passion fades, but being invested in yourself doesn’t. This is an overlooked piece of advice that many people never truly apply to themselves.

Reputation risk

how long do passion twists last

It’s hard to tell how much passion people have for your product until they go up against it. You could easily be investing all of your time and energy in creating content and developing strategies, only to have nothing happen.

If you look at the statistics, most companies fail within their first year. Why? Because they don’t invest enough time into marketing their products.

And we can’t stress this enough: even though business success and failure is mostly influenced by money, it’s impossible to achieve that goal without solid marketing.

So what happens when your product doesn’t seem to get as many likes as other similar ones? That's because people aren't really invested in it yet!

It takes time to build momentum, and it takes time to determine if someone is actually going to stick with your product or not. This process will probably take months, if not years.

Believe it or not

how long do passion twists last

Sometimes, just because you’re feeling passionate about something doesn’t mean that other people will agree with you. This can be tough to bear when you’ve invested time in something, but there are several things you can do to make sure your passion is respected and heard.

It’s important to remember that even if someone seems completely opposed to what you want to do, they probably feel this way for a reason.

They could possibly have the same reasons as you — maybe it has nothing to do with them, but rather their own personal issues – so don’t take their silence as a sign of weakness.

Instead, use these opposition signs as opportunities to learn more about why someone feels the way they do. If you win over one person, then hopefully others will follow.

And while it may hurt at first, stay focused on what you really wanted to achieve.

It's all about the mind

how long do passion twists last

We constantly talk about passion as if it was an external force that can be stimulated or depleted, but it is not.

Passion is internal. It’s your mind setting onto something and experiencing strong emotions. These emotions don’t necessarily feel good, but they are totally authentic and powerful.

We sometimes get so used to feeling these passionate feelings that we no longer recognize them for what they are — just plain old habit.

When this happens, our passions die. We may still think of ourselves as passionate people, but we're not. We've made life decisions based on things other than true passion, and we suffer the consequences.

It takes time to re-learn how to recognize and enjoy your own natural passion signals. But remember, it's always available to you. You only have to look for it.

Look on the bright side

how long do passion twists last

Let’s look at an example!

I will always remember one of my very first major passion projects, which was learning to bake. I learned how to make beginner recipes like brownies and cookies and things like that, but then I got more advanced and made oatmeal raisin cookie dough balls or something crazy like that.

After I finished making all the ingredients into a mix and shaping them into balls, I had to let mine sit and set for hours until I could roll them in sugar and put them in the oven. That is why it takes so long to make baking fun – you have to wait for the chocolate chips to melt down and stick to the cookies!

It can be frustrating when you don’t find your favorite recipe quite done yet, but instead of giving up, try looking on the bright side. You could start thinking about what else you know how to do, and maybe you know someone who would help you make this new recipe better? Or maybe you can use the leftovers to feed yourself?!

Or you could search online to see if anyone has made similar recipes and get tips from those people. It might take some time, but there are lots of ways to enjoy baking once you learn how to relax and work with nature’s natural resources.

The clock is not your friend

how long do passion twists last

We always want to feel passionate about something for as long as possible, but this can be a very annoying thing. You see, the more you invest in something, the more it costs you to keep investing in it!

That’s why we sometimes get so frustrated when we have to put our passion away. It's hard to believe that something that you loved so much will one day be forgotten or even hurt feelings.

It feels like you're leaving yourself behind because you won't be able to enjoy it anymore. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though; you'll probably start looking into other things that make you excited.

But before you dive in, try thinking of what could be next - Is this really the right thing?

If you think there are better options than what you were previously doing then go with that instead. Don’t waste your energy feeling guilty for giving up something you love, just don’t feel too relaxed either.

It's all about the long term

how long do passion twists last

Let me tell you something about passion. It’s not like feeling sick or hungry, where you can enjoy it for a few minutes and then move on.

Passion is always here, waiting to take over your life.

It doesn't go away, even when you don’t feel it. You will eventually feel it again, but that won’t make it any easier to find.

You'll have to work hard to rekindle the fire, just as you would after burning out.

Embrace it

how long do passion twists last

Let’s look at another example. Suppose you were walking down the street and you saw someone laughing loudly, really laughingly. You would probably wonder why they were laughing so hard or maybe even say something to them about their funny joke.

But what if that person was crying, right now? What if they kept breaking into laughter as they cried? I think we could all agree that would be weird, don’t you?

I believe there is a similar thing happening for some people around us in our daily lives. They are showing strong signs of passion, but most of the time they cover up their emotions with humor.

They might try to make jokes when they should be talking about how much they love and care for someone. Or they could be telling a story that should have been finished years ago, and then suddenly break into hysterical laughter.

These examples show that sometimes passion can quickly run out. When this happens, it is important to recognize that these things will not last forever.

When this happens to you, remember that it is totally normal. It is okay to feel passionate for a little while, but then move on.

You do not need to explain your reasons to anyone else, only yourself.

Let it go

Sometimes you get invested in something so much that, even though you know there is no logical reason to keep investing time into it, you do anyway. You become attached to the people involved and the image the thing creates for you.

You start to feel like you have to be part of the team, like you need to use the product or service to stay relevant.

This can sometimes happen when you spend lots of time working on something that someone else gave you to manage – they entrusted you with their company logo, website and products!

It can also occur if you’re constantly messaging people about the product to gain their support and momentum for marketing campaigns.

When you let these things drop, you lose nothing but may find another passion project later on. Don’t waste your energy keeping things from falling apart - invest in things that are worth leaving behind.

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