How Long Does Passion Fruit Take To Grow

November 28, 2022

As we mentioned before, passion fruits are fruit! They are not too difficult to make or grow, but they take some time to develop properly as plants. That is why it is important to know how long it takes for them to bear fruit!

There are two types of passion fruits that people usually talk about when mentioning this information- sun dried and fresh. It seems like every person has a different recipe for both of these so there is no true way to say how many days their fruit will be ready.

However, we can give you an average number! If you would like to know more about either type of passion fruit then check out our article dedicated to them!

If you wanted to know how long it takes to grow your own passion fruit plant then this article may help! We will go over various factors such as seed germination, growing tips, and what temperature is best for growth.

Then, you will need to choose the location of your passion fruit plant

how long does passion fruit take to grow

This is an important part as not choosing the right place could mean that it does not grow well or even dies. Your plants needs direct sunlight to thrive and dry soil can also be a factor in growth.

If you are having trouble finding a space for your passion flower plant, try looking around your home or house. A kitchen island, a shelf, or maybe under a table would make a perfect spot!

And remember, keep an eye on it daily! If you notice it drooping, give it some water immediately.

Lastly, you will need to pay attention to the climate of your passion fruit plant

how long does passion fruit take to grow

Climate is a large factor in how quickly your passion fruits bear crops and grow leaves. If the air around your plants are warm, they may not produce as many seeds or smaller size berries.

Climate can have an effect on when your passion fruits start to sprout leaves and begin growing. Make sure your plant gets enough sunlight which helps it develop strong stems and leaves.

Once you have all of that figured out, passion fruit plants take anywhere from 1 to 4 years to start producing fruit

how long does passion fruit take to grow

Even though it may seem like there is not much going on with your plant during this time frame, rest assured they are still thinking about how to grow!

As it takes so long for passion fruits to mature and produce fruit, there are many things you can do to make sure they get the help they need in that department.

You can check out our article here on tips for growing passion fruit. But what really helps is investing in a good gardening stool.

A gardening stool will be needed when it comes time to harvest your berries. You want to try and choose one that is sturdy but comfortable, as you will be sat down with it for several hours at a time.

Some people prefer kneeling stools over sitting ones, so those are better alternatives than a tall bar stool.

Some plants take longer than others

how long does passion fruit take to grow

What’s the difference between quickly growing fruits and vegetables and those that don’t? The short answer is passion fruit!

Passion fruit takes around 6 months to grow, so they are not a quick crop. But because it takes so long for them to mature, people tend to admire them more.

When you eat a passion fruit, all of the juices come out when it is ripe. This makes it taste better due to the balance of acid and sugar. It also helps make it thicker since there is skin involved.

Some say that eating too many passion fruits can be harmful because of this thick consistency. However, most people agree that once you get past the first few bites, it does not matter much anymore.

You may need to keep an eye on your plant for the first year

how long does passion fruit take to grow

If you are still looking two months later, then perhaps passion fruit is not your thing! There’s nothing wrong with that though because it takes time to develop this relationship.

Most plants will take one season to truly show their true colors so if you want to give up eventually, feel free to do so. But giving up after the initial setting-up period is like buying a new pair of shoes and never wearing them before sale week.

You can always come back and try again next spring or summer, but investing in another batch now would be wasting money.

Hopefully by now you have learned how to identify if passion fruits are trying to die so you can save some seeds or start anew.

When it starts to fruit, you get to enjoy delicious passion fruit

how long does passion fruit take to grow

As with all fruits, depending on the variety, season, climate, soil quality, and proximity to other crops or land, they can take anywhere from months to years before fully ripe. However, most varieties will bear its first batch of berries within about six weeks!

Some say that once it begins producing fruit, it keeps going until it is completely exhausted. This is not true, however. Once it has run out of energy to keep ripening new pieces of fruit, it stops producing totally.

Enjoy this fruit while you can

how long does passion fruit take to grow

As we mentioned before, passion fruits are not cheap! They can cost around $10 per one pound. That is expensive if you do not like them!
therefore, it is important to enjoy your taste test of a passionfruit as soon as possible after buying it!

As they say, better late than never! Luckily for you, there are some tricks to help make sure that you will get the most out of your passionfruit experience.

Keep your passion fruit plant healthy

Like any other plants, passion fruits will not grow well if they do not get enough water and sunlight. This can be tricky at times because passion fruits are very sensitive!

If you notice your passion fruit drooping or looking pale and listless, give it some extra love by watering it and adding more light.

Never let it go longer than an hour without those needed nutrients and rest time in between drinks. You can also hold it up with a bowl or plate so it does not sit directly on the surface.

Because passion fruits have thick skin, check that there is no liquid seeping through under the peel. If there is, apply additional sealant until it disappears.

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