How Long Does Passion Last

December 29, 2022

When you are passionate about something, it can consume your life. You will constantly be thinking about it, talking about it, and investing time in it. This is how most people feel about their jobs.

But if this passion is not reciprocated then it can become frustratingly boring for you. And us? We want to stay motivated!

It’s hard to keep feeling enthusiastic when you spend all of your time doing things that you have no interest in.

So, how long does passion last? Well, like everything else, it depends. On what? On yourself, obviously!

If you believe in something then go out and do things because of that belief instead of being doing them because they are popular or fashionable.

And don’t compare your own experiences with others – we all have different personal strengths and weaknesses so why put pressure on yourself to fit into someone else’s mold.

Don’t worry about whether other people think you should be passionate about this thing, just pick a way to enjoy it and lose the rest. It’s your life, your effort, and your money — use it wisely.

This article will talk about some ways to increase your passion for whatever you care about.

Lessons learned

how long does passion last

We’ve now got to the part where we talk about how long passion lasts. This is an important lesson because it can get confused with love.

Love is always changing, evolving, and moving away from you if you don’t do anything or are no longer willing to be something for someone else. It’s like when your best friend gets married and you realize that you would be more comfortable being friends with her instead of romanticizing past relationships.

Passion, however, doesn’t have this trick up its sleeve. If there is no passion, then nothing happens.

If you want to experience passionate love, you need to work on it consistently. You will never feel passionate about one person for very long unless you make an effort to show them respect and appreciation every time they deserve it.

The influence of passion

how long does passion last

We spend our lives trying to feel passionate about everything – from people to things to experiences, etc.

It’s easy to run out of things that you don’t like and can’t stand, but what if we were able to find something we didn’t like, but still wanted to do?

We wouldn’t necessarily want to go into it with motivation to try harder or work more hardily on it, but instead we would be motivated by something else.

That something else is desire.

Desire is why someone does something. They may not fully understand how their goal was influenced by desire, but subconsciously they know.

If someone goes into a job they hate because they want to make enough money to satisfy their need for personal success, then we can assume that part of their decision making process included desire.

They wanted this thing (money) very badly and thus worked towards getting it.

What is passion?

how long does passion last

We often talk about passionate people, but what does that really mean? Many think it means someone who is very enthusiastic or energetic most of the time. It’s not!

Passion is much more than just being motivated by something. That’s called motivation.

It's having an intense emotional attachment to something.

That thing can be like learning how to write your autobiography, listening to music you have grown attached to, investing in a stock market portfolio, or reading a good book.

It can be anything that takes your mind off other things and brings you some sense of peace.

What is it based on?

how long does passion last

We sometimes get so focused on having more money, owning a house, being surrounded by lots of things that have a label attached to them (such as ‘business owner’ or ‘husband and father,’), that we forget about what matters most in our lives.

We become too focused on external markers like this that create an illusion of success.

It's easy to start thinking that once you reach those milestones you will feel successful. You'll probably feel some sort of internal satisfaction, but that is only half of the equation.

You must also find fulfillment from within yourself before you can call yourself successfully living your life.

External achievements are great, but they're not enough. They may help prove to yourself and others that you've got a handle on life, but they won't necessarily make you happy for very long.

That's why it's important to identify what makes you happy, and stick to those — even if it means changing something else.

There are many things that can cause passion

We’ve already discussed some of these causes, like when needs come inordinate attention or if you feel your life is passing you by. But there are other reasons why passions die a quiet death.

Many people lose interest in something because it becomes too expensive or time consuming to be engaged in it.

It costs money to follow sports teams or clubs, for example. Or you have to devote time to research or studying lessons, products or services related to the thing you want to engage in.

There may also be practical limitations such as where you can go to play the game, or how accessible the equipment or resources needed to pursue the goal are.

Another reason might be due to changes in yourself or the environment.

There are also many things that can cause passion to last

how long does passion last

We’ve discussed before what makes up your passion, but there is one more important factor in how long your passion will last — how long you want it to last.

If you never feel passionate about something, then even if it gives you lots of joy, you will eventually lose interest. This could be because you don’t like the thing enough or you don’t want to spend time on it, but more likely because you want to move onto the next thing.

That would not only waste your energy, but it could make you unhappy later when you realize you left this potential source of happiness behind.

There are times when passion is right

how long does passion last

Sometimes, however, passion can be wrong. When this happens, it is important to recognize that your passion has crossed the line into the domain of hurtful behavior.

When this occurs you need to stop what youare doing and evaluate if there is another job or other life situation that can satisfy you more than your current one. Yours may have become too intense and unbalanced. It’s time to make changes.

You should consider yourself lucky most people don’t know how to manage their own passions. If they did, we might all be running around in burning houses with guns!

It takes great self-control to extinguish a fire, but it must be done for health to prevail.

There are also times when passion is wrong

how long does passion last

Sometimes, even if you feel passionate about something, it’s still wrong to pursue it. You may be investing your energy in something that doesn’t deserve it.

There are many reasons why this can happen. For example, maybe you’re invested in someone who isn’t willing to invest in you. Or, you could be pursuing a goal that feels wrong because it's not aligned with your morals or lifestyle choices.

It might seem hard at first to know when things aren’t worth our time, but I’ve got some tips for you!

Here are 6 signs that it’s time to make changes in the way you spend your time. If you notice any of these in yourself or others, chances are there’s a lot more passion than you think.

1) You feel overwhelmed most of the time.

You start every day by saying “I have no idea what my job is today,” says psychologist Kristen Neff. That’s how most people begin their days anyway – they wake up without a clear mission.

So instead of deciding whether you'll work on your career next, she suggests changing the word "job" to "goal." A career isn't just one thing, it's an overarching goal that requires several different types of tasks.

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