How Much Are Tickets To The Passion Play In Oberammergau

December 14, 2022

The passion play is an event that has become very popular throughout the world. It is not only entertaining, but also teaches us about Christianity and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Not many people know how much money it can cost to attend this performance!

The passion play takes place every five years at the Easter season in Oberammergau, Germany. This town will be completely overrun by tourists during these performances, making it difficult for locals to find housing and work. Many towns close down due to the amount of visitors coming into their area.

Luckily, there are ways to spend less money on attending the play if you are aware of them. Reading our list below will help ensure you enjoy this event without spending too much money!

~ What is the passion play?

The passion play is a dramatic reading of the story of the life of Jesus told through music and dance. Audience members usually sit or stand with blankets and pillows to get comfy as they listen and watch. Some even bring their own snacks and drinks since everything is provided free.

This does add up though because guests are given plastic utensils which must then be cleaned later. There is also a large amount of food and drink sold at the venue, making it expensive to stay connected while listening.

It is important to research what the average costs are to see the play so that you do not waste your hard earned money.

History of the Passion Play

how much are tickets to the passion play in oberammergau

The story of the Stations of the Cross is one that has been told many times before. It’s an incredible testament to the power of storytelling, which is why it continues to be re-told across cultures and eras.

The first person to tell this stories was Saint John the Evangelist, who wrote his accounts during the time of Jesus’ life. He described how Christ walked through towns telling people about His love for them while carrying the cross as punishment for their sins.

These narratives were then translated into other languages and spread around the world. Many still exist today!

It is very probable that the pilgrims at the present day play have never heard these old stories with their own ears, but they have probably seen pictures or films of them. This is because the Passion Play was first performed in Germany in 1827 by a priest named Joseph Neuberg.

He staged only parts of the Stations sequence and left out some of the more gruesome elements, but his version inspired later performances. Since then there have been over 40 such versions throughout Europe and beyond, including five live performance tours of all seven scenes by professionals.

Who is Oberammergau?

how much are tickets to the passion play in oberammergau

Oberammergau (“over-apple mountain”) is one of the most well known tourist destinations in Germany. It has been attracting crowds since 1699, when local artist Lucas Cranach painted his The Way To Calvary series here. Since then, it has become famous for its passion play — an annual event that sees people come together to watch a dramatic story unfold onstage.

The play tells the story of Jesus Christ’s trial before Pontius Pilate and His crucifixion. Each year, actors perform different roles, but the events always occur around the same time frame: from Palm Sunday through Good Friday and until Easter morning.

During this period, tourists can join in the celebration by attending services at the nearby church auditoriums or watching the performance taking place outside.

What will the Passion Play be about?

how much are tickets to the passion play in oberammergau

The 2019 performance of the play will focus on three main themes. These are: Jesus’ life, his teaching, and his death. In order to understand these concepts fully, it is important to know something about how he lived and what he taught.

He shared two fundamental values with everyone who met him – love one another as much as you can possibly love someone and believe that God loves all people.

By sharing both of these beliefs, he showed us how to live our lives. He gave us an example we could follow. Many Christians around the world consider him their savior so this message has meaning for them too.

His teachings focused not only on religious topics but also social issues such as equality, justice and freedom. These messages still apply to today’s society. His influence continues to grow even after more than 2,000 years since he died!

His death was very significant because it demonstrated that he loved each person enough to give up his life for them. This inspired many followers to do the same thing and to continue living his legacy by practicing unconditional love and serving others.

This article will talk more about the theme of the play and how tickets to the event relate to it. It will also discuss some things related to the topic and its significance.

How can I go see the Passion Play?

how much are tickets to the passion play in oberammergau

The next time you are thinking about going to watch the Passion play, how can I get tickets? You do not need to be very rich to attend this event! In fact, there are many ways to enjoy the play for free or at low cost.

There are several companies that organize group tours of the play during different times of the year. Some even offer accommodation while attending! If you would like to experience the passion play without spending much money, check out one of these tour groups to find out more information and register as a participant!

You also do not have to buy expensive ticketed seats either. There are often unreserved areas where you can sit and still feel part of the show.

Many people host their own private viewing of the play, which is great because they can choose the timing and area that fits them best.

Are there any discounts?

how much are tickets to the passion play in oberammergau

The next time you are planning to see the Passion play in Oberammergau, or even if you have already seen it, make sure you know about all of the discounts! There is always at least one week between each performance, which makes it easy to attend for free.

Oberammergau has an incredible passion festival tradition that goes back over 500 years! Since 1883, every year during Easter weekend, the town’s residents organize a celebration where they dress up as Jesus and his disciples and re-enact some scenes from the life of Christ.

This three to five day event includes concerts, theatrical productions, and other events. It usually starts with a candlelight procession through the streets, followed by more than two hours of entertainment per stage.

There is always at least one music concert, such as a flute performance or an organ recital. One production often features dancing and singing, while others include live animals or water effects. Many performances take place in open areas, making it possible to watch everything outdoors.

If you want to experience the full program, then you will need to buy a ticket. But don’t worry because this article has lots of information about how much the tickets cost, and whether or not there are discount coupons available.

What are the best times to go?

how much are tickets to the passion play in oberammergau

The most popular time to visit Oberammergau is during the week, when many of the attractions are closed or have reduced operating hours.

This is because there are less people around so it’s easier to enjoy all the sites fully.

Weekends can be very busy though as the area gets packed with tourists. This isn’t always great if you want to experience the tranquility of the site.

There are several different days at which you could visit the play, but our top pick is Thursday or ‘Pay-What-You-Can Day’. This happens every year on either April 6th or May 4th and anyone can attend this for free!

Why is this day such a big deal? Because almost everyone in town attends this event together, paying what they can get their hands on. People bring food and drinks to share and donations are usually plentiful.

Many locals even organize a party outside one of the theaters after the performance to celebrate the success of the event.

Is it safe to go?

how much are tickets to the passion play in oberammergau

The most recent news about attending this year’s passion play comes from last week, when there were reports of at least one death related to the event. This is very unfortunate as people travel great distances to see this show every year.

There have been no confirmed deaths linked directly to watching the play, but many suffer heart-related health issues due to their pre-existing medical conditions or stress incurred while waiting for the play to begin.

It is important to know that although these incidents are tragic, they are extremely rare. Medical experts agree that such events are almost impossible unless something goes wrong with the production or the venue.

A few years ago, there was an incident where someone suffered cardiac arrest just outside the theatre before the performance began. But again, it must be noted that there is not much you can do if this happens during the show, except hope for a quick recovery.

This article will talk more about potential risks involved in attending the play and what you can do to prevent complications.

What should I wear?

how much are tickets to the passion play in oberammergau

The first thing you need to know about attending the play is that there are no formal performances. This means you do not have to dress up for any of the events, with few exceptions. However, it is helpful to be aware of what items people wore during past performances so you can determine if this is something your budget allows for.

There are two reasons for this. One is that most attendees bring their own clothing or dressed-up clothes they plan to wear outside the theater, which they switch out for casual attire once inside. The second is that some event organizers ask guests to pack light as part of the cost of attendance.

Fortunately, there are many ways to enjoy the performance without having to invest in new wardrobe pieces. Many churches and organizations around the area hold charity screenings every year where you get free admission!

To avoid spending money at the play, start planning ahead by buying cheap tickets online well in advance. That way, you will have time to find inexpensive merchandise to use as decorations and/or physical representations of yourself at the play.

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