How Much Is A Passion Tea Lemonade At Starbucks

December 22, 2022

If you love making drinks, then how much is a passion tea lemonade at starbucks is not a great question to ask yourself. The cost of creating their most popular drink has got people talking though!

The price of an average size order of their passion fruit green tea with lemon juice is TWO DOLLARS! Two dollars per drink seems expensive until you compare it to some other beverages.

A tall latte is also two dollars, so if you are drinking one every day, that adds up quickly. Plus, they charge extra for sugar!

If you want to make this famous drink at home, you can easily do it for less than half a dollar per drink! You will need a blender, lemons, green tea bags, milk, and sugar, but beyond that, everything else is free!

Making your own passion tea lemonades is a perfect way to save money if you are trying to stretch your budget.

Popular locations

how much is a passion tea lemonade at starbucks

Recent trends in health suggest that drinking more water is important to overall wellness. Unfortunately, most people are not reaching their goal of eight glasses per day.

To make it easier to achieve this goal, companies have created beverages with water as an integral part. These types of drinks are often referred to as hydration drinks or water drinks.

One such drink is called passion tea, which contains black pepper and lemon juice. According to research done by Harvard Medical School, drinking three cups of passion tea every day can help reduce cholesterol levels!

Not only does passion tea contain antioxidants and polyphenols, but also cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis.

Studies show that CBD has anti-inflammatory effects, so it may be helpful for pain management. It may also play a role in lowering blood pressure and helping prevent cardiovascular disease.

Given its many potential benefits, I thought we could do our readers a favor and write about some passion teas at a discounted price. I picked out two products that you can get at almost any location anywhere.

What drinks are sold in Starbucks stores

how much is a passion tea lemonade at starbucks

Not too long ago, people were skeptical about whether or not buying large amounts of drink mixers was worth it. Now, however, we as consumers have become increasingly dependent on these beverages.

Many companies market their products by telling us how much they cost per individual serving. This is done to make it seem like a worthy investment, even if you are only drinking one cup at a time.

What drinks customers order the most

how much is a passion tea lemonade at starbucks

Speaking of popular beverages, what drink does Starbucks know how to make better than anyone else? The classic white mug with red sesame stirrers and sweet tea is probably one of the biggest sellers it has.

In fact, this simple beverage makes up around half of all the caffeine it sells every day!

This isn’t too surprising given that many people enjoy drinking a nice cup of tea once in a while.

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