How Much Is A Sack Of Passion Fruits In Uganda

November 25, 2022

These fruits are not new, but they have once again made a comeback as a powerful health tool. They are known for their restorative qualities; you can make sure to find them anywhere from breakfast through dinner or even dessert!

They contain important minerals suchas calcium, magnesiumand vitamin C, along with several other vitamins and antioxidants.

But what makes passion fruit different than any other berry is one special compound that packs a big punch-the flavonoid apigenin.

It’s this compound that gives it its name: passion flower extract (PAFE).

Research shows PAFE may help prevent heart disease and stroke by lowering blood pressure. It also helps reduce cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood. And most importantly, it works to strengthen your immune system!

Here’s an interesting fact about apigenin: The more of it you eat, the higher its concentration in your body will be. That means you can either cook with or make purées/smoothies out of these berries!

And while most people know about eating one or two fresh passion fruits as a snack or dessert, how many of us know about adding them into our diets more frequently?

That’s why we’ve compiled some information about the best ways to use passion fruits in meals and snacks.

How to grow passion fruits

how much is a sack of passion fruits in uganda

Now that you have your supplies, it’s time to prepare the seeds for germination! Simply soak the seed in water until they are slightly swollen- not soaking wet- and then place in a tray filled with potting soil.

Keep the seeds in a warm area (70°F is ideal) and check them every few days for at least one week. When sprouting is observed, transfer the plant to individual pots or a larger container.

Price of passion fruits

how much is a sack of passion fruits in uganda

The price of one pound (500 grams) of fresh passion fruit depends on where you live, how much you eat them and whether they are pure or mixed with other ingredients. However, we can say that it is very expensive!

Passion fruit is usually sold per lb (500 g). If you buy only one piece, it will cost around $3-4 per ounce (15 ml). One pound (or 500 g) therefore costs between $6 and $12.

But if you were to purchase a whole pouch instead, it would be cheaper. A 1 kg pouch goes for about $20 which is more than half the price of one single piece!

Another way to consume passion fruits is to mix them into something else. For example, adding them to yogurt or using them in desserts or drinks. These changes may reduce their taste so depending on what you want to do with them, you will need less passion fruits.

The difference between eating and cooking passion fruits

As mentioned earlier, there are several ways to eat fresh passion fruit. You can either use your hands or special bowls to peel off the skin and scoop out the pulp and seeds. If you like more flavor, you can add it to recipes or just taste it separately!

Some people prefer to soak the dried pulp in water first to re-soften before mixing into recipes or serving as a snack. This is not necessary if you’re looking for slightly sweet tasting berries though!

A few years ago, one blogger shared her recipe for what she calls “Passion Fruit Icing”. She mixes the melted dried passion fruit powder with equal parts sugar and coconut milk and uses that as an icing option.

How to eat passion fruits

how much is a sack of passion fruits in uganda

Now that you know how to buy fresh passion fruit, here’s some tips for eating them! When they are in season, the seeds and peel can be eaten along with the flesh.

You may like to add a few drops of water and mix together before popping it into your mouth. The taste is tangy and sweet at the same time.

When they are not in season, you can soak the pulp and seed in sugar until they re-ferment and then enjoy them as a healthy snack.

Alternatively, use the dried powder to make an easy dessert or yogurt topping.

What else is in passion fruits

how much is a sack of passion fruits in uganda

Another interesting part of this fruit is its contents. Besides the sweet flavor, you will find vitamin C in significant amounts along with other vitamins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

These additional nutrients help keep your blood healthy and regulate blood pressure. Potassium helps maintain an appropriate balance of water in your body which can aid in keeping your weight steady.

Phosphorus aids in creating strong bones while also helping to activate protein that are involved in muscle function. Magnesium keeps your muscles relaxed so they can work properly.

You get 2 tablespoons (5 g) of dried pulp per 1/2 cup (120 ml) of juice.

Why are passion fruits so expensive?

how much is a sack of passion fruits in uganda

These lovely, round fruit with their distinctive tangy taste originated in Asia where they’re now grown everywhere from South America to Africa. They grow in clusters around springtime when each cluster contains one or two individual fruits.

Passion fruits are most popular either dried out and mixed into snacks or as whole fruits that you can add to your dessert.

When they're fresh, like what we recommend buying them if you are traveling in rural areas of Uganda or eating at local restaurants, there's no need to worry about running out!

You will probably find the price difference between per kilogram (2-pound) bags in Australia and England versus those sold in countries such as India or Israel quite substantial. This is because the market for these fruits is very competitive in more affluent regions.

But don't fear! You can pick up some great deals online or through hard source vendors who still sell them at relatively high prices.

Buying passion fruits

how much is a sack of passion fruits in uganda

As mentioned before, buying passion fruit is dependent on your budget as well as the quantity you want to buy. If you are just looking for one or two, then it’s okay to go lower priced. But if you love berries and want to make some snacks or recipes, then be aware of how much fruit you need!

Passion fruits come in different sizes, so look at the average price per kilogram (2.2 pounds) and determine whether that is too expensive or not. Some sellers may even offer discounts because they run out quickly!

Remember that depending on the seller, there can be additional fees suchasfor shipping.

Can you freeze passion fruits?

how much is a sack of passion fruits in uganda

While most berries can be eaten raw, freezing some types is not recommended as they may contain vitamin C that will likely lose its potency when frozen.

Passion fruit contains an acid called citric acid which helps to preserve the berry’s shape and taste while also giving it special texture and color. This acid is what makes the berries slightly sweet and tangy in flavor.

When buying your pack of passion fruits, make sure there are no dried out pieces or wrinkled skins as these have poor quality acids and therefore not much flavor or value.

If you would like to prepare the fruits yourself, simply remove the inner seeds and wash off any residual pulp before eating them! If you would prefer to buy already prepared passion fruits, check out our article: Best Ways To Eat Your Own Weight In Berries.

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