How Much Is Passion Conference

December 22, 2022

This week, we are talking about how much is PASSION CONFERENCE!
You see, even though I have mentioned it before, I feel like it’s important to emphasize it more than ever.

Conference season has arrived and that means there will be lots of opportunities for you to enjoy conference events if you are attending them.

If you are looking to connect with other believers during this time, don’t forget to look into online forums, study groups, and prayer gatherings as well.

It’s easy to get distracted when spending time in church, so try to make some changes to strengthen your faith outside of gathering times too!

I would also recommend staying in touch with friends you already have and making new friendships where possible. Conferences can sometimes take up a lot of time, so keep connected!

Now let’s talk about what exactly ‘how much is passion conference’ actually means.

Definition of conference

how much is passion conference

A conference is defined as an informal gathering with talk, food, and drinks. There are usually not formal proceedings or business meetings happening during a conference unless it is planned.

Conference dates can be monthly, yearly, biannual, trimester, etc. The length of a conference depends on what type of event you are having and how long organizers need to give each speaker time to speak!

The number of people attending a conference determines its price-tag. More attendees means more expenses for the organization hosting the event, which may include hotel rooms, catering, speakers’ fees, and transportation.

Interludes such as lunch and breaks add to the cost since they require additional resources. Some organizations offer free snacks and/or meals to attenders, but these things must be organized well ahead of the conference otherwise there is no refund.

Popularity of the conference

how much is passion conference

This year’s Passion Convention will be hosted by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at their San Diego California Temple from October 2–5. More than 15,000 people have registered to attend so far!

This is not your typical Christian gathering.

The popular three day event features speakers that focus more on spirituality and self-development rather than politics or theology. Many attendees say it feels like a mini-summer camp for adults with engaging discussions and lots of opportunities to connect.

Many consider this event to be an important part of their journey towards finding balance and happiness in life. Some even describe it as life changing.

Here are some fun facts about the convention that may surprise you!

1) There has never been a cancellation before.

2) Only 150 tickets were available for sale online just two weeks before the event. Now there are over 5,600 ticket purchases!

3) Over 90% of attendance costs are paid upfront via a payment method other than cash. Almost everyone uses credit cards or Paypal to cover the rest of the expenses.

4) Average cost per person is around $550 (paid in full up front). Most pay less than $500 but a few spend much more!

5) All proceeds go directly back into supporting local non-profit organizations through attending events, serving meals, etc.

Cost of the conference

how much is passion conference

The cost for attending this year’s Passion Conference is $249. That does not include any additional costs such as travel or hotel accommodations, however!

Conference registration prices go up each year so be sure to check out the current pricing before buying anything online. Many sellers will have discounts if you are willing to purchase more than one ticket or share a room with another person, etc.

There will also be an early bird discount available until March 31, 2018. So definitely look into that before registering.

The earlier you register, the less expensive it becomes! We recommend doing it as soon as possible to maximize your savings.

Tips for attending the conference

how much is passion conference

The last thing we want to do is spend money on things that someone else has paid for, or feel bad about asking others to pay to attend their favorite church’s event.

So, how can you be sure that what they are telling you is worth your hard-earned money?

Here are some tips if you decide to visit the Passion Conferences this year.

Tips for preparing for the conference

how much is passion conference

While there are some expensive conferences, most ones we mentioned here are not too pricey unless you attend fully sponsored events or as a speaker which is usually the case with The Gospel For Us!

That being said, even attending this event out of personal budget will help you grow in Christ and His body!

There are many ways to enjoy the conference without spending a large amount of money. You do not have to buy anything at all!

You can connect with us online through our website and social media pages to read articles and get inspired.

We also offer free resources such as small group studies, sermon notes, and prayers that you can access via Reflection Hymns.

Exhibits at the conference

how much is passion conference

One of the main attractions at The Gospel for All Nations is the exhibitors! You can find vendors selling everything from gospel materials to clothing designs with Bible stories or prophetic messages printed on them.

Many vendors offer discount coupons, t-shirts, and/or special offerings while they are there! It is always fun to check out what new products they have and to save some money by buying something you want!

The event is also live streamed which allows people without local access to attend virtually! If you would like to watch but don’t have computer access or the internet at your home, their website has an app that you can use to connect and watch all events.

Key speakers at the conference

how much is passion conference

One of our top priorities this year is to include more interactive content in the conference. We are actively seeking key industry professionals to speak at the event!

We’re looking for individuals who can share their knowledge with attendees through either a keynote speech or workshop, or both. Keynote speeches typically run around twenty minutes and workshops eight hours.

Speakers will be compensated according to their speaking time as well as any materials they wish to provide afterward. Additional perks will be given to those that are able to attend part-time while still earning compensation.

If you are an inspiring speaker with no cost or limited resources, we may be able to work something out where you get paid too.

What to wear

how much is passion conference

Finding your passion is an ever-evolving process that requires you to constantly look into yourself and determine what you are passionate about. It will always be in transition, something you can return to time and again.

This is why it’s so important to love what you do not only because it pays well, but also because it helps you find other things you are passionate about. Your career will take many shapes and forms, and you need to be able to adapt!

Dressing for success doesn’t just mean picking out fashionable clothes, it means investing in yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.

You don’t have to spend a large amount of money on flashy clothes or expensive jewelry to convey your passion for your job. But thinking about how you want to be perceived makes sense to invest in.

Avoid business casual clothing as these styles tend to emphasize professionalism, which is fine, but they can come across as very plain and boring, especially if you're trying to get some attention.

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