How Much Is Passion Twist Crochet Hair

December 22, 2022

Changing your hair is one of the most fundamental ways to love yourself and feel good about yourself. There are so many different types of hairstyles, textures, colors, lengths, and styles that it can be very difficult to know what looks best on you!

With crochet we get to add another texture to our hairstyling repertoire – twist locks or spiral curls! These two twists look similar, but create opposite effects on his/her scalp and hair.

This article will go into detail about how to do both regular crochet twist hairs and passion twist crochet hairs! Both types of crochet twist hairs are beginner friendly and cost less than $20 to make! If you ever need some inspiration check out some YouTube videos for tips and tricks. You can also search “crochet twist” or “passion crochet” at any major online retailer like Amazon, Walmart, etc.

What are hair extensions

how much is passion twist crochet hair

Many people have found new ways to enjoy their lives by adding some fun touches to it. Extensions for your hair are one of those additions!

Hair extensions come in many forms- we’ve seen glued onto locks, woven into them, or attached using glue or clips. One form that is growing in popularity is what is known as passion twist crochet hair.

What is this style? Well, it’s quite simple– two sections of loose hair which are twisted around each other and then secured with a strong adhesive.

But how much is passion twist crochet hairstyling really cost? And is it worth it? We had the chance to do a price comparison between several vendors and talk to some more experienced stylists about their experiences. Here’s what we learned!

Disclaimer: The experts mentioned below were not paid by any of the companies profiled in this article. Any links provided here may be sponsored or affiliate links where I earn a small commission from purchases made via these link. This helps me maintain my website and content free of advertising costs.


We spent time talking to both amateur and professional hairdressers to get an accurate picture of how expensive PTCH is compared to regular hair extension styles.

Here’s what we discovered!

Regular hair extensions can easily run you $100-$150 per individual set.

How to apply hair extensions

how much is passion twist crochet hair

The easiest way to add some oomph to your hairstyling adventures is by investing in extension cords or ponytail attachments!

Extension cords are very helpful because you can use them for many things; from pulling out your own natural hairs, to attaching new layers of hair onto your current locks. It also helps if you are looking to do something more professional like grooming another person’s hair. Extension cords make it easy to separate one section of hair from the rest!

Another great thing about these types of products is that they are usually cost-effective. Some even have sale days where you can get their attached hairdryer for free!

Both of those mentioned above will help you achieve beautiful curls and waist length styles! If you are ever struggling to work with thin sections of hair, then these may be useful additions to your collection.

How much is a passion twist crochet hair piece

how much is passion twist crochet hair

A very popular way to create crochet hairstyles are what they call a passion project or a passion twist. This term was coined by fashion designers who use this technique in creating new clothing designs. But it has now spread into other areas, such as hairdos!

A passion project is when you have one item that takes lots of time to make. Because it takes so long to complete, it does not cost too much money. It also cannot be done quickly because of the length of time it takes to make.

But even though it takes longer than most things, people seem to really like them. They say how beautiful it is and want to buy one just like it. This creates more revenue for your business since you will earn extra money from selling additional accessories.

There are many ways to do a passion twist crocheted hairstyle. Some hold their shape better than others, but all look lovely.

What makes a hair extension suitable for wear

While not every person’s hairstyle is suited to crochet, some are! Technically speaking, only one length of yarn can be used per individual row or stitch. Therefore, if you wanted to make two identical half-upbows with different colors, you would have to separate your ponytails twice to create that look!

That isn’t very practical unless you like having long, luscious locks, so it is best to choose shorter, simpler styles that could potentially use multiple lengths of hair extensions in one style. These types of looks are way more versatile than longer ones, and will help show off your unique personality!

Something important to note about passion twist crochet hair is that they are designed to mix and match easily. This means that you don’t have to color coordinate them with each other, nor do you have to find matching layers or textures within a given area.

Touch up hair extensions

how much is passion twist crochet hair

Another way to add some passion twist crochet hairstyles is by doing touch-up hairs. These are shorter sections of natural or dyed human hair that are glued onto your existing locks!

Touch-ups can be done at any time, even days after you got your initial extension set. They are typically cost effective as well, can be picked up easily online or from local sellers or boutiques.

However, like full length extensions, consistency is very important when buying ones that have glue used in them.

How to put hair extensions

how much is passion twist crochet hair

When it comes down to it, all of these hairstyling tricks require you to use a tool or material several times for them to work. That tool is usually either a comb, brush, or clamp that helps hold the extension in place or onto your natural hair.

Most people begin by buying small sections of weft (each one an inch-or-so long) and then attaching those together into longer pieces! This way you can easily control how much length you want to add and you are not spending lots of money at once.

However, as your self-dye and experiment more with different styles, it may be hard to keep up. That’s why there are two main types of professional hairdressers: ones who are highly trained in using real human hair and ones that use fake or plastic hair.

The first type really knows what they are doing so if you are ever feeling too nervous or unsure about cutting, rolling, or styling your own hair, they are very helpful.

Popular hair extension brands

how much is passion twist crochet hair

Many people have made a career off of creating new hairstyles by incorporating into their designs different types of extensions. These are typically glued onto your natural hair or attached to the scalp via adhesive tapes or gel.

Some of the most popular extensions include wefts, twistouts, braid wraps, and passion twists!

Wefts are similar to half-up braids but they only cover part of your scalp so you can see some hairs sticking out. A common way to work wefts is starting with one small section and then building upon it until it covers the whole head.

Twist outs are also referred to as “twirler” locks because they look like long, curly dark hairs that can be twisted and shaped. Some artists use them for adding texture and dimension to their hairstyle.

A classic braid wrap is when you pull through an existing weave or roll up a set of ear wires/buns into a cowl style rope. This is very versatile since you can add or remove pieces at any time!

The last type of extension used in crochet hairstyling is called a passion roll or spiral. It looks like a pretty, flowing braid but instead of rolling it up, it spirals down your scalp!

These are usually done using thick, heavy yarn and take longer to complete than other styles.

Tips for applying hair extensions

how much is passion twist crochet hair

When it comes to choosing your extension style, there are several different options! Most people begin with clip-on hairs that must be attached using glue or tape.

Clip-on extensions are usually very easy to take off if you want to try out other styles, but they can sometimes cause discomfort for those who wear them long term.

Wig or natural hair is another popular choice for many. A wig is a coverup for thinning hair, while natural hairstyles emphasize what kind of shape your own hair has.

A few people choose to attach one or more braid strands to their existing hair as an additional feature. This is called twist-out braids.

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