How Much Is Passion Twist In Nigeria

December 22, 2022

Having passion or being passionate is great, but having the right amount of passion for something can be tricky. Sometimes we get so focused on just how much passion we have that we do not know what to do with ourselves.

This is bad because we lose interest in things that are important to us. For example, if you are too invested in your career, then it can make it difficult to focus on education resources for learning about careers.

If you are too invested in sports teams, then it can be hard to find time to play games with friends since you will always be watching a game.

And if you are over-invested in food, then it can be tough to motivate yourself to go out and exercise since you’ll probably end up buying something delicious!

So, how to determine if you are overexplaining the limits of your passion? Here are some tips. Read on to learn more.

Why is passion important

how much is passion twist in nigeria

What makes something good is not just how much of it you have, but what effect that thing has on you.

How to create passion

Being passionate is great, but how do you know if someone is really putting their heart into something? Here are some easy ways to determine it!

Ask about the things that make them happy—what they enjoy doing, what makes them feel good, what moves them.

Observe their actions and describe these behaviors as those of someone who loves what they do. Listen to see whether people talk about it with excitement or indifference.

Compare this person to someone else to find out why one person enjoys what he/she does more than another person.

It could be because he/she received special attention from parents, teachers, or mentors when was a child and needed encouragement, or maybe due to personal experiences that made him/her believe in himself or her talent.

If there’s no reason beyond “I love it so I keep doing it,” then probably not much passion exists. If everyone around you can tell you like nothing else while you’re in bed at night, then likely your job won’t let you sleep!

Running away will only make it burn brighter and longer, which is never a good thing.

What are the different types of passion

how much is passion twist in nigeria

There is no one right way to feel passionate about something, nor is there one type of person who feels passionate about things more than others.

We all have our own ways of feeling motivated and it can be difficult trying to figure out why some people seem to get so excited about certain things while you just don’t.

Passion comes in many forms and for different reasons, but we all need it in our lives – not necessarily from other people, but because it helps us grow as individuals.

This article will talk about five different types of passion that everyone needs in their life, and how to use each one to achieve your dreams.

How to get your partner to feel passionate about you

how much is passion twist in nigeria

When it comes down to it, passion is not a feeling that happens overnight for most people. It takes work and effort to find it if it exists at all.

Most people have experienced passion once before in their lives – maybe with a friend or family member, or even yourself.

It’s when someone you love makes space in your life, brings you things you want, and connects with you on an emotional level. They make you happy, and you feel happier because of them.

That kind of intimacy is powerful. And it can be really difficult to find it outside of romantic relationships!

But here’s something important to remember: You don’t need to spend a lot of money to show your loved one how much they mean to you.

In fact, some of the best ways to increase your own sense of passion are simply doing new things, trying out new foods, and investing in experiences instead of material possessions.

How to be passionate all the time

how much is passion twist in nigeria

Being passionate consistently is hard, especially when you're feeling like you've run out of things to do or you feel that your passion has been drained. It takes a lot of effort to keep being passionately engaged with something unless there's something new to learn about it or someone to teach you more about it.

That can get really boring sometimes!

Boring doesn't necessarily mean "I'll put away my phone now" but rather "I'm already aware of everything there is to know about this." Or maybe "there's nothing new I could find online about this topic" - both are pretty dull situations.

So how do we stay motivated to pursue our passions? Here are some tips.

Finding your passion and working on it

how much is passion twist in nigeria

In my younger years, I never really knew what my passion was. I had lots of hobbies, but none stuck. I loved to read, so I would try to find something that I wanted to read and learn more about it, then start reading! It’s kind of how I got into writing.

Then I would love sports, so I would try to watch games and learn some things from them. That’s how I learned how to water ski. Or music, so I would take lessons or teach myself whatever genre of music I wanted to know.

It took me forever to figure out what my passion was because I didn’t know if I needed to be passionate about everything or nothing at all.

But as I grew up, my passions changed. My first major passion became acting. I studied theatre for three years before dropping out to pursue acting full time.

Now, almost eight years later, I have figured out what my next big passion is. It is designing clothes! So when I am not filming or performing, you can probably expect to see me in an expensive clothing store or fashion show soon.

Taking baby steps

how much is passion twist in nigeria

When you are passionate about something, you will do anything to pursue your dreams related to that thing. You would invest money into it, devote time to it, and strive to learn as much as possible about it. And while most of us might not have access to those things yet, we can at least admire people who show passion for what they want.

I’m talking about how many adults watch sports with intensity, how many students study hard to get good grades, and how many parents work long hours so their children don’t feel too unguided and helpless. These things take passion!

But there is one word I must add to this list: before you really develop true passion, you need to do some small, easy things to make changes related to the thing you wanted to achieve.

This may sound very basic, but I think a lot of people forget it when they want to gain knowledge or skill on something important to them.

By doing simple things such as reading an article or listening to a podcast episode about the topic, you have made a big investment in yourself.

Getting rid of passion

how much is passion twist in nigeria

Sometimes we get so focused on our careers that we forget to enjoy life outside of work. We spend every day thinking about how we can make progress with our career, and if there is any downtime, it’s only for sleep or personal time.

We don’t take many breaks because we want more money at the end of the year, we want to keep advancing towards our goal, which is an admirable thing but what happens when you hit retirement age? You stop progressing!

If your dream job includes lots of money, then great! But if it doesn’t, then you need to reevaluate your priorities. What are they? Do you want to be rich or do you just want to live a happy, satisfying life?

Hopefully you’ve been reading self-help books and listening to motivational speeches for years now, but even better than buying a book or listening to a talk once, is consistently doing both.

Reading a book and applying its lessons isn’t usually a one and done activity, especially not when the book is success oriented. It takes repeat action to really understand the message it delivers.

Same goes for listening to a podcast or watch a movie. Not only does it have to be done repeatedly, but also must be listened to or watched with understanding. Only then will them truly deliver their messages.

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