How Much Passion Flower For Sleep

November 23, 2022

Let’s talk about something that is often overlooked when it comes to sleep – how much passion flower you need to help promote restful, quality sleep.

I’ve mentioned before here on my website and in my book The Power of Rest which plant is an excellent aid for promoting sleep, but I will repeat those tips here.

This article will discuss why passion flowers can be helpful for helping you get some good night’s sleep, what strength of product is needed, and where to find them if necessary. So, let’s dive into all that!

Disclaimer: This article contains references or discussion of studies and/or theories concerning the effects of cannabis on health. As such, this content may not be suitable for people under the legal age to consume cannabis in their country or who are pregnant. And remember, just because something is illegal does not mean it is without risk. You should only use cannabis products with caution and under the supervision of a trained professional.

Passion Flowers For Sleeping

What are passion flowers?

A passion flower is simply another term for a daisy. These little flowers come in many colors, including white, yellow, pink, orange, and red. They are also referred to as sunflowers or marigolds.

Just like any other part of the food group, eating enough passion fruits helps supply your body with important minerals and vitamins.

What other brands of passion flower are there?

how much passion flower for sleep

There are several types of passion flowers that can help you relax and get some sleep. One of these is the melatonin powder or gel. Melatonin is an hormone that helps regulate your body’s sleep-wake cycle.

It also acts as a natural antioxidant in your system, helping reduce oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can have negative effects on us such as aging and disease.

So how well do melatonin capsules work? In one study conducted at Boston Medical Center, 10 participants took 2 mg of oral melatonin per night for three weeks to see if it would promote sleep.

The researchers assessed each person’s quality and quantity of sleep using questionnaires and actigraphy (a device that monitors activity and sleep patterns).

After the trial, 7 out of the 10 people still needed medication to aid sleep, but only 1 person required higher doses of their current prescription.

Can passion flower help me sleep?

A few studies have investigated whether ingesting passion flowers can aid in sleeping better at night. While some find slight improvements, most report no effects or even worse sleep quality due to symptoms of the plant.

Many people use passion fruits as an herbal sleep aid. However, it is important to make sure that you don’t consume more than one serving per day of dried fruit powder.

A serviceable size daily dose is one half a teaspoon of powdered passion fruit (about five berries). You should notice some benefits within a couple hours!

However, if you are not able to stop eating additional berries after this time frame, then perhaps looking into other alternatives is worth a try.

Can I take passion flower pills?

how much passion flower for sleep

While most people can enjoy sleep without any herbal supplements, there are some that work in helping you get more rest. One of these is passion flower.

Passion flowers are notifiable by their long slender leaves and white or pinkish fuzzy balls that grow at the top of the plant. These are known as sepals and they dry down to leave a sweet taste in your mouth.

These plants are grown due to the presence of an active compound called ocimum. This chemical acts like oxytocin when it comes into contact with other cells. When used in right amounts, it helps reduce stress and promote relaxation.

It has been studied for its effects on mental health including anxiety, depression, mood disorders and insomnia. Because it works indirectly, passion flower does not produce symptoms of drowsiness, so users may be able to stay awake while still experiencing benefits from the herb.

Experts agree that small doses of passion flower can help you fall asleep and remain sleeping until morning, but do not use it if you plan to go to bed later than normal.

What are the potential side effects?

how much passion flower for sleep

While drinking tea or eating supplements of passion flower can help you sleep, there have been some reports of people experiencing symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and/or fever.

Symptoms usually go away within one to two days. If your symptoms get worse or do not seem to be going away, stop using the product and see your doctor immediately.

You could experience more tiredness after use so make sure you have enough rest before school or work. Avoid alcohol while taking this product as it may cause additional drowsiness.

Can I take passion flower with other medications?

how much passion flower for sleep

While there are no known drug interactions for passion flower, you should be aware of how it may interact with other medicines you are taking.

Because passion fruit is made from natural chemicals, it can interact with many different drugs. This includes both prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) products.

Doctors test patients’ blood to make sure they do not have any harmful reactions when taking medication. If needed, your doctor may need to change or stop another medicine or treatment if you are found to be having an allergic reaction to it.

So, before adding passion fruit to your sleep routine, ask your doctor if it is okay to do so. They might suggest changing your current sleep aid or using something less powerful.

How should I take passion flower?

how much passion flower for sleep

As with any new supplements, there are several different ways to consume passion fruit extract. You can ingest it directly via tablets or capsules, make tea from the plant leaves, use an infusion as liquid medicine, apply a soak onto your skin, or combine it with other supplements in a supplement cocktail.

All of these methods require different amounts for individuals to feel benefits. For example, making a tea requires more powder than juice, so you would need to check how much powder is per cup of water to determine how much tea to make.

A good way to start experimenting with passion fruits is by using them in a sleep aid mix. We have some great passion fruit mixes that contain this ingredient here at HealthWarehouse! Check out our best seller bedtime herbalist blend “Sleep Well Herbal Blend” and our newer offering “Ultimate Melatonin Power Elixir”. Both of these products include passion flower extracts to help people get a better night’s rest.

Disclaimer: This article contains references to health conditions and symptoms. Please read your body's signs and respond accordingly. Additionally, the content of this article may be medically invalid and cause adverse reactions in individuals with certain medical conditions. If you have any concern about whether this product is appropriate for you, we highly recommend seeking professional advice before changing your diet habits or disease treatments.

Can I take passion flower before bed?

how much passion flower for sleep

While most people can enjoy sleep without herbal supplements, there are ways to use this herb to improve your quality of sleep. You don’t need to take a pill to reap benefits from passion flower. By preparing yourself a tea or infusion of passion fruits prior to bedtime, you can still benefit from this powerful sleep aid.

Passion flowers contain chemicals called flavonoids. These compounds work by lowering levels of dopamine in the brain, which can keep you awake. When you start using passion fruit products, it may take some time until you see changes in how well you get asleep and wake up during the night.

However, as with any new health intervention, repeated exposure will increase effectiveness of the product. With that in mind, here is our guide on how to make an infused passion plant drink that is safe and effective when consumed before sleep.

What happens if I overdose?

how much passion flower for sleep

Even though passion flower is not considered to be deadly, there are some cases where individuals consume too much and suffer negative effects. One of these effect can be death due to an overdose!

If you do decide to take passion flowers for sleep, make sure that you have done enough research first and know what symptoms to look out for.

You should also check with your doctor or nurse before taking any herbal supplements as they may contain prescription drugs that could interact with this plant.

Interaction with medicines = potential bad results!

General tips: try keeping a notebook next to your bed to record how many drops of powder you use in each drink and when you last drank it. This will help determine whether or not you need to repeat the dose later.

Some people feel better starting the day after eating breakfast so if you wake up feeling less tired, then skip the night time tea and wait until morning to drink it.

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