How Passion Works

December 29, 2022

When you find your passion, it’s like discovering gold – you know it when you feel it. It makes you happy and keeps you that way. It can even make you wealthy!

Passion is more than just doing something because you want to look good or get paid for it.-It's feeling passionate about something so passionately that you cannot stop yourself from doing it, even if you don’t earn anything from it.

It is having such strong feelings towards a thing that you become completely immersed in it, and you cannot imagine not being involved with it.

This is what it takes to experience true passion.

When you find your passion, you will know it. You will keep looking for it, and trying new things to see if they bring out this same feeling.

It is always coming back, and sometimes, it sticks.

Passion works by making you feel happier and enjoying yourself more. It can also motivate you to do other things, and help you achieve your dreams.

Find your passion and those who feel the same

how passion works

Let's look at it from another angle. What makes someone passionate about something is when they're totally invested in it. They lose sleep over it, invest time into it, and strive to learn more about it.

They believe in its importance so much that they work hard to promote it. Or else they start promoting it themselves!

When you are completely absorbed in something, there are sometimes unexpected results. You can find yourself doing things you never imagined engaging in related to that thing.

It could be talking about it for hours with people who agree, or reading up on it heavily to get better insights.

Or maybe buying products associated with it or investing money in it.

All of these things show how important this element is. When you have passion for something, you want to add more to it, strengthen it, and spread it.

You feel motivated by it and inspired to keep going even if nothing seems to happen. It becomes easier to focus because you're focused.

Never let passion go

how passion works

Recent studies show that passionate relationships are not necessarily better than less passionate ones. In fact, there is no proof that having more passion in your relationship will make it last longer or help you feel happier.

Many people believe that if they love someone then their relationship will naturally continue to stay strong, but research shows that this isn’t always the case.

It can take just a few days for a breakup to occur, so why risk losing what you have when you could keep what you have now?

If your loved one goes out of their way to try and bring you back together, chances are they don’t want to lose you anymore.

Drinking too much alcohol or doing illegal drugs may be the breaking point for some individuals who have lost hope that their life with you will ever get anywhere. For these people, quitting drugs and alcohol may save your relationship.

Quitting smoking also plays an important role in breakups because it costs money. If your partner breaks up with you because they cannot stand your bad breath, ask them how they would feel about changing that habit.

By acting like strangers while trying to work through your problems, you will only hurt yourself. Your significant other will probably find this hard to handle.

Running away from a problem won’t solve anything, and leaving someone forever is a kind of death. Don’t risk this unless you are sure you aren’t coming back.

Cultivate passion

how passion works

Now that you know what passion is, how to recognize it, and some tips for developing it, get into action! If you want to see more of a thing, like watching sports or reading books, then do it!

If you already have a relationship where passion exists, keep practicing those things in your daily life. If you struggle with passion, try doing something about it!

You can take this approach by trying to pick up on passions of others or creating new ones. Or just starting to do things you've been thinking about doing for years!

It will take work, but don't give up. You'll find that as you expose yourself to more experiences, your passion for them grows. And you'll feel happier because of it.

See how passion can transform your life

how passion works

We’ve discussed before here on The Success Tribe that having passions is important in your life. They play an integral part in helping you feel good about yourself, boost your self-confidence, and help motivate you to do things you want to do.

Having passionate relationships with people is one of the most powerful ways to experience happiness. And we all know that being happy is a key element in achieving success in your life.

So what are some easy ways to tap into your inner passion?

Practicing something you enjoy is a great way to ignite your own passion. You get motivated when you feel like you’re investing time into something that gives you pleasure.

You may have heard of this concept called ‘creating a habit’. Creating habits by sticking to a routine or pattern is a nice second step to developing your passion.

There are many types of skills that can be practiced and cultivated as hobbies or activities. Some examples are singing, dancing, drawing, woodworking, yoga – anything that you find enjoyable and which takes some effort to achieve.

This article will talk more about practices and experiences that helped inspire our passion for living healthy.

Follow your passion

how passion works

It’s easy to get distracted by what you want out of life, but investing in things that matter to you will create an enduring change in how you feel about yourself and the world. Following your dreams means risking failure, it means not having everything work out as planned. But if you are willing to put in the effort, I can almost guarantee you that at least part of your dream will come true.

There is a cliché that says ‘follow your heart’, but this doesn’t really tell you much. If we were able to follow our hearts, they would already be beating somewhere other than here!

What most people mean when they say ‘follow your heart’ is go after what makes you happy, which is good advice, but it’s missing the important second half of the equation.

After you have found something that makes you happy, you need to make it your job to keep doing more and more of it. This isn’t just for one day or one year, but for your whole live so that your mind and body learn to expect and depend on these positive experiences.

Your brain learns through repetition — whether it’s repeated thoughts, actions, feelings, etc.

Get an education on your passion

how passion works

Now that you know what your passion is, it’s time to get educated about it! You can do this by talking with people who have done what you want to do and reading books and articles related to your dream.

It's very important to understand that being passionate about something comes not only from doing things related to its field, but also from understanding why you are drawn to it in the first place.

Your passion will eventually fade unless you work hard to keep learning more about it. This way, you'll always have something to return to when those times come.

Do not get stuck when it comes to passion

how passion works

It is very important to recognize that having passions takes work! This can be hard to see in people who seem to have all the sparks coming out everywhere they look.

It seems like someone else could always bring out the passionate side of them and they would never run out. This kind of person usually doesn’t feel that need to spark up around other people, though.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it makes you think that their passion will stay constant, rather than flaring up now and then.

When this happens, they don’t really appreciate what they have got until something major happens and they realize how much they missed it.

Having passion for things means being aware of yourself as well as others. You should use your energy to help others find their passion or learn about new ones, too.

Be consistent

how passion works

Consistency is one of the biggest factors in creating passion out of something. If you never put effort into it, your passion will not grow. You have to keep showing up every day until you get results.

That could be through interacting with things that inspire you, looking forward to doing what you want to do, or just getting into bed at night knowing that you’ve given yourself this motivation.

It takes a little bit of work each day, but over time – BAM! – you find yourself feeling passionate about everything you do.

Consistently putting energy into things that make you feel good will create an effect. Don’t expect much beyond that though. It took years for me to realize that nothing truly powerful happens overnight.

But if you are willing to work hard and be persistent, then eventually – I believe very confidently – it will happen.

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