How Passionate Is Your Love

December 29, 2022

Let’s look at some examples.

My friend who I will call Tara works as an accountant in a large company. She is very passionate about her work, which is why she has such a high salary. Her colleagues admire her for how hard she works and her excellent performance under pressure.

Tara is also extremely passionate about her family. Even though she is married with children of her own, she always puts their needs before her professional ones.

If you are reading this article then it means that you are already quite passionate and dedicated to something. You care deeply about what you do and you strive to achieve your goals every day.

It is important to be passionate about what you do, but it is even more crucial to show passion in relationships.

Why? Because healthy relationships require deep intimacy and commitment from both partners. Without these things, people can’t trust each other or feel loved by the person they are spending time with.

This article will talk about five ways to increase your relationship's level of passion.

Examples of passion

how passionate is your love

Let’s look at some examples.

I have read many books about relationships, what makes them work and what doesn't. I have also read lots of comments from people who are in happy relationships and know what it takes to make one last for very long.

So, while there is no hard and fast rule for relationship success, I did learn something about passionate relationships. And you can be sure that I tested this theory out by reading my own self-help book!

Here's an example of a passage that illustrates the importance of passion in a relationship.

"My girlfriend and I made our first real effort to have sex this past weekend," said Mark, twenty-six. "We've been having trouble getting into it, so we decided to do it late at night when we were both tired."

As he explained it, they had just finished showering together and she suggested going to sleep next to each other. He agreed, but then things took a weird turn.

He thought she was moving closer to him, and when his hand went up her shirt to feel her nipple, she didn't say anything. She just kept coming toward him. When her leg brushed against his, he could tell she wanted more than rest.

It was like she lost control over herself. Before he knew it, she got down on her knees with his boxers still on and gave him a hot, wet blow job.

Consider passion

how passionate is your love

Let’s look at some examples of passions that are important to you. What are you passionate about? What makes you feel excited, motivated or inspired?

Take a few minutes to think about it. Are there things you enjoy doing? You may love watching TV shows, listening to music, reading books, talking with friends, going out with family, surfing the net or anything else that makes you happy.

This is your personal passion. It’s what you enjoy doing alone, without anyone else. Your personal passion is just you – your thoughts, feelings and activities.

It can be for one thing only though- something that feels good and that helps you relax. For example, writing this article was a way to spend time with our website while also giving an opportunity to express yourself!

That’s why it’s so important to understand your own passion. Only then will you know if someone or something else is getting in the way. Or if you’re not feeling well rested, you could give up certain things like spending hours working every day.

If you want to keep succeeding, you need to work smartly, but you also have to work hard.

Your partner should feel passionate about you

how passionate is your love

When your significant other is not feeling very passionate about you, it can be difficult to motivate them to do things for you. They may even start to feel like they are wasting their time unless and until they see some passion in you.

This will hurt their feelings, which could lead to more of a struggle between you. You need to understand that this will take some work!

It takes a lot of effort to re-ignite someone’s fire for you. This is why most people don’t get involved with anyone else after they have met their loved one.

If your partner no longer seems to care about you, try talking to them about what makes them feel loved and wanted. Does being with you make them happy? Do they want to keep spending time with you?

You need to address these issues directly so that they can be worked through. Also remember that love doesn’t come easy to everyone.

It is a gift that both individuals must work at keeping throughout their lives.

What is passionate?

how passionate is your love

Many people think that being passionate means to enjoy something very much, or spending lots of time doing things, but this isn’t the case at all.

The word passion comes from the Latin root passus, meaning “to spend, expend, devote.” In its positive form, it refers to an intense mental state characterized by strong feeling and motivation.

But what kind of emotions are we talking about here? Being passionate means different things to different people, so let’s explore some examples!

Being passionate can mean loving something with all your heart, which usually leads to feelings like love and desire. It can be reading for entertainment, listening to music, watching a movie, practicing yoga – anything you care about and want to do well.

It can be going after what you believe to be right, even if it costs money or position. It can be exploring new ideas, trying out new skills, or speaking up for yourself and others.

All these experiences come together in one way: they're meaningful to you.

Your loved ones will notice how hard you're investing into their lives, and you'll feel good about yourself because you invested in yourself.

On the other hand, not too many people get motivated by studying math books or learning how to cook recipes, unless they're already pretty familiar with those concepts.

Passion fuels action

how passionate is your love

We spend a lot of our time thinking about all the things we don’t want in our lives, but never really contemplating what we do want.

It’s easy to fall into that habit. After all, if you read enough “don’t wanna's”, you’ll probably get tired of hearing them! But I bring it up because there is an incredible opportunity out there for you — one that could completely transform your life.

The chance to learn how to live with passion and purpose. To find true happiness. And I bet you're already pretty passionate – at least about some thing(s).

But are you living with passion right now? Do you ever feel like you're running through the motions or even going through the motions? You may be working hard, but are you doing the work you wanted to do earlier in your life?

I know it can seem like an impossible feat. It's not easy to stay focused when you'd rather just give up and take a break.

That's why it takes more than just will power to achieve lasting changes. It takes motivation -- strong, consistent motivation. Something internal, something that doesn't depend on anyone else.

Something that comes from within.

"Passion is energy, a powerful emotion that inspires us to put effort into other activities.

Passion is important in relationships

how passionate is your love

In a relationship, passion is what keeps you together. It’s what makes your bond strong and constant. You feel passionate about each other when you are with each other.

When your partner senses that you don’t care as much for them, it can hurt their feelings very deeply. They will probably try to make sure that doesn’t happen by not doing things because they think you don’t want to do them anymore or – even worse – that you no longer love them.

This can really put a strain on a relationship. If this situation persists, then eventually, the passion will fade out of the equation.

Can you be passionate all the time?

how passionate is your love

Unfortunately, no. You will not always feel passion for your significant other or loved ones. Sometimes life can get in the way and things will fall flat.

When this happens there is an important thing to know about passion. It does not last forever.

At some point, even if it takes months or years, the flame will go out. When this happens it is very difficult to maintain love or friendship. This could hurt greatly unless you have something else going on for you.

If you do not understand how powerful passion is then think of a time when you were really passionate about something. Maybe you studied hard and spent lots of time training yourself, or you gave up something you wanted to pursue because you found another person more appealing.

Love is not enough

how passionate is your love

We all need to feel loved at some level for us to survive, but loving yourself more than other people is a pretty low bar.

I’m talking about feeling really good about your own life, your own accomplishments, your own beliefs and values.

This is called internal love.

You can be in love with someone else, or you can be in love with what you do know, what you have learned so far in this life.

But it takes too much effort to stay focused only on yourself for very long.

It is like trying to eat nothing but chicken nuggets for an extended period of time – even though they may taste delicious, you will soon get hungry!

If you want to experience true happiness, learn how to love yourself just as much as you would like to help others that are less fortunate than you.

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