How Plant Passion Fruit

December 29, 2022

As we mentioned before, plant passion fruit are not actually berries or fruits at all! They are instead leaves that grow along branches of the plant. When ripe, the pulp in these plants changes color and becomes sweet like a raspberry puree.

The texture is similar to that of a tomato so you can use it in recipes directly! It also does not need to be refrigerated which makes it very convenient.

There are several types of passion fruits depending upon the region they come from. Some have shorter names while others have longer ones. Make sure to check out both pictures and descriptions to identify them!

Some people may find the taste of passion fruits to be too strong but this depends on your personal preference. There are ways to make them less pungent for those who do not like them.

The fruit is oval and green when unripened

how plant passion fruit

When this fruit is fully ripe, it turns bright yellow and some have color patterns within. These colors can be white, pink, or purple! All of these shapes and shades are unique to plant passion fruits so there is no way to tell if they look like others that not only use their name, but also part of their shape, colors, and/or pattern!

The flavor is very tangy and citrus-like which makes them perfect for eating plain or adding into recipes. They can be used in both dry and fresh form and either one is fine to eat.

Surprisingly, even though they look juicy, they do not contain any water or gel like guavas do.

When ripe, the fruit turns bright red

how plant passion fruit

The plant passion fruits are not only delicious to eat, but they also make for interesting studies. As mentioned before, when their fruits turn color, that is when you should pick them!

They depend on this coloration for survival, so eating them can help determine how well these plants survive being over-harvested.

Plant passion fruits grow in clusters at the base of large leaves. These leaves grow tall and thin, almost like bamboo. This allows them to spread out and develop more roots to find food and water.

When there’s no food or water, the passion fruit doesn’t know what to do! It will start to waste energy by trying to change itself into something else. That is why we sometimes see white hairs coming from the passion fruity leaf area.

It is very sweet and has a slightly tart flavor

how plant passion fruit

As mentioned before, passion fruit comes in two main varieties: color determined by season or non-seasonal. Non-seasonal passion fruits are always white because they do not set a skin layer like seasonal ones. They also have less pronounced taste due to this!

If you love berries of any type (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries), then try adding some into your diet with either recipes or just eating them alone. Adding passion fruit to anything berry will give it an interesting texture and flavor.

It would be perfect in a smoothie, as a drink powder, or even to eat it straight up.

It is used in many fruit salads

how plant passion fruit

Another way to use passion fruits is in making an easy, delicious dessert or snack. If you have leftover pieces of passion fruit after eating them, then they can be dried and mixed into some type of yogurt or milk as a topping.

This would make a great afternoon treat or breakfast bar because it does not require cooking! You can also add some cinnamon and sweetener if you like.

You can find passion fruit paste

how plant passion fruit

Most brands sell prepared passion fruit pulp or juice as an ingredient in recipes or as a spread like jam or butter. These are very popular additions to foods, especially vegetarian dishes!

While these products are good and necessary, they may not be the best way to enjoy fresh passion fruits. That is why it is important to know how to prepare fresh passion fruits yourself.

You will need to remove the white seedy part, also called pips, from the fruit to use passion fruit puree properly. Then, you can either add it to drinks or eat it by itself or mixed into other foods.

Planning to make your own passion fruit puree? Read on for more tips.

Passion fruit juice is a clear, bright red

how plant passion fruit

There are many ways to drink passion fruit juice! You can add it to yogurt for an extra boost of flavor and nutrients or you can mix it into drinks like water or milk. It also makes a delicious addition to desserts and recipes!

Many people enjoy drinking fresh passion fruit juice straight from the pulp. If you do this, be sure to wash your hands immediately so that you don’t spread any potentially harmful bacteria or fruits seeds.

After washing your hands, you can either eat the entire passion fruit or place the leftover pulp in the freezer until you're ready to make some more juice.

Some brands of passion fruit juice are pasteurized

Recent reports claim that some brands of passion fruit juice contain high levels of alcohol! An alcoholic drink containing 5% wine is considered to have 1% alcohol by volume (ABV). Therefore, beverages with 9% or more ABV are categorized as having significant alcohol content.

Some brands of passion fruit juice clearly fall into this category. The most popular ones typically have 15-20% alcohol which makes them almost twice as strong!

This could be a problem if you choose to drink several bottles of these products on an empty stomach. Because the alcohol would already be in your system, it would take longer for it to be flushed out resulting in potentially harmful effects like dehydration, heart disease, and/or death.

Alcohol can also cause damage to your internal organs such as the liver or digestive tract. Even small amounts of alcohol can impair the functioning of your liver so it cannot process other chemicals in your body. This may put stress on your body’s natural healing processes.

It is important to know the differences between fresh and processed foods.

You should always buy passion fruit juice that has been pasteurized

how plant passion fruit

Recent developments of not-pasteurized (raw) passion fruits have caused many brands to rebrand their products or even remove them from store shelves.

Many people complain about the flavor of raw passion fruit, it can be difficult to find a brand that doesn’t add sugar to make up for the loss in flavor.

However, pastyurizing your passion fruit juice is not the same as heating it to a higher temperature. This process only makes the juice taste like milk!

Drinking unfermented juice may cause health issues such as diarrhea or stomach pain. Raw passion fruit contains a compound called psoralen which can also harm your skin by causing dryness or irritation.

Heating the juice removes these components, but does not destroy all traces of the fruit. Therefore, do not drink raw passion fruit juice unless you know it has been verified as safe.

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