How Team Building Activities Increase Productivity

November 15, 2022

As mentioned earlier, team building is an integral part of any successful business. It does not necessarily have to be for your employees’ benefit; it can also be for yours.

Businesses these days are becoming more dependent on teams that work together effectively in order to succeed. This includes product development teams, marketing teams, sales teams, and so forth.

Team building can play a major role in helping your team bond and collaborate as well as improving employee productivity, engagement, and satisfaction.

It can even increase staff retention and reduce turnover! That makes team building very cost-effective.

There are many types of activities designed to facilitate teamwork, but one of our favorites is called “team lunch” or “group meal.” We will discuss why they are such a powerful tool in this article.

Many employers offer their workers group lunches as a way to promote socialization and collaboration. If you're ever looking to do some team bonding, try having a group lunch event. Here's how to make it fun and effective.

What is Group Lunch?

A group lunch or group meal is when several people get together outside of work time for a shared experience. They may meet at a restaurant, at someone's house, or anywhere else close by.

Some groups only eat food while others enjoy talking or working on projects together before eating. No matter what happens, everyone leaves feeling relaxed and connected.

Organize a party

how team building activities increase productivity

As mentioned earlier, team building is not just for business trips or yearly events. You can organize an informal get-together at your workplace any time to promote teamwork and productivity.

Party invitations can be sent via email, word document, or through a third-party app. Make sure to include enough information about the event, what it’s for, when people should attend, and how they can join.

You can also choose to have the event as a all-or-nothing thing, which means if someone doesn’t show up then they don’t get credit for anything! This can sometimes motivate people to participate because everyone knows someone else on the staff that would like to go so they too will want to come.

Teambuilding exercises can be done in groups of three or more depending on the type of activity you pick. Some examples are sharing responsibilities among members of the group, having a competition, or practicing an exercise such as role play.

Host a retreat

how team building activities increase productivity

A retreat is an excellent team building activity that can be done at any time, even if there are no external events happening. It does not require too much preparation or cost money, which makes it easy to implement in your workplace.

Retreats typically last one to two days and all members of the team attend together. This gives everyone on the team the chance to meet and discuss issues face-to-face without being influenced by phone calls, messages, and/or emails.

There may also be some group activities such as swimming, sports, or exercise classes taking place during the retreat. These types of activities help keep workers motivated since they’re attending an event outside of work.

Do a puzzle together

how team building activities increase productivity

Teams of people working together to achieve a common goal is an integral part of our society. We as humans depend on teamwork for survival.

Team building exercises are one of the best ways to foster team cohesion. These activities promote group solidarity, help reduce conflict, and increase productivity.

Here’s what you can do today: Ask your employees if there any areas of the workplace that could use some improvement. Then, hold a free brainstorming event with them — not about whether or not their job is important, but how they can contribute more at work.

Ask how they would like to be promoted, ask about their career goals, and see what answers you get!

The way we relate to each other has a significant impact on employee satisfaction and engagement, as well as organizational effectiveness and performance.

Play a game of chess

how team building activities increase productivity

This is one of the most common team building exercises that employers do for their employees. People are usually asked to play a game of chess with a friend or colleagues who are not as experienced at the game.

By having a friendly competition, people on your team will push themselves to be better by learning about the game and how to improve their own gameplay.

This can also create strong bonds between teammates, as you work together to achieve a goal. Your friends from outside of the workplace could become some of your greatest supports when you are in a tough situation at work!

Teambuilding activities like this increase overall productivity and efficiency. Because of this, it is very important for companies to include games such as chess in their weekly routine.

Have a brainstorming session

how team building activities increase productivity

A brainstorming session is one of the most important team building activities you can do. This is when all members go around talking about ideas they have or things that are bothering them, with no topic or structure.

This activity breaks down barriers between people and gives everyone in the group a chance to speak without being threatened or questioned. It also encourages out-of-the-box thinking as different individuals bring together their own unique thoughts and concepts.

By having this activity outside of work, it creates an environment where employees can express themselves more easily. This helps promote trust and understanding among coworkers, which are both very valuable qualities in any workplace.

It’s also very effective at uncovering weaknesses and potential problems before they occur. By finding the root cause of issues, you can prevent future ones from happening.

Conduct a self-review

how team building activities increase productivity

One of the most important team building exercises is doing a self-review. This happens when each member goes through their own tasks, responsibilities, and achievements with their colleagues.

This can be done at any level in an organization – department, project or even within a group of people. It does not necessarily have to be for one week either, it could happen monthly or yearly!

By having this review process, you will definitely learn something new about your teammates and what they contribute to the company. You will also find out if there are anything going unnoticed that need attention and/or changing of position.

In addition to all these things, this review helps keep relationships strong as everyone brings different strengths to the table.

Teamwork is a valuable asset to any business so investing time into it is worth its weight in gold.

Do a company review

A company review is one of the most powerful team building exercises you can do at your workplace. During this activity, you get each member of the staff to go around their department and talk about what they do for the organization and what they would like to do next.

This is a great way to connect with your colleagues and learn more about them! By asking questions such as “What are your strengths?” and “What could I be doing better?,” you will gain valuable insights into how they operate and if there are any opportunities to improve their performance or help them achieve their goals.

By having these conversations, you will also find out whether there are any internal barriers that may prevent them from achieving their goal. This can help you as a manager to address those issues so that they no longer hold back on taking risks and improving their career path.

It also gives people an opportunity to discuss things that may be uncomfortable for some. For example, someone who feels that his/her job description has been changed recently might not feel very confident in their position, which could lead to stress and lack of motivation. Having a conversation with him/her could prove helpful for both of you.

Have a talent show

how team building activities increase productivity

Having a Talent Show is one of the best team building activities you can do for your employees. It’s a great way to boost their self-confidence, it gives them an opportunity to use their skills, and it boosts productivity by giving people a reason to come into the workplace.

Many companies have done themed talent shows where participants had to perform a song or set up a presentation based on the theme. This helps give staff members the chance to demonstrate their knowledge while also boosting morale.

Some organisations hold internal talent shows such as Achievers Day or Best Employee in The Office which are open to all employees. These events promote teamwork and collaboration as everyone comes together to celebrate someone’s achievements and reward them for their hard work.

External agencies offer talent shows that pay guests to attend so attendees don’t need to spend money to contribute. Some even provide stage equipment and resources free of charge if professionals are involved!

These types of event are very popular because they cost nothing but time, and they're guaranteed to produce results.

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