How To Activate Passion Card

December 19, 2022

A lot of people have a passion they love to do, something that makes them feel happy and motivated. For example, someone may enjoy baking very much, so they begin teaching themselves recipes and learning how to use different tools and equipment in the kitchen. They can then turn this into a business where they teach others how to bake with them, making it their career.

Another person might like to read books and learn more about various topics, which leads to developing an educational curriculum or course they create for students to take lessons from.

There are also people who enjoy creating art such as painting, drawing, or sculpting. All three of these artists must start with a medium they are comfortable using first. Some people choose to paint directly onto canvas, while others pick materials such as brushes or palettes before they get started.

Some other examples of passions include playing a musical instrument, swimming, dancing, surfing, working with animals, and many more. The way to know if you have a passion is by trying to add some activity to it and see what effect it has on you.

If you are already involved in one thing that you loved, then great! Keep studying your current skill set and see what else you can connect to it. If nothing comes up, keep exploring and looking around you to find the next adventure.

Look at your life

how to activate passion card

In order to activate your passion card, you have to look at what parts of your life show that it is working and what part it is not. If there are none, then you will need to make changes in those areas to see if it comes back or not.

Your passion card can be activated for three reasons: career, relationship, or self-care. Work on changing whatever factor isn’t working so that your passion chip can take over.

Challenge your thoughts

how to activate passion card

A few years ago, I was talking with a friend who told me that she had a passion (namely teaching). She said that she never truly felt passionate about it until she made her life as a teacher one of challenge. Rather than choosing education as a career because it paid well or because she wanted to be in school, she chose teaching because she loved learning and studying and educating people.

She believed that being a teacher helped her feel more fulfilled at home when she was not in the classroom. When she was in the classroom, she learned something new every day which gave her an edge over others when it came time to find employment. Her motivation for teaching comes from just wanting to learn and share what she knows with others.

By making his job challenging, this teacher found that he became motivated to teach more students more hours per week. He enjoyed spending time in the classrooms sharing knowledge and helping students grow.

He eventually landed a position teaching high school English and has been able to support himself ever since by investing into his field. By activating his passion, he was able to strengthen his bond with his family and help motivate him to keep succeeding in his career.

If you are struggling to figure out how to activate your passion, try doing things that go along with your passion.

Practice meditation

how to activate passion card

A passion card is activated when you do something that you love to do. When you feel this passion, it can spread into other areas of your life. You may want to pursue more of the activity, or make changes to include the activity in your daily routine.

Practicing mindfulness takes time firstly because it requires stilling of mind and body, and secondly because there are no rules as to how long one has to practice.

You can start small by practicing for five minutes every day. Build from there!

There are many ways to practice meditation. Some people focus on their breath while others use a word or phrase as their theme. No matter which type of meditation you choose, just keep looking at the space between yourself and someone else or things outside of you.

This way, your brain does not associate the meditation with anything specific so it can explore different themes without interference.

Learn to laugh

how to activate passion card

A passion card is activated when you learn how to laugh or joke about things that matter to you. You can use this laughter not only for yourself, but also for other people, and things that make you feel good.

You will know what to make fun of by looking at your passion cards. The more you expose yourself to ideas that matter to you, the easier it will be to identify something that makes you happy.

By being aware of your passions, you will have more time to focus on them because you will not need any external stimuli to remind you. Also, once you find something that makes you happy, you can start investing in that thing — buying it and developing relationships with it.

This article will help you determine which passion is most important to you. Once you do, you can begin to invest in it and lead a passionate life.

Connect with your friends and family

how to activate passion card

After you have determined what areas of your life are lacking passion, the next step is to figure out why you feel this way. Is it because you work for an organization that you no longer believe in? Or maybe you’re stuck working for someone who does not give you energy.

If there's one person you're spending time with every day, it should be yourself. You deserve more than just a paycheck from yourself.

Do things that make you happy

how to activate passion card

We’ve talked before about how having a passion or career is an integral part of living a meaningful life, but there is another important element needed to achieve this goal – motivation.

Having a career or passion that you are passionate about does not happen by chance. You have to be motivated to work towards it. It takes lots of effort, energy and time to develop your career or skill set, so you need to be inspired by it to keep pushing forward.

You will find that as you spend more time working on your career, you will start to feel happier. Not only will you enjoy what you are doing, but also other parts of your life will improve because of it.

Thinking about leaving your current job to pursue your dream career can be stressful at times.

Spend time doing things you enjoy

After learning how to activate your passion card, what is next? You can choose from three different strategies depending on what kind of activities you are trying to bring back into your life.

The first strategy is to spend more time directly engaging with your passion or activity. For example, if you want to start swimming then you will have to make it a part of your daily routine by practicing in the pool every day.

You could also be engaged in an activity that doesn’t necessarily feel like your passion at the moment but you must still do it because you want to learn more about it. A way to do this is to watch YouTube tutorials on the topic or read any books related to the activity.

Your second option is to add small amounts of extra effort to actions that already contain your passion. Let us use diving as our example; if you already love diving then adding some dive lessons here and there isn’t really needed.

But for people who feel that they never get enough sleep, diving is an excellent excuse to try sleeping under water! So instead of going to the beach and jumping off of boats, try diving out of a boat.

Spend time doing things that inspire you

how to activate passion card

After learning your passion, what do you do with it? You spend your time either working on or supporting your top talent in this field, or developing skills related to this area!

If you’re already have some level of proficiency in these areas, great! Keep investing in yourself by reading books and tutorials about them. But if not, don’t worry, there are lots of ways you can get started.

There are many free resources available online and through community groups and associations. It is totally acceptable to start out as an inexperienced beginner – no one was ever taught how to swim when they were young, right?!

By investing in yourself, you will also improve your career opportunities. Many employers recognize that people who hone their talents and strengthen their knowledge are valuable assets.

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