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November 28, 2022

A lot of people have a passion they love to do, something that makes them happy and brings them joy. Whether it is singing, dancing, painting, drawing, sculpting, or designing clothing, what you are passionate about comes from you.

You feel an inner pull to perform these actions and to express yourself through your craft. You may know some part of this art form but not enough to really showcase it, so you keep it bottled up inside you.

It is like having a secret weapon that you can never use because you don’t let go enough to truly enjoy it.

This is why most people are not considered professional artists, writers, or musicians- there isn’t much one can learn by just watching and copying someone else.

There are many ways to develop your talent as a artist, writer, musician, etc. But one of the best things you can do for your artistic growth is activate your passion card!

What is a passion card? It is a special word or phrase that relates to your passion. When you find this place, this thing, then you will want to hone in on it and spend time working on it.

Your passion card should be easy to remember and recall at any moment.

Develop your passion

how to activate passion card ez link

Now that you have an understanding of what a passion is, it’s time to develop yours!

Having a passion means doing things that make you feel passionate. It can be anything from speaking in front of groups to painting or drawing.

The thing about passions is they are always somewhere in us. We may not know what we want at this moment but something within us makes us feel excited when we are engaged in activities that we enjoy.

We get a sense satisfaction after engaging in our passion. This feeling grows stronger as we become more invested in the activity.

Activating your passion card does just that- it gets you into the habit of investing energy in activities that make you feel happy.

If you need help figuring out what your passion is, ask yourself these questions: What do I like to do? What sets me off? What gives me pleasure? What feels good for me? What helps me relax? What am I good at?

And don’t forget to look outside of your normal day job opportunities. Many people who earn very little consider themselves rich because they live a comfortable life. But are they truly living their lives?

Investing in experiences and skills that increase your self-confidence, knowledge, and personal strength are all important parts of a passionate lifestyle.

I hope you found this article helpful in helping you identify your passion and how to activate it.

Find your passion community

how to activate passion card ez link

As we know, passion is what makes us happy and keeps us busy for very long. It’s also what we need to live our lives as people – if we don’t feel passionate about something, then why should anyone else?

But how do you find your passion? You can’t just randomly try things out and see which ones make you feel excited. That won't work!

Instead, look into the things that bring you joy in your life right now and determine whether they are simple pleasures or not. These could be activities, experiences, hobbies or even things like meeting new people.

Once you've identified these areas, start exploring them more. Try engaging in one of these practices for 30 minutes every day. More than that and it starts to add up, which doesn't help when you're trying to activate your passion card ez link.

You want to keep it short but effective so don't overdo it.

Journal about your passion

how to activate passion card ez link

When you feel passionate about something, it can be hard to keep putting off doing things that require you to be engaged with what you are looking at or listening to.

It is easy to get distracted by more urgent tasks so you never really invest in yourself enough to stay motivated.

But once you have made time for what you wanted to do, you will eventually run out of things to write about!

So start writing down all of the things you want to do and all of the ways you want to pursue your passions.

You don’t need to say everything about how you plan to go about it but thinking about it makes us feel better and helps motivate you.

And if you ever feel like stopping, just take a break and then pick up where you left off later.

Connect with a mentor

how to activate passion card ez link

Finding a passion is like finding new friends. You have to be willing to invest time in it, and you need to be clear about what you want out of the relationship.

Finding a passionate career can feel like an uphill battle at times. It takes work, dedication, and sometimes a lot of mistakes before you find the right fit.

But having a mentor or friend who has done what you’re looking to do will help you stay motivated and push yourself through those difficult periods.

A mentor doesn’t need to know your goal directly, but they should be someone you look up to and trust. They can give you tips and tricks for your job and help you get through hard times.

By connecting with people outside of your own situation, you open up opportunities that would otherwise be closed off. This is how most successful people built their networks.

Find a source of inspiration and then connect with them by saying hello and asking about theirs. Or even better, ask if there’s anything you could do for them!

The easiest way to find a passion is to think about things you love doing and see where it leads. If you ever feel nervous or uncomfortable while performing an activity, try to understand why. What are you afraid of? Why is this task more challenging than another one?

You might learn something about yourself along the way.

Learn to be creative

how to activate passion card ez link

Being passionate about something means doing things that are related to it. If you love music, then listening to lots of different types of songs is a way to activate your passion for music.

If you love reading, going out with friends who also enjoy reading is an excellent way to tap into your passion for books. Plus, you can always read yourself!

Everyone loves stories at some level, so picking up a book and exploring new genres or authors is a great way to feel motivated about reading. Stories help us understand other people, ourselves, and how life works.

The more you expose yourself to, the better you will know what passions lie within you. And once you recognize them, you can start to explore those areas more.

Practice meditation

how to activate passion card ez link

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools you can add into your life. It has been shown to reduce stress, improve sleep quality, increase relaxation levels, enhance concentration, promote health, and more.

There are many types of meditation, from simple breathing exercises to more advanced techniques like mindfulness or yoga. No matter what kind you choose, all require you to be still and focus only on the present moment.

Practicing mediation at least twice per week is a great way to facilitate this process. Even just five minutes each day will make a difference for your mental well-being.

Many people start practicing meditation in their twenties but it can be done at any age. In fact, studies show that adults who practice meditation have higher self-esteem and feel happier than those who do not.

Given that we spend around half our time asleep and the other half awake, learning how to relax during these times is an important part of meditation. Relaxation strategies such as calming breathing, progressive relaxation, and thought extinction can help with this.

Learn to be present

how to activate passion card ez link

Being present is one of the most important things you can do to change your life and career. And learning how to be present more effectively is an excellent way to learn about passion and leadership.

We’ve already discussed some ways to develop passion for yourself (more on that here) but there’s another, arguably even more powerful place to look when it comes to passionate living – why not apply those lessons to work?

If you want to bring out the best in yourself as a leader, then begin by investing in yourself as a person first. Develop strong relationships with people you care about, invest in personal growth and self-development programs, set goals that matter to you, and make time every day to do what you love to do.

In other words, learn how to be present.

What is being present anyway?

It’s staying focused on what you are doing right now without thinking about the next thing you have to do. It’s taking responsibility for the moment, not buying into the myth that you don’t have enough time because you think someone else has more than you do.

It’s showing up everyday and bringing your A game. No matter whether you feel like it or not, your job will require you to put in that effort frequently, so you might as well get used to it.

Set goals based on your passion

how to activate passion card ez link

In addition to having dreams, you need to know what you’re passionate about. What makes you feel excited and happy? What do you enjoy doing? When you find things that make you happy and tingle all over, they are worth investing time in.

Activate your passion card by spending time on activities that align with your strengths and passions. Investing time in things you love will help you feel happier and more connected to yourself and the world.

It can be difficult deciding how much time to devote to your dream job or career shift, but don’t worry! There is an easy way to activate your passion card.

By setting small, achievable milestones along the path to your goal, it will create momentum and push you towards achieving your bigger goal. And we’ve discussed before how important it is to keep moving forward.

Making changes for the better takes work and effort, which are both very strong emotions. By using your passion as a motivation, you’ll stay motivated longer.

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