How To Answer The Question What You're Passionate About

December 5, 2022

A few years ago, if you asked someone what they were passionate about, they might have said something like ‘my family’ or even ‘working�’. These are all good answers, but they can sometimes be boring!

If you ask this question of most people, they will tell you things such as their kids, their job, or maybe traveling. All of these are great, but they are probably not very interesting to anyone else.

Your friends and family won’t mind when you talk about your children, your job, or travel, so those are great topics for conversation, but they are definitely not what most people would call an exciting topic.

What truly makes a person excited is exploring new ideas, learning new skills, reading books that make them feel intelligent, listening to music they enjoy, watching movies they admire, and doing activities they love.

These types of conversations are called passion projects because they help motivate your friend or loved one to explore more of these themes.

This article will teach you how to ask what people are passionate about and give some tips and tricks for making it easy to come up with an answer.

Tell them about your passion

how to answer what are u passionate about

It’s hard to know what you are passionate about unless you try it!

There is a myth that if you try something for too long, you will get tired of it and give up. This isn’t true.

You may feel like you’ve hit a wall at times, but chances are you won’t. Because being passionate is not just feeling excited, it’s also having fun while doing things.

So even though you might feel like you’re struggling, don’t give up. You can always find more ways to be inspired and learn new things.

And remember, it takes a lot of effort to stay motivated so don’t worry about losing momentum later.

Share it with them

how to answer what are u passionate about

It’s easy to talk about the things you love, but doing so is much more powerful when you do it in real life with people who really matter to you.

By talking about what you are passionate about in your career, others will perceive how committed you are to your work and what you want out of it. They will also learn from you and what you achieve because they will believe in you.

If you can’t say why you enjoy your job, then ask yourself if this is the right position for you. If you don’t feel challenged at work, there may be something wrong within your workplace or with you as an employee.

Or perhaps you don’t like working for the company you currently do business with, so start looking for new opportunities!

Alternatively, maybe you need a change, which is just as good. A lot of employers understand that passion is a motivating factor for employees, and they may offer you a promotion or other positions due to this.

Find out more about them

how to answer what are u passionate about

It’s great to know what you like, but it’s even better to be passionate about those things. Becoming more acquainted with your passion takes longer than knowing how much you like something, but it will make your life feel a lot happier.

By investing time in these passions, they can become part of your identity who you are as a person. You may not get paid for it, but that doesn’t mean it won’t pay off in other ways!

There are many different types of passions, from sports to music to reading to science.

Connect with them

how to answer what are u passionate about

Most people are not passionate about things because they do not understand what makes them valuable. You can’t be passionate about something unless you know why it is important to you, so try asking yourself that question — what am I passionate about?

It’s hard to be passionate about something if you don’t know what it is you want. So ask yourself this question: what are my strongest passions in life?

You’ll probably find that making friends is one of your top priorities. Being close to other people is an essential part of living a happy life.

So instead of trying to figure out how to become more creative or learn a new skill, choose a topic that will help you connect with others. Become known as someone who likes talking to people!

Your passion could be teaching beginner guitarists how to play, running a club for young professionals, or helping retired senior citizens manage their money. It doesn’t matter which of these you pick, but make sure you’re spending time on them — consistently every week.

Do not force conversation

how to answer what are u passionate about

It is important to note that being passionate about something does not necessarily mean talking about it constantly, sharing it all of the time, and promoting it endlessly.

This could easily turn into pure noise and clutter that distracts other people and yourself from finding true passion.

Instead, ask yourself what you are passionate about and then pursue those things — learn more about them, invest in them, and enjoy them.

By investing in your passions, you will find they grow and strengthen over time. You will also feel happier and more motivated as you spend time on them.

There’s an old saying which says “you will never get rich chasing dreams, but you can lose big job hunting for passions.” We hope to inspire people out with this article!

So, how do you know if you're passionate about something? Here are some tips.

Ask for their opinion

how to answer what are u passionate about

It’s okay to ask people what they think about things, how they feel about things, and what they could do or not do in certain situations. This is actually a good way to gain insights into your life.

By asking questions, you open up opportunities to learn more about yourself and the world around you. Plus, you will probably get some great ideas!

Asking others what they think about something is also a great way to show how much trust you have in them. People usually enjoy being asked because it gives a sense of confidence to them.

Ask people what they think about something by starting with, “What are you passionate about?” and then see what comes out of the conversation.

It’s hard to put passion into words sometimes. Most people can’t even describe what makes them happy for long before running out of thoughts and feelings. That’s why having conversations that focus on other people’s passions are so interesting.

You may be able to find common grounds and start building relationships from there.

Ask about their passion

how to answer what are u passionate about

It’s easy to talk about what you love, but it’s much harder to be passionate about something you've never done before. So how can you possibly tell if someone is passionate about something they have no experience with?

The best way to determine this is by asking them, “What are you passionate about?” You could also say, "what does life mean to you?" or even simply ask them why things matter to them, but asking about their passions is more direct.

By talking about your passion — what you're truly interested in — you'll find that people feel very comfortable. They will usually enjoy telling you more about it, and sometimes even try to push themselves to do things they've been thinking about for a while. That's a good sign!

It may sound weird at first, but I assure you that everyone has a few things they're really passionate about. Most people don't know how to access those feelings until they're asked directly, though.

Talk about things you both enjoy

how to answer what are u passionate about

It’s easy to talk about what you want to do, but talking about how you can make money doing it is way more difficult. And while making money is important, knowing what you love is even better!

What are you passionate about? If you asked people that question, they would probably mention something like work” or “my family.” We sometimes get so focused on achieving our next goal that we forget to stay living in the present.

It’s hard to live with passion when you’re not sure if your job makes you happy or not. You might be paid well, but will you feel rewarded for your efforts? Or will you keep looking forward to something different every day?

Finding out what you truly enjoy doing is one of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself. Plus, it helps you connect more easily with other people, which is a key element in happiness.

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