How To Answer What Are U Passionate About

December 27, 2022

A lot of people struggle with what they are passionate about. They feel that if they don’t know what they love, then there is something wrong with them. It doesn’t help when their parents tell them that they aren’t good at anything and maybe it’s time to consider other career paths.

It can be hard to find your passion as you grow up in an era where technology has advanced beyond recognition. You have access to almost limitless information via the internet and all sorts of media (television, movies, etc.) that fuel our passions for different things.

Finding your passion means finding something that makes you happy and that keeps making you happier as you spend more time doing it. It is not only important to yourself, but also to those around you who watch you enjoy what you do and want to join you or better yet, go ahead and try out what you love!

There are many ways to figure out what you are passionate about. Doing so can take practice, creativity, and luck. No matter how you look for it though, you will always come across “dots” – little examples or clues of what you are most drawn to.

Your subconscious mind already knows what you like before you even realize it. When you start to notice these dots appearing, ask yourself why you are interested in this thing and what feelings it brings you. Try to analyze it more thoroughly to see what comes up.

Tell them what you love about the topic

how to answer what are u passionate about

Most people get into the habit of thinking that because they don’t know how to do something, they can’t — which is only true with knowledge and skill in very specific areas. But being passionate about things outside your area means there’s no reason you shouldn’t pursue them!

The more you expose yourself to ideas and concepts beyond your realm, the easier it will be to recognize an idea or concept as good one. You’ll also begin to realize that most people are not really different from each other – we all have our core beliefs and values that determine who we are.

So start exploring now! There are lots of ways to do this. Reading books and magazines on various topics is a great way to explore new subjects. Watching documentaries and listening to audiobooks are another easy way to expand your horizons. And of course, talking to people around you is a never-ending source of information.

Share your passion with them

It’s easy to talk about things you love, but doing so is much more powerful when you do it with someone else. When you bring out the “loser” language — words like “dinner party” or “spring cleaning” — they can add some weight to why this thing is important to you.

By adding detail to what makes something meaningful to you, others will understand how investing in this thing would make their lives richer.

Talking about what you enjoy not only helps those around you feel better, but it also gives you new insights into yourself. You may find that you are passionate about similar things!

When you are able to connect over things you both care about, it brings us back to our initial goal: helping people learn how to motivate each other.

Talk about how to become a teacher

how to answer what are u passionate about

As mentioned before, being a good teacher is an inspiring job. You get to inspire students every day with your knowledge and teaching style.

Being a teacher comes with its own set of perks that depend on the position you hold and the school you work for. Perks such as earning extra money, growing professionally, and developing skills and qualities such as leadership, communication, and time management are just some of the benefits.

But what are teachers really paid for? What do they get trained in at college and university? And what can we learn from their careers?

We’re going to look into these questions here! So let’s talk about how to be a great teacher.

Tell them you need a good teaching job

how to answer what are u passionate about

Many people have a passion for something they do not pursue because they cannot afford to pay their bills or they fear it is not lucrative enough.

If you feel that your career does not match what you want to achieve, go into more detail as to why this position doesn’t make sense for you. It could be due to lack of knowledge, there being no courses available, it not fitting in with your other commitments, etc.

It is okay to say “I am not passionate about ______________” but then explain why you don’t like it. Don’t worry, most employers will understand!

There are so many ways to search for employment these days that it is unlikely anyone would reject your candidacy just because you aren’t excited about every possible field.

Connect with them

how to answer what are u passionate about

A few years ago, when I was in college, I spent most of my time either studying or sleeping. Productivity modes such as doing homework, going to classes, and being social were very limited. Because of this, I didn’t have much interaction with many people outside of school.

I also hadn’t found what I wanted to do career-wise at that point, so I wasn’t really looking forward to changing professions later on. My passion back then was sleep, and I’m sure you've seen it before!

After graduating, I worked full time for several months while trying to figure out what I wanted to do next. During those times, my passions changed – I had jobs that paid well but made me feel unfulfilled, and I would find myself quitting every night.

It took me around two months to realize why I felt this way, and once I did, I changed courses and pursued careers that made me happy instead of rich. It's all about finding your life's work, and if not now, soon!

My advice is to be honest with yourself and evaluate whether or not your job makes you passionate or nervous. If the second option applies, it may be time to look into other positions within the company or get new employment altogether.

Finding something that makes you passionate isn't easy, but don't give up just because it takes some time.

Ask them out

how to answer what are u passionate about

It’s important to ask someone if they know what they are passionate about because this could determine whether or not you end up being friends with them! If you both agree that traveling is your favorite thing, for example, then maybe you have a connection already?

If you see that they seem genuinely interested in other things, like sports, then perhaps it's time to move onto the next level and inquire as to whether they would be open to going out as friends.

By asking directly, you save some drama and headaches down the line. -

Writing down all of their passions can help you get the conversation started. Then, ask how those skills relate to each other and if there is anything else you can do together. Perhaps you both love watching TV shows at night, so you both enjoy camping and listening to music.

This way, you're bringing two different loves together and making sure everyone leaves happy! – Howtoanswerwhatareyoupassionatedabout.

Tell them you want to date them

how to answer what are u passionate about

Many people get into dating rut, staying in relationships longer than necessary because they don’t know what to do next.

Dating can feel like a never-ending process of “what shall we do next?” You have done everything from going out for drinks, to kissing, to now having sex — so where should we go next?

Most people need more time to figure that out, which is why most couples break up after about six months.

If your partner seems distracted, it could be because they are trying to work out their life plan and whether this is the right person for them.

But if you really love each other then you will find the way forward together. It takes two to make a relationship succeed, so unless one of you wants to separate there isn’t much either of you can do except wait and see.

Be confident

how to answer what are u passionate about

As mentioned earlier, knowing what you are passionate about is very important. But before you can do that, you have to know yourself well!
As hard as it may be, try your best not to compare your life with other people’s lives.

This could easily put you in a state of anxiety and stress. You might feel like you need to live up to others’ expectations or stay motivated at times when you don’t.

Instead, think about how you would want someone else to fulfill their dreams. Chances are, you will find that you are quite similar to them!

By being aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you can begin to motivate yourself more consistently. And once you get into a rhythm, achieving your goal every day becomes much easier.

So next time you are feeling down, take some time to reflect on who you are and what you love doing. Then, pick an activity that you have been wanting to do for a while and give it your full attention.

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