How To Answer What Is Your Passion

December 17, 2022

Finding your passion is not an easy feat, but it is possible! There are many ways to do this, and most of them don’t actually use the word “passion.” Instead, they describe things that make you happy, give you joy, or feel good about yourself.

This article will talk about some simple questions designed to help you discover what your passion is. These questions have been around for a while and work in several different fields, so there are sure to be something here that appeal to you.

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You should also know that just because someone else says they love doing something doesn’t mean it is right for you. Only you can determine if something makes you happier than staying at home otherwise.

It is very important to remember that life is too short to spend it working hard when you could be having fun doing something you enjoy.

You should know before you ask

how to answer what is your passion

It’s very hard to know what your passion is unless you are clear about it. Most people never really find their passion because they don’t know what it is. They try doing things that seem interesting, but not anything with enough energy to make them feel passionate.

So how do you figure out if you have found your passion?

The first step in knowing whether this thing is yours is to determine if it’s possible to be rich without it.

I’m talking about being rich beyond our dreams, not just living well and giving yourself good moral support. I’m talking about having money pour into you from all directions, a river of wealth flowing into your bank account every day.

This isn’t usually the case for most people who “lack a passion.” They may enjoy working for themselves or developing skills, but they need more than that to make them happy.

Find out what others are passionate about

how to answer what is your passion

It is impossible to know if you will feel passion for something or not unless you experience it, so one of your first steps in finding your passion should be looking into things that make people happy and/or excited.

These can range from anything from talking about food to traveling to watching sports, depending on who you ask!

Some more experienced individuals may even recognize what made their loved ones (parents, friends, etc) very passionate about certain things and learn from those. You could also watch movies and television shows to see if there’s an element that makes someone else break away in wide eyed excitement.

Do not force it

how to answer what is your passion

A lot of people get stuck thinking about what their passion is, because they feel that if they do not know what they are passionate about then that means they cannot succeed in life.

This can be very discouraging. We all have different skills and we all like doing various things, but that does not mean everyone has their “dream job”.

We are all given our mission in life through personal success and failure, through suffering and happiness.

What makes someone successful or unhappy depends on whether they are living out your dream or their own.

If you are living out your dreams then you will enjoy yourself more than anyone else would at this position, so why wouldn't you stick with it?

There is an argument against this theory though – why don't we always see happy people who live out their dreams?

A few reasons include money (they cannot keep up with the lifestyle) or health (disease or injury prevent them from pursuing their dreams). Another reason is fear - of failing, of losing momentum, of not having enough time.

I've talked about these before in other posts, but let me say it again here: none of those things matter unless you believe them to be true.

Become a hobbyist

how to answer what is your passion

Even if you want to pursue your passion professionally, it is important to know what makes you feel passionate as a person first. If you are constantly listening to music you like, then learn how to play an instrument! If you love to read, take up reading for beginners and test out some best sellers.

If you enjoy doing things outside, try taking some classes or learning how to do something that takes advantage of those skills (like swimming or yoga).

Everyone is different so don’t assume anything about yourself doesn’t turn you on because someone else does. Know who you are as a person and stick to those, they may be a secret weapon!

Having a good understanding of who you am will help you determine if this is something you would consider pursuing or not.

Get a job that you enjoy

how to answer what is your passion

After graduating, finding your passion is like looking for a new house – you need to know what types of houses are yours before you can say “I belong here!”

That doesn't mean it's time to give up and find something else, but rather to add some additional materials to determine if this is the place for you.

The same thing happens with passions- people get stuck in a job due to financial reasons or because they don't believe there is anything more for them, so they don’t look outside of the box to find it.

It’s important to evaluate whether or not you're passionate about your current position, as well as whether there are opportunities out there to explore other areas of work. If there aren't, it may be time to look at changing positions or industries.

Finding your passion takes effort, which is why it's best to do it when you're young. As mentioned earlier, chances are you'll change jobs several times during your career, making the pursuit irrelevant.

Ask yourself what makes you happy

how to answer what is your passion

A lot of people have mentioned that being passionate about something gives you happiness, but they don’t really explain how. It is easy to assume that because someone says having a passion made them feel good then it does too for everyone else!

But figuring out what your passions are takes practice. It doesn’t just happen by chance or through luck.

It took me quite a while to figure mine out so here are some tips to help you along. These tips can be used as either a beginner's tool or advanced ones, depending on whether you're already looking into finding your passion or not.

Give yourself a little extra time to identify your passions. Don't expect to find them in a day or even a week, maybe even months! Take your time and don'll see you in years 😉

Disclaimer: This article may contain errors since I had to edit and re-edit this several times due to rushing to get it up before my deadline.

What are your strengths?

how to answer what is your passion

Being passionate about something means being good at it, but more than that, it is having an interest in it or desire for it that you will keep practicing and exploring even if you don’t make much money from it.

It can be anything – creating art, playing a musical instrument, cooking, swimming, juggling, investing, reading, talking, listening- you name it. The key word here is ‘exploring’.

You wouldn’t spend all day every day doing one thing would you? So why should you feel like you have to follow your passion with no distractions?

Having other things you are interested in keeps your focus off of what you want to do next as a career. You aren’t necessarily saying that those things are bad, but they take up time so you have to choose how to balance them.

And let us not forget, life is too short to waste it chasing dreams that may not work anyway.

What are your weaknesses?

how to answer what is your passion

The second question in this category is what are your strengths and weaknesses. This one seems simple, but it can be tricky to answer because we all have different strengths and weaknesses depending on how you perceive them.

Your strength could be something that most people consider a weakness — like I mentioned before, some people may not agree with your opinions. Or maybe you’re very organized so someone else might call that a weakness due to their messy person-self.

It also depends on your context. For example, if you love to read then being able to recognize an interesting book or article is a strength. If you're more of a doer than a thinker though, then perhaps learning how to think about yourself as a strong supporter or fan of books is a better lesson.

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