How To Answer What Is Your Passion

November 25, 2022

As we know, your passion is what gives you joy and helps you achieve your dreams. It’s also what keeps you motivated when things get tough. Some people never make it beyond their first job because they don’t feel that passionate about working for other people, so they can’t find satisfaction in the work that they do.

If you want to accomplish something significant with your life, you have to be willing to put in the effort into developing your talent or skills, but you also need to invest in activities that give you pleasure outside of work.

You will not stay focused on important projects unless you take time to enjoy yourself, but too often how hard you are working takes over from whether you’re having fun at the moment.

This can lead to lots of wasted energy and frustration, as well as poor quality of life due to stress and sleep deprivation. This isn’t good if you want to keep improving and moving up in career and personal life.

It’s worth noting here that while most successful people were born with an innate sense of motivation, almost everyone needs help figuring out what their passions are and keeping them stoked. You can’t expect to burn bright without knowing where to focus your efforts, but once you do, you’ll be able to maintain your flame longer.

Be realistic

how to answer what is your passion

As mentioned earlier, your passion can be anything from reading to painting to dancing to singing to baking to playing sports to working with kids – the list goes on and on!

Some people never feel like they “found their passion” because they think that being passionate means doing something you love all the time. It does not!

This could easily lead to feeling overwhelmed and discouraged when you find yourself without inspiration for what to do next. Or even giving up because it seems like there is no way you would ever get motivated to do these things again.

The good news is that being passionate doesn’t have to be an all-the-time thing. In fact, most of the times it isn’t.

Most people don’t feel passionately about going out every night or staying awake during work hours. They are likely to feel more inspired after a workout, spending time with friends, or listening to music.

Find your passion job

how to answer what is your passion

The next step in defining your career is to find your passion or, as some say, “follow your heart”. You will know you have found it when you feel excited about what you are doing and you feel motivated while performing your tasks.

When you make decisions that satisfy you, you will feel happier. You will also feel more confident as you gain experience in your field.

You will enjoy the work you put into this position so much that you will never look outside of it for happiness. Also, once you find your passion, it is easy to motivate yourself to pursue other opportunities related to your chosen field.

It is very important to remember that no one but you can control how you feel so be aware of those feelings and try to identify why you are feeling a certain way. It could be due to worries about finding employment or lack of confidence in your current profession.

Also, if you are not able to figure out what you want to do next, you can always go back to school or start exploring different careers. There are many ways to explore new possibilities.

Do not force it

how to answer what is your passion

A lot of people try to determine what their passion is by asking themselves what they like to do, or what things they are good at, or what makes them happy. All of these questions require you to be in touch with your feelings!

This is very hard to do if you’re not feeling something at the time. If you’ve never really enjoyed doing a thing, then trying to figure out what your passion is for that thing will probably fail.

You have to feel passionate about something before you can identify its potential passion element.

By thinking about how you feel when you’re engaged in an activity, you can find your passion more easily. – Jennifer Lopez

There is no right way to define your passions. You know what things make you feel passionate and excited, so go with those.

If you cannot think of anything then that’s okay too. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, and that’s totally fine.

Don’t worry about being ‘good’ at things, instead focus on finding things that make you feel relaxed and comfortable. That’s your passion.

Know what you are passionate about

how to answer what is your passion

It is very important to know yourself and what makes you feel happy, excited, and motivated.

It’s hard to be happier than when you find something that makes you laugh or cry, that fills you with joy, and that you can do with little effort. These things make us happy, which is why we often hear people talk about their “passion” — they say that doing this thing makes them so joyful that they have to keep going even though it takes a lot of time and energy.

This might sound crazy but there is an excellent chance that if you picked up any random object right now, you would enjoy looking at it and studying it for several minutes. There are many things in this world that seem boring at first, but once you get into them, you realize how good they are and how much fun you get out of exploring them.

Journal about your passions

how to answer what is your passion

Let’s look at an example. You can probably tell that my passion is writing. I've written several books, hosted my own podcast, created free courses for smart coaches like me, and invested in other writers' work and creativity.

I also know some of you are thinking — why does she keep talking about her career so much? Why don't we talk more about what she wants to eat next or how she planned to take a vacation this year?

It's because I'm passionate about writing and speaking from the heart. And I believe it's one of the most powerful tools you have as a leader.

Writing makes us feel better. It helps us process emotions and thoughts. It shapes our speech and messages. It connects us with others through reflections and stories.

And when we write from the heart, we're more likely to do things we'll actually follow through on.

That's why I continue to invest in writing and publishing. Not only do I get personal growth out of it, but it also pays the bills!

Running my business takes a lot of time and energy, which means I need to be careful with spending money and time outside of work on projects that I want to promote. Writing is a good way to ensure that I don't waste my resources.

Now let's look at another body part.

Ask yourself what is my passion

how to answer what is your passion

As mentioned earlier, you will find that your passions change as you grow and evolve as a person. There are many ways to determine what brings you joy and how to achieve this.

Ask yourself what is my passion? This question can be tricky because it requires you to think about something you want to do for fun or what makes you feel relaxed. You may need some guidance in figuring this out so that you don’t confuse these things for more serious opportunities.

Some people might refer to this as being passionate about something, but I believe that asking what your passion is takes away all of the mystery surrounding it.

This also assumes that having a passion means doing something professionally – which it doesn’t! For example, someone who enjoys baking could start their own bakery business without thinking too much about it.

Connect your passion to your goals

how to answer what is your passion

The second way to identify your passion is by thinking about what you want to do. If there’s something you have been wanting to do for a long time, that is a good indicator it is your passion.

You may not know what your career will be yet, but if there is one thing you are passionate about it will help you find it.

Your passion will influence the things you learn and how you live your life. So, when you feel this strong desire to do something, work on learning more about it and see what comes next!

Having fun doing things that you love is an excellent way to boost your happiness level. It will show in your personal relationships and in your career.

Become a teacher on it

how to answer what is your passion

As mentioned earlier, being passionate is not something that happens overnight. It takes work and practice every day!

So, how can you become more passionate about something? By teaching yourself about it!

By learning about your passion — what things you are very good at, what makes you feel happy and successful, and listening to people who share this passion with you – you will find that you learn something new every time you look into it.

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