How To Apologize For Not Showing Up To A Date

March 31, 2021

Do you think you are going to send a text saying you’ll be late for your date with an apology?

As a dating coach and dating columnist, I have gotten to witness all sorts of messed-up dates, so I think I know a little bit about how to apologize for not showing up to date.

But if you don’t have a plan to apologize when you’re running late, you could always stop by the kitchen and grab some pizza and bring it to her place. It’s the least you can do.

Respecting other people’s time is always appreciated.

So if you do think you’re going to be late, here are some tips on how to apologize for not showing up to date:

Say you’ll be there, but make sure you are

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You should be more than 50-percent sure you’re going to be on time. Sometimes you can be there up to an hour before the date if you’re meeting with family or friends.

I would recommend telling the person exactly when you are leaving to give them enough time to plan and get ready.

You can say you’ll be there at 8:45 p.m. and be sure to leave time for traffic. It also shows you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get to the date on time.

Be honest

If you are going to be more than an hour late, don’t lead them on or tell them that you’re going to be there by a certain time.

Tell them the truth and explain that you ran into traffic or something happened and you might be late.

Giving a fake reason or lying will get you nothing.

Apologize in person

I always tell my clients to not send a text that says, “Sorry, traffic,” because the person will assume you are lying.

If you don’t do it in person, they might not trust you.

Be sure to give a brief explanation of what happened. And make sure you say why you think you’re late. Explain that you were rushing because you had other things to do and things got out of control.

Use a story that shows how you were so busy you ran late, so you’re sorry and you’ll make it up to them.

Do something when you arrive

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I recommend offering to pick up something for the person when you arrive to show them that you’re not going to waste their time.

Offer a gift

When you arrive at the door and you’re late, offering them a gift is a good way to apologize.

But you have to do it while you’re in the house, so they’ll feel like you have some thoughtfulness and thoughtfulness is important to an apology.

Maybe the person is embarrassed and wants you to know it, so show them something you found while you were shopping or something they would love.

By showing them you actually care about their feelings, they will feel they can trust you and appreciate you.

I think that’s something I can always remember when I’m late.

A girl always feels great when she’s acknowledged and you put some thought into it.

Apologize like it's your job

Think of it this way: You're the interviewer and you were hired for your resume and your skills.

Your job is to explain why you were so bad at your last job.

Your interviewers aren't trying to forget you because you didn't show up for work, they don't feel bad about your work performance because they know that they hired a good guy, a hard worker who they could rely on to do his job and show up to work on time.

You feel bad because you made a bad first impression and you don't want to make another bad one.

Speak in context

Black man apologizing while talking with girlfriend

You were busy at work, and the thing with the date was that you didn't have time to do the work or think about the girl's personal issues.

It's not your job to help with the laundry. You were supposed to meet up to go on a date, not just hang out at a coffee shop.

Use calibration words

When you are in the presence of the person you are apologizing for, you don't want to be the guy who's apologizing for nothing.

Since you aren't going to fix the problem, it's best to say what you should have done in a better way rather than give a completely new excuse for being an idiot.

Keep it simple

Most of the time, when you are apologizing for something, it's not so bad that you need to start a full-out explanation.

Simple and accurate wording works better. Use the word 'sorry' when it's appropriate. But there are exceptions.

If you are a sniveling weasel, you can just say "sorry" and let your boss have it.

No matter what, apologizing is never a waste of time and it can help in your dating life. So remember, you can’t be late for a date without apologizing.

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